Are you a hypocrite?

Have you ever stopped to wonder if any of your clients think that you’re a hypocrite?




You may be saying to yourself, “Woah, that sounds harsh! How in the world would my clients ever think that?” We of course don’t think that you are a hypocrite :)  but, we have learned that a great marketing approach to getting our clients to invest in whatever we were selling, was to make sure we communicated to our clients we practiced what we preached.

Here’s another way to break it down…


1. Do you stress to your clients the importance of having their family or the moments of their special captured professionally?

2. Do you sell to your clients prints, canvases, albums, etc and communicate the importance of having these items displayed in their home?

3. Have you had a photo shoot done of YOURSELF (yes, that means you are in FRONT of the camera) within the last year?

4. Do you have any professional prints/canvases/albums (etc.) from your own shoot?

Ok, tally up your Yes’s and No’s

How did you score?  Are you finding that you maybe aren’t necessarily doing what you’re telling your clients they should do?

In the midst of wedding season it was easy for us to have our nose to the grind and become so focused on our clients that we would at times forget to do what we were encouraging our clients to do. We decided to make a decision that we were not only going to have images of us taken, but would also buy the products we were telling our clients to invest in.

The crazy thing is, that decision ended up being a powerful marketing tool for our business as well! Here is why:

As soon as people walked into our home they would see a 78” split panel canvas of a photo shoot we were in. It wasn’t of one of our clients, it was of US.

blog - pic of dining room

This always became a talking point when clients would enter our home and they immediately saw that we valued photography as well.

In anything and everything we did with our clients, we were always asking the question – Are we asking our clients to do anything that we are not willing to do ourselves?

Another HUGE benefit of having personal images in your home, is that when a client sees that, they interanlly say “oh, so THIS is what you do with professional photography! Hang it on the wall!” That helps demonstrate to a client what THEY should be doing with the images that you create for them. Gues how many of our clients purchased wall art? The answer is almost every single one.

We encourage you to go ahead and get a photo session in the books! Remember what it’s like to be in front of the camera instead of behind it for a change, and get some products ordered! Show your clients you value what you are asking them to value! You will be blown away at the response from your clients!

If you are already doing this, share a story of the benefit in the comments below! If you have another way that you practice what you preach, share it with us!