Amsterdam Part II | Our Bike Riding Adventure!!

As promised, we bring you part II on Amsterdam Adventures!!! We had the joy of getting to know fellow workshop attendee, David Currie who for the last 8 years has resided in Amsterdam though originally from Australia. David offered to show us the city and we are SO glad that we agreed!! We had a blast!! David is a great guy as well as talented photographer.

We thought it best to show you what we did via video…. ENJOY!

For those of you who don’t like to watch videos…. Here are a few stills from during the ride :)

Yes, this building is actually leaning…. most of the homes do! David told us it’s so people can pull goods up to the upper levels of their homes without the stuff bashing into the side of the house :)

The sunsets are so beautiful on the canals!

We stopped in a flower market and of course, had to get a photo taken with the clogs :)

After our bike ride we met up with David’s fiance Mariska and we had delicious food and fun conversation! Aw, aren’t they cute?

Zach getting all artistic taking a photo of me on our ride back to the hotel (no bikes this time :).

Whoever thought an elevator could look so darn cool? :)

The view of the city at night from our hotel… bye bye Amsterdam!

That wraps up our stay in Amsterdam! Paris is to come next!

David, thank-you again SO much for your generosity in showing us the beautiful city of Amsterdam!!! We had a great time, and it was great meeting you and your lovely fiancé! Can’t wait to see you again.

Thanks for reading everyone :) Find our friend David on Twitter HERE, and check out his work HERE :)

  • Taylor

    I love these! I love how everyone takes photos near or under a sign that says no photos. Great stuff!

  • David Currie

    Great post! Its a nice way to remember the day with. Next time I will introduce you to “Poffertjes” and maybe do a city tour on the canals…

  • Natalie

    love the video! looks like you had fun fun fun in Amsterdam!! :-)

  • Mark

    Nice picture of Jodi under the sign saying “No Photos Please”. :-)

  • nancy mitchell

    LOVE the video and the pics. Looks like you guys had an amazing adventure!

  • Gisela

    Love your video and photos from Amsterdam,almost made me feel that I was there with you.
    For someone who says that HE read Zack doesn’t feel inspired to pick up the camera on holidays or in cities…I think Amsterdam was the exception :-) Miss you guys!

  • Gerard

    Amsterdam, the Paradisio, the Fantasio,happenings… those were the days…living in a barge on the canal, near the red light district…
    Je me souviens…