20,000 Hits and Counting

A little over eight months ago we started our blog. The first month we had a whopping 918 unique visits (lol) and this past week we have hit the 20,000 mark with over 32,500 page views. This does not even include all of you who are subscribed via readers or RSS feeds…

Thanks to Google Analytics we see that some of you follow us from around the world! From good ‘ol Canada to Argentina, from Norway to China, from New Zealand to South Africa… Even small (but not insignificant!) places like Portugal, Turkey & even the Philippines to name a few. Wow.

Just a small thank-you to those who follow us along in our photographer adventures and into our personal lives as well. We do this for you! If there’s anything in particular that you love reading about, or have questions about – let us know either by commenting or via email and we will make sure to do more of it and answer your questions!