3 Key Tips for Building Social Media Engagement

“The goal of social media is to turn customers into a volunteer marketing army.”

-Jay Baer

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Social media is a great supplementary tool for your marketing plan in your business. It should never be the first place you look to build your brand, as you should always focus on building personal relationships first. Even though social media marketing is not THE most important part of your business, it does have an integral role, and today we want to share 3 key tips to get people engage with your more!


Key #1 – Talk about things that are interesting

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(This Instagram got more attention because my (Zach), audience (photographers), like the unique use of lighting and posing, and reacted strongly to it… not to mention the adorable kid in the shot ;)

Realize that unless you are a celebrity, that no one really cares what you ate for breakfast, and definitely don’t want to see a picture of it on Twitter. Think about your audience and WHO you are trying to speak to, and then create content that THEY care about. (Click to Tweet this out!)


If you are a wedding photographer, then you can use Facebook to create a private group just for your brides where they can all connect, talk about their recent weddings and planning, and you can give ideas to them as well because you have a ton of experience with weddings. They will have the things Seth Godin talks about in his book Tribes (a tribe is a community with something in common, a way to talk to each other, and a way to talk with you). Having a place where your tribe can engage with each other is powerful and keeps you top of mind with your clients! You could also then use Instagram to reinforce the community and post images from their weddings, using a hashtag that you create just for your clients, and continue to energize the base.

(Side note: Many of us can focus too hard on finding new clients, when what we might need to do is focus on our base – on the clients we have already won over, and give them a reason to go out and sell us to their friends).

Key #2 – Share helpful  content

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 (The content here is helpful, and that is why engagement was high on this image)

Another area to use social media is to help others with useful information. That can be anything from giving simple information out that someone is asking for, giving something away, or even curating(pointing to other people’s) content that helps your audience get what they want.


If you’re a newborn photographer who connects socially with your moms on Facebook (or your blog), then write and share content about tips for new moms, be engaged with the personal issues they are dealing with like their kids not sleeping or eating well, and use your platform as a resource to help them be better parents. Some of the top blogs and social media platforms out there are doing this as a niche. They create relevant HELPFUL content that gets their audience from where they are to where they want to go.

If your goal is to connect with wedding planners on Twitter, then retweet their content (they care about being heard and seen and that is helpful), Tweet out links to planning blogs and other planning content that is relevant and helpful to them, and engage with them personally by commenting back on things that matter to them.


Key 3 – Talk about things that are funny

 (This image was ironic and funny, and that is why the engagement was higher than my (Jody), usual Instagram posts).

People love things that lighten their day, and sharing things that are funny is the 3rd thing we recommend talking about on social media (and we recommend NOT talking about much else). The goal here is to get them to engage with you and your social media accounts, and when you do that, you are on their mind, and when you are on their mind, they recommend you for gigs.


If you are connecting with brides on Instagram, then follow a few funny Instagram users who talk about newly-wed bliss, and then re-gram them to your audience.

If you use Facebook to engage with your senior girls, then re-post funny content that is interesting to their age group.



The goal of social media in your marketing is not just to create a Twitter and Facebook page and start making noise. It’s about being intentional. The goal should be to reach your ideal audience with funny, helpful, and interesting content that keeps them focused on your brand.

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