A New Way of Looking at Things…

Welcome to our new blog! We are officially transferring out of our old blog, so this is the place where it is at now! Everyone make sure to update your RSS feed!

Seeing this is our first post on blogspot, let me give an official introduction of what this blog is all about… or isn’t.

We are NOT about:
Boring & horrible photos
Sharing only stuff pertaining to photography
Keeping all our photography “secrets” to ourselves

We ARE about:
Photography that amazes
Sharing our lives – in and outside of photography
Giving other photographers insight in to how we light and shoot
Shout-outs to amazing vendors who we work with
Much, much more

We hope as we continue to share our lives and what we are most passionate about that you will follow along with us and gain a love for life and a passion for pursuing what you love to do.


  • Evan B.

    COOL! Congrats on the new blog!

  • chris.

    lookin’ good, i’ll have to add this to my “stalk” list.

  • Chad Jarnagin

    WORD. Glad to see you guys rockin’ it.

  • Dan Cogan

    Great to hear from you guys! Glad everything’s going well.

  • The Neeleys

    woohoo! look at our pretty bling :)

  • The Velvet Trunk

    Yay!! You know I’m subscribing! And seeing your stunning photography daily will definitely help keep me humble..lol..! :)

  • ashley

    Yay! Thanks for letting me know!! I so look forward to it!

  • Karyn

    and photography that amazes is something you’ve got down! ;-)

  • amber

    You guys are so cute. Post pictures of yourselves!!!


  • carteblanche

    Looking forward to getting to know your stuff! Come by the shop sometime if you are ever in Brentwood – I’d love to meet you both!

    Cat…Carte Blanche Specialty Invitations & Gifts

  • Laurie Noblit

    YEAAA! It looks awesome! Can’t wait to see your photos EVERYDAY!!!