A Nashville, TN Family Portrait Session

We had the privilege of shooting an amazing session for the Boonstra family this past Saturday and had an absolute blast! When we shoot sessions like this we really like to get to know the family (Sandy, husband Jerry and their two amazing kids Luke and Jackson) as best we can so that we can be sure to incorporate their personalities into the shoot. So to do that, we went and spent some time with the Boonstras a few days prior to the shoot just getting to know them a bit.

We found out that their oldest son, Jackson, loves to play soccer (and is super good at it!) and has been playing since he was 3. The youngest son, Luke (aka Rock Star) also plays soccer, but loves to play the guitar as well. So we  really incorporated those things that they all love into the shoot and came away with some great images of the whole family!

First up is Luke. We decided to shoot some edgy photos of him with his suh-weet Gretsch electric guitar!


This is a cool detail shot of Luke holding his dad’s 60’s Gibson acoustic.What a sweet guitar! I am so jealous!!


We can’t forget to include Boo the dog!


This is me showing Luke some of the shots that we were taking. It is always good to let them know that the pics are not lame-o (as most kids his age would assume:))!


Here is Jackson in action!


Too bad these guys aren’t seniors.  These could be their senior portraits!

Next up is Jerry the dad. His dedication to his boys and family is unbelievable, and he has gone to great lengths to be a consistent part of their lives which is so evident when you meet them. This shot is of Jerry and his very first truck that he got when he was 16 years old. This truck means a lot to him and is a big part of his life. One day he is going to have this truck completely re-done and I (Zach) have first dibs on getting to ride in it!


Here is the family all together!




After the casual photos, it was time to get into wedding attire!  Some more cool shots that Jody grabbed of the two boys. Studly!


See if you can guess which one of us took what shot on this next collage. Is Jody’s shot on the left, or the right? Hmmm… And ladies, he is only 12, so don’t get any funny ideas. ;)


Then out came mom all dressed up and put them all to shame!! She looks amazing doesn’t she??




Here is a shot of Jody in the set up that the next picture was taken!



Then it was off to the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church for the vow renewal… our couple in waiting!


Here is Jody getting the shot!


A reading from some of the scriptures.


Here are the boys holding candles that represent their parents. Aw!!


This is me just before the the couple took their “first walk” together. Even though they have been married for 16 years, the Greek Orthodox Church blesses all marriages when new people join the church just like they would for a real wedding.



We are so glad that we were able to share in this special day with you guys.  We look forward to hanging out more in the future (and yes, we are defenitely putting together a men-only viewing session of Running Down a Dream…)!

  • http://www.rickophotography.com Rick O

    Love the second shot of the kid and the guitar – its larger then life and so far from lame!!!

  • http://www.ulmerstudios.com Amber Ulmer

    stellar stuff guys!!!! What a rad family!!!! xo

  • http://www.stephanielynnphoto.com Steph

    You guys do AMAZING things with lighting! I love them all. But the first two are so awesome.

  • http://www.ericaferrone.blogspot.com erica

    these are flipping awesome!!! They are going to be soooo happy ;)

    p.s. just spent about 1/2 hour on your blog, and loved every second!

  • http://thevelvettrunk.blogspot.com The Velvet Trunk

    Suhweet is right!!!!! These are amazing and some of the coolest family portraits I’ve ever seen!! You guys rocked it!! (And my guess is that Jody’s is on the left…. ;-))


  • http://dawnbeirnes.blogspot.com Dawn Beirnes

    these are sooooo awesome! You guys are just fantastic! I hope one day to be half as good as you guys are! These just made me happy to look at them…I can only imagine what the parents felt when they saw them.

  • Nate

    Super awesome!

  • Sandy

    These pictures are amazing! We had such a great time working with you. Thanks for capturing our family in a way we will cherish forever.

  • http://www.sweetdaisyphotography.blogspot.com MelissaF

    Love the guitar pictures. Is it cliche to say they rock?! I’m sure he was thrilled with them,too. Also love the B&W of the family sitting on the front of the truck. So cool. Oh yeah, and my guess is that Jody took the one on the left :-) Are you going to tell us the real answer?

  • audrey

    These photos tell a beautiful story. The family is so amazing…they should get the photos for free! :) Rock on Luke.

  • http://dawnbeirnes.blogspot.com Dawn Beirnes

    Thanks so much for leaving such a nice comment on my blog!!!!!! It absolutely made my day!!!! You guys are the best! I had a hard time with the sun that day…..I can not wait to get a hood for my camera!!!!!

  • http://croninphotographyblog.com Cheryl Cronin

    Where do I even begin??? There are so many I love! You two are da BOMB!!!

  • http://www.sdohana.blogspot.com ohana photographers

    hey guys, thanks for stoppin by chris and lynn are flippin awesome! these shots are most def not lame-o! awesome stuff all around!!

  • http://www.ericfoleyphotography.com Eric Foley

    Love all of these! Lighting is off the hook as usual!

  • http://evanbaines.blogspot.com Evan

    Great set guys! A wonderful combination of style and substance.

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    Seriously this set gave me chills! Awesome!

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    you guys are my heros!!! these are b E A U tiful!

  • http://www.amyhinkle.com Amy Hinkle

    Also love checking out your new stuff.

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    You guys are hilarious! I love the comment photographs. Jody, you are gorgeous! Great photographs! I love the portraits of the boys. Those kids are too cool.

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    I love your lighting techniques in some of these!! You guys rock!