A Gray Photography Team Member Wedding by Jessica Rai | The Monteagle Wedding of Bryan & Murray!!!

We are excited to bring you another Gray Photography team wedding, and this one was covered by Jessica Rai! Read her take below on the wedding of Bryan & Murray!

Bryan and Murray picked an absolutely beautiful day to get married in the mountains of Monteagle, TN! From the moment I met Murray I knew that their wedding day was going to be amazing – full of color, personal touches, friends, family & most importantly, a whole lot of love! Murray & her bridesmaids were so much fun & even though we had just met I felt like I was with a group of my best friends chatting and laughing throughout the afternoon. Then, it was time to meet Bryan. I have never met a groom so excited to marry his bride! Bryan’s excitement and passion for Murray was beautiful & caused everyone to tear up after the ceremony. One of my favorite moments from their wedding day was as Bryan and Murray were walking back down the isle as man & wife everyone stood up and started singing, “All you need is love” by The Beatles! It was such a neat moment & so personal to their love story :)

Once we left the breath-taking bluff where they were married, we headed off to the reception. It was very obvious that this couple had an awesome family who knows how to have fun! I loved how relaxed Bryan & Murray were when they were around each other, even with all the business & excitement at the reception. Whenever they stopped and looked in each others eyes you could see shear joy that they were now going to spend the rest of their lives together.

Thank you for allowing me to capture your wedding day Bryan & Murray!! I wish the two of you many years of happiness & can’t wait to see what the future holds for you two!

-Jessica Rai

Enjoy the wedding day highlight! To view Brian & Murray’s full wedding once the images become available online, CLICK HERE to sign up for their online gallery.

Ceremony Location: Clifftops Bluff Club

Reception Location: Monteagle Inn Bed and Breakfast

  • http://kristineneeley.com/blog Kristine Neeley

    AWESOME as usual, JC :) Such a beautiful wedding – you captured it so well!

  • Caitlin

    As soon as I saw the first photo all of the wonderful emotions from that weekend came rushing back. These captured how stunningly special that day was and are a true reflection of Bryan and Murray. Hooray love!

  • Abbe Wright

    These pictures brought back the most incredible day! Murray and Bryan look so in love and the pictures are beautiful. I can’t wait to see them all!

  • Murray

    Jessica you were amazing!
    Thanks again!
    the bride

  • Mindy Hawkins

    To the Bride and Groom: Congratulations on a fabulous wedding weekend.

  • Whitney Rancourt

    These turned out absolutely stunning! I love them all, but one of my favorites is the one of Bryan throwing his head back and Murray clearly mortified about something. It’s such a classic moment! Also loving all the black and whites…

  • Lindsay Kimball

    tears in my eyes right now! these pictures are beautiful! thanks for capturing the day so well!

  • Dona

    Thanks for sharing these fabulous pictures. The photographer did a wonderful job of capturing the essence of this special day.

  • Nazia

    I love the pictures!! Murray you look absolutely beautiful and I love the pictures of you getting ready with your mom and Morgan!

  • Vanessa

    Loved it!

  • Donya

    Great memories!! And these are exquisite shots. Thanks for sharing.

  • Morgan

    Well, the bride looks beautiful.

  • margaret matens

    As Mother of the Bride, I can say that Jessica was wonderful to work with and makes us all look photogenic! We loved every minute of the wedding and will love having these fabulous photos to help us remember.

  • http://thevelvettrunk.com/blog The Velvet Trunk

    Holy Cow! Look at the light you captured in the getting ready shots?! Just GORGEOUS! Great job as always and what a fun looking couple!! =)

  • Nancy Oakley

    This was a fabulous wedding; I loved being a part of this special event. Each and every detail for the entire weekend was a masterpiece of fun and love! Your family loves you so much and I am so proud to be a part of your family.
    Aunt Nancy

  • http://www.castaldostudio.com/blog/ Cecily

    Great LIght!

  • Wendy Kimball

    Jessica, you not only took amazing pictures but you captured beautiful moments! Thank you.

  • Jugie Battle

    Wow…great photos

  • Angie White

    Wow! Murray, these are incredible. The photographer is so in tune with detail.

  • Cooper Battle

    It was a great wedding, and the pictures were able to capture a lot of the warmth and joy that permeated it.

  • Lori

    These photos are so cute!

  • Holly Amatangelo

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! These are truly amazing photos that captured the spirit of what I am sure was a “dream wedding day”! Those smiles said it all!

  • Marcy Ceranek

    Wow. These look amazing – great to see the photos of what we had been hearing about for so long. Congrats!

  • Maegan Murphy

    Murray – thank you for sharing these! You look stunning and sassy! I love it! It looks like it was an amazing day and night!

  • Caroline Marrs

    These are great pictures! Everyone looks great!

  • http://www.whentwoheartscollide.wordpress.com Sarah!

    These photographs are beautiful, stunning and reflective of your joyful day! Congrats!!!

  • Amy Battle

    Murray, these are AMAZING!!!!!!! You look gorgeous and so happy! Thanks for sharing!

  • Meredith Jollay

    Jessica, you not only captured the love and emotion of the day, but had so much fun doing it. The pictures really exhude the energy you put into them. Thanks for the amazing images!

  • J.P. Battle

    Everything is as as beautiful, or more, than I remember it! What wonderful memories! I love the pic of the groomsmen and groom – classic!

  • Chakana

    Beautiful pictures! Looks like everyone had a fantastic time!

  • Patricia Curtis


  • Chris

    Great photos, Murray!

  • Frank Arce

    Amazing pics. Murray looks so beautiful. Great Job.

  • steve rancourt

    Love the photos Murray! Jessica did a great job. Glad I was able to bear witness to such a special day!

  • Ryan Sommers

    Woops, couldn’t be bothered to put my beer down for the sparkler photo.

    These are all wonderfully done; a proper record of a fantastic wedding.

  • Jordan Sager

    So much fun!

  • Laura Stinson

    Your pictures are amazing. And I love your cake. Everything looked so beautiful…so sad I couldn’t be there!

  • Mary Susan

    Unbelievable pictures! Murray, you look stunning!!

  • Debi Miller

    THANK YOU so much for sharing these beautiful photos Murray! I am so excited for you and Bryan! Your family and friends looked like it was an awesome day! Loved the setting. Photographer excellent! I wish you and Bryan much love and happiness in your life together!!!!!

  • Charlie Uihlein

    Wow, Murray and Bryan you are any photographers dream! Such beautiful photos, much love!

  • Karl Kimball

    These pictures go way beyond our expectations…capturing an event that has brought us incredible happiness!

  • Lynn McNally

    Couldn’t be there…but the pictures are awesome!

  • Mick Edwards

    My business parter and father of the groom cannot stop talking about what an awesome weekend it was…and the pictures tell a great story!

  • Libby

    What beautiful photos of a beautiful day! The stills of Murray and Bryan make me so happy. Well done!

  • Uncle Warren

    My beautiful little God Daughter is all grown up. Thanks for the memories.

  • Aunt Bet

    How fun to browse through the memories of your special day … so glad we were able to be part of it and to be part of your life. We love you.

  • Debbie, Rob & Lucy Lee

    What a beautiful day, what a beautiful bride and what great pictures. A fairly tale wedding captured to remember forever. Super photos.

  • Anne

    Murray, these are gorgeous!! Love the vivid colors and the B&W stills. :)

  • Annette Rana Webb

    I love your wedding shots… I remember the moments ……

  • B Matens

    This was the best wedding weekend ever! The pictures capture it all!

  • Jack Matens

    I guess I have to believe it —my baby did get married! The pictures prove it — and what great pictures they were — the subjects are all worthy of a thousand words.

  • Lisa Barnes

    Lovely, lovely, lovely. These are the most artful wedding pictures I’ve seen.

  • Donna Killian

    ALL the pictures are absolutely beautiful!Hope you have plenty of picture frames handy!!! Best wishes always!

  • Christopher Williams

    Oh, I love the photos! That was such a great time and for such a great reason at that.

  • Gay Meyers

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  • Louise cashion

    SO beautiful!!! Very classy and stunning!

  • Hannah Martone

    Love the pictures Murray!

  • Brooke Jones

    The pictures are amazing and truely captured how special the day really was! Most beautiful bride ever!