2016 could have been so much better…

“I didn’t make the money I wanted to make.”

“I can’t seem to get enough clients to stay busy.”

“I didn’t get enough referrals to hit my goals.”

“I need some ideas to help make 2017 better than last year.”

This is the kind of things we have heard about 2016. But 2017 does NOT have to be the same as last year. We are excited about 2017 and want YOU to be excited right along with us!

We know that business is not getting easier, and all of us need some quick wins and some good ideas to get our businesses moving forward in 2017.

(Stick around until the end because we have something really cool for you)

How to Make 2017 Better Than Last Year

In order to build the business you have always wanted, we believe that there are 6 key areas to focus on. If you will do the work NOW in this slow season and get yourself ready, you can start booking and make this year the best one ever.

1. Vision

Without a vision, the people parish. Without clients knowing what YOUR vision is, they have no reason to book you versus the next photographer.

It is critical for you to craft your vision, your purpose, so you know WHY you do what you do. When you know WHY you do what you do, it is much easier to understand WHAT to do next.

Then, you need to communicate that vision to your customers.

What sounds better to you…

“Sleep on some guys couch because he’s not using it.”


Our vision is to connect millions of people in real life all over the world, through a community marketplace- so that you can Belong Anywhere. -Air BNB


You can start to see why Air BNB is a 30 BILLION dollar brand. People want to belong. People want connection. People want something different and Air BNB does all of those things.

What makes your brand different?

“I grew up with a camera in my hand and love taking creative pictures” reads the typical bio on a photographers website.

Then you come across a bio that says:

“I believe that marriages matter more than weddings and that my clients deserve to have a relationship that thrives. I don’t just take pictures, but I spend enough quality time with my clients to TRULY know their story and what matters to them, and then put that story into my images.”

If you were a bride to be, which one would stand out more to you?

How do you craft a vision for your brand? Ask yourself these simple questions:

1. What problem am I trying to solve with my product?

2. Is it a problem people care about? If no, how do I make them care about it?

3. How can I show that my product is the best solution to this problem?

4. Ultimately, why should people care about your product?

Using those questions as guides, craft a strong and meaningful vision that you, your vendors and your customers will believe in.

Make sure that vision is consistently communicated and apparent in every aspect of the design of your product, website and marketing materials.

Ultimately, as Simon Sinek puts it,“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

This is just the first key, and we have 5 more with videos and downloads that you can access for FREE from us. Click the link below (and don’t forget to share it with your friends!) and start building the brand you have always wanted and start doing it now!


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