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When we started shooting weddings back in 2007 there was just one thing we needed more than anything else. Clients! The problem was, we had never really worked with anyone in order to get referred, and in order to get referred, we need to work with someone. Sound familiar?

This catch-22 is a problem that needs to be solved, and this video is the first step to start getting MORE referrals now when you needed them more than ever!

(To watch video 1 in this series on standing out, click HERE)

(To watch video 2 in this series on pricing, click HERE)

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“This 3rd video from @zachandjody on growing your photography business in the slow season is just what I need to get more referrals!”


If you have a unique way that you are “remarkable” with your team, then share with us below what you do and how you do it!


PS.  Did you miss the first two videos? Follow the below links to view them:

Video 1: Growing your business in the slow season
Video 2: How to gross $90,000 in your photography business

In this second video of our four-part series on growing your photography business in the slow season, we are going to be talking about something that most of us DREAD.


Pricing is complex and sometimes feels like a crapshoot. Today we are going to bring some much needed clarity to the pricing problem and help you guys get paid MORE and get paid more often!

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As the days get shorter and we start to head into the holidays and into a slower season for most of our photography businesses, we know that it is actually a great time to focus on growing your business! We have created a 4 part video series just for you that gives you some powerful solutions for your photography brand so you can start working ON your business instead of just maintaining it.

This first video in this 4 part series focuses on how to stand out in a sea of photographers and get your brand noticed!


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How to use an incentive to book more shoots

by Zach on November 20, 2014, posted in Photo Tips & Tricks


When we were shooting weddings, we had a 95% close rate when someone sat down to meet with us about their wedding day. This wasn’t luck and wasn’t because we are the best wedding photographers. It was because we know why people buy, and made sure to give people what they wanted. Today we want to teach you one of the tools we used so you can start to get the same results.

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Win a Full Conference Pass to Imaging USA!

by Jody on November 20, 2014, posted in Speaking

We are pumped to be back speaking the Imaging USA photo conference in February right here in Nashville, TN!!



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