As We Step Into 2013…

Happy New Year!

It is crazy to think that 2012 is over and we are now embarking on a whole new year. We could go on and on and boast about all of the cool places we have been to this year, the exciting things we got to do, the cool clients we got to work with, but instead of focusing on where we have been, we want to focus on where we are headed.

I (Jody) am always one of those people who like to jump to the future and think about where we will be this time 365 days from now. What are the opportunities that will open up to us? What are the adventures that we will be a part of this year? Who are the new people we will meet and have new friendships formed with? Will we end this next year with more peace and knowing God more or will we end this year stressed and drained with nothing left?

Where we end up 12 months from now is determined on what we do today. We’re not just saying write down some goals and go after them, because many times our peace and sanity are sacrificed to attain those goals (can we get an “amen”?). So instead, we challenge you to do what Zach and I are doing – write down your VALUES.

We were recently challenged by this thought from friend and author Jeff Goins. Goals are great, and goals are important, but are they worth trampling over your values to get your goals achieved? For example, one of your values is family – spending more time with them. However, you have a goal of booking 30 weddings this year. You will go crazy and stress yourself out to reach that goal and in the meantime have totally trampled on one of your values, spending time with loved ones.

Start this year off by establishing your core Values. Sit down with your spouse and write these out together. Figure out what you value and don’t let your goals overrun your values.

These are some of our values…

– We value rest. We value peace.
We don’t want our lives filled with striving and trying and turning ourselves into big stress-balls. That’s not fun! If we get all of our goals accomplished but have run ourselves ragged in the meantime, is that worth it?

– We value our friendships.
If we have a “successful” business again this year, but never see our friends and invest in those relationships, what is the point?? Money will fade away, surface social media relationships will go (were they ever real anyway?), but “doing life with” and supporting our true friends who know us inside and out – that is what is fulfilling in life.

– We value service & giving back with our time.
For 6 months we have had applications for The Boys & Girls Club sitting on our desks. The last one finally got filled out 3 weeks ago… and they have been sitting on the corner of my desk since. We are excited about serving at TBGC and investing in the lives of those kids and inspiring and encouraging them, but the business of our jobs has carried us away. Not how we want to live and do something that matters long beyond our business.

– Most of all | We value our relationship with the Lord.
We both grew up in the church and could probably quote scripture verses until our faces turned blue. With that knowledge, it’s easy at times to let our faith journey go on auto-pilot. This year we want to know God better. We want find out more about who he is and his overwhelming love and grace for us. We want to hear his voice more clearly. We want to make the Lord a greater priority in our lives, not just read a devotional in the morning, pray together at night, and be done, but really SEEK after him. “As the deer pants for water, so my soul thirsts for you.” We want to be like this. We want to move forward in this year, taking the burden of being a “success” off of our own shoulders and continually laying it down at HIS feet, realizing that every thing we have and have been blessed with has come from the Lord, NOT us… and to stop striving to make things happen…

Those are a few of our values.

What are your values for the year?  Are you tired of how things have been? Do you want change this year for 2013?

We were given this book called “Today Matters” by John Maxwell from our friends David & Tammy. We loves this quote:

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily

What are the values that you will set up today that will change your tomorrow?

Happy New Year everyone! May this be your best year yet, not only professionally, but personally as well.