4 easy tips so your spouse won’t drive you CRAZY!

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-Working as a Team-

David Whikehart from davidwhikehartphotography.com Asked:

“My wife and I work as a team – as you do. I’d be interested to know how you divide up your workload at a wedding. This can sometimes be a source of friction between my wife and I.”


Great question David! What Jody and I do, is try and tag team the entire day together. The most important thing we can do is be on the same team throughout a wedding as it is stressful work. Working with a spouse is NOT like working with a second shooter or assistant, and if one of you treats the other as such, your job is gonna pretty much suck!

Believe it or not, our main purpose at a wedding is not to get great images, but rather to have fun with each other. When Jody and I are enjoying what we do and working together as a team, we feel inspired, and when we’re inspired, that is when we do our best work and end up taking great images (which of course IS the primary goal!).

  • Friction in a marriage is normal and a good thing. My old pastor said that marriage is like taking two rough stones, putting them in a bag and shaking it. Eventually they make each other smooth, but the process is not always easy and sometimes hurts.

So Jody and I want to spend our time challenging each other in ways that can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable, like shooting a wedding, which then gives us the chance to work on our character. The reality is that the best way we have found (for us) to have a great wedding day together and shoot the best images possible is to:


1. The day before the wedding have a relaxing time together focused on our relationship.

2. The day of, pray together out loud. (When a couple prays together at least once per week out loud together, their statistical chance of divorce goes from 1 in 2, to 1 in 1,100!!).

3. Tag team the day. Jody shoots girls getting ready and I shoot the guys, then we come together and work as a team for the rest of the day. We try and work in our strengths, so I focus more on technical shots like off-camera lit portraits, and Jody more on emotional natural light images. We assist the other when we tag off and hold reflectors or help coach the client. Always spend 80% of your time (in any part of your biz) working in your strengths.

4. Choose to love each other and choose to have a good time when shooting gigs with your spouse (Tweet this out HERE).  If you rely on when you feel good to have a great shoot or a good marriage, it will be over before it starts. Love is a choice and when you choose to have a great attitude, you will have a good attitude. Always remember that even though you are there at the wedding to serve your client, that client is never more important than your spouse.


So here is the BIG QUESTION for all of you married shooters out there; What is the 1 big thing that has helped YOU to shoot together better as a team? Share it in the comments below and then Facebook or Tweet out your message starting with:


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