15 Poses in 5 Minutes FREE DOWNLOAD! | Katelyn James



Hey there friends!


My name is Katelyn James and I’m a wedding photographer and educator based in Richmond, VA! We absolutely LOVE Zach and Jody and it’s such an honor to be able to connect with all of their photo friends via email! I have a quick question for you….


Is it normal for a wedding to run behind schedule?!


Heck yes it is! It’s almost ABNORMAL for a wedding to be completely on time!


So what happens to the timeline when a wedding day runs behind schedule? What part of the day gets cut short? …. PORTRAIT TIME. It’s always the portrait time that gets taken away and it can leave photographers in a PANIC! That’s a miserable way to photograph a wedding day. When that happens, most photographers leave their weddings feeling defeated and discouraged.


What if I could give you a tool to be able to execute 15 POSES in 5 MINUTES!? You don’t have to feel defeated when you lose the majority of your portrait time! Instead of counting it as a loss, what if you knew how to create a variety of portraits… enough to fill an ALBUM… in the little time that you had!? You would be the HERO!!!


Well I have exciting news! You can HAVE this information for FREE! I have a free download that is waiting for you! You can download this resource NOW and start implementing your new posing techniques by your very next shoot!!!


Ps. The product is $0.00! Once you click “Place order” you’ll see the download link!


Enjoy and Happy shooting friends!!! If you want to stay up to date with our newest education for photographer, you can also follow along on Instagram HERE!