A Nashville Artist Shoot on a Heli-pad + Free Music!

We have been dying to post more on this artist shoot we did but have been holding off so we can simultaneously release it with a free download being offered (more info on the bottom)!!

As mentioned a few weekends ago on our Twitter as well as on a previous blog, we did a photo shoot of these amazing artists Joel & Luke. It was an absolute blast and started in our studio and then concluded at Vanderbilt Hospital. Yes, we said Hospital. No, we weren’t shooting in any operating rooms – we were on top of the building shooting on their Emergency Helicopter Landing Pad as you will see in the below video!

We know you just want to see photos and the video so we’ll have additional commentary at the end :)

The exhausted stylist with the boy’s clothes strewn all about. Ha ha!

Onto the heli-pad with the help of the amazing staff at Vanderbilt Hospital and Life Flight. Thanks again guys!

And a little behind-the-scenes rockin’ video of the day

The day was totally blessed! It’s a bit hard to tell but it was cold and rather cloudy but that actually turned to our advantage! We were forewarned that if a helicopter was to land, we would have 5 minutes notice and would have to get all of our camera gear as well as their bass drum and piano (yes, piano) out of the way for the copter to land. However, because of the clouds, the helicopters were grounded and we were able to shoot for quite some time up there uninterrupted! The staff was amazing and the shoot was phenomenal. For those who skipped the video, we had lights, extension cords, cameras, old film cameras, a pro video camera, 2 Flips, a couple of iPhones, and I think that just about covers it! Even with the cold, the day was absolutely perfect. After we packed up our stuff and headed out of the hospital it began to rain… any sooner and we would have had to stop shooting. Amazing!

Some other props go out to super stylist Jenni Enno as well Steven Lester capturing professional B-roll (nothing compared to our little Flips). The day was amazing!

If you liked what you heard on the video, read the special message below from Joel & Luke!

Download Our (third party ‘Joel & Luke’s’) Music FREE!! No strings attached!

That’s right! Look at it like the ‘Joel & Luke Stimulus Package’… In just a couple clicks you can have 5 of our tunes (plus a bonus track, and CD Cover) to stick on your iPod, burn to a CD, or blast out at a party… Whatever you want to do, the music is yours! Why did we do this? Because we can… Right now anyway.

All you’ve gotta do is, jump over to our MySpace (myspace.com/joelandluke), click on the link, and the song package will automatically download to your computer. We can only do this for a limited time though, so get “The Free Downloads” today!

We really appreciate your continued support!!

The best days are ahead.


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