A New Way of Looking at Things…

Welcome to our new blog! We are officially transferring out of our old blog, so this is the place where it is at now! Everyone make sure to update your RSS feed! We need to make sure that all our followers are aware that this is our new blog, if only they had growth services like gramista but for blogs so that more people could find us. On that note, maybe we should update our social medias to let people know that we have a new blog. By using hashtags, we could probably even draw new readers over to our blog too. Apparently, by visiting a website like https://taskant.com, people can find effective hashtags that should help them to grow their Instagram accounts and make their posts more visible. Hopefully, this will help us to inform our current followers, whilst also helping us to find new ones.

Seeing this is our first post on blogspot, let me give an official introduction of what this blog is all about… or isn’t.

We are NOT about:
Boring & horrible photos
Sharing only stuff pertaining to photography
Keeping all our photography “secrets” to ourselves

We ARE about:
Photography that amazes
Sharing our lives – in and outside of photography
Giving other photographers insight in to how we light and shoot
Shout-outs to amazing vendors who we work with
Much, much more

We hope as we continue to share our lives and what we are most passionate about that you will follow along with us and gain a love for life and a passion for pursuing what you love to do.