A Nashville Wedding – Heidi + Jeff = Happy!

Jeff and Heidi tied the knot this past Saturday and it was a gorgeous wedding right here in Franklin! Jeff and Heidi have become dear friends of ours over these past months and it was a real blessing for us to see them commit themselves to each other during the wedding ceremony. It was a very emotional wedding filled with prayers, tears, laughter and lots of joy! It was really wonderful and we are so glad that we were able to be a part of their big day and would not have traded it for anything.

Jody and I have shot quite a few weddings where rain has been in the forecast, and we always seem to perfectly avoid the torrential downpours. It has never rained during important picture taking times at any wedding we have ever done – it’s pretty crazy. However, this past weekend we were pretty nervous because the forecast was suppose to be rain, rain, and more rain! Well, we spent a lot of time praying (and so did the bride and groom) and we had the most perfect weather right where we were having the wedding. We didn’t find out until the next day when talking with friends that people in the surrounding area (only 6 miles away) had hail storms and even tornado warnings! It was soooo awesome!!

Onto the photos and there are plenty of them!!

Love the back of the wedding dress!

Heidi was such a gorgeous bride!

A little behind-the-scenes of Jody getting the awesome shot below! She is such a rock star wedding photographer!

We battled some winds that day, but no rain!

All the bridesmaids working it out!

Now onto the groom and groomsmen!

A heartfelt prayer before the ceremony began.

A little behind-the-scenes of how the next few shots were done.

Off to the reception!

Can’t wait to hang out with you two when you get back from ST. Lucia!! We love you guys!!