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Welcome to this week’s Tips & Tricks  REVISITED! When we were flying awhile back, we came across an article, and did you know that gamers play Angry Birds for 300,000,000 minutes each day?? And this app has over more than 500 million downloads!! (Spirit, p. 41.).

300,000,000 minutes is basically 24 years worth of play happening every single hour and almost 1 billion dollars spent!
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Friday Finds | Fotolanthropy

by Jody on January 17, 2014, posted in Friday Finds

Welcome to this week’s edition of Friday Finds… REVISITED! Allow us to introduce you to Fotolanthropy! I (Jody) met Katie Norris, one of the founders of Fotolanthropy at Pursuite 31, a Christian women’s retreat I was at in October. I loved her story and her heart and what she and her business partner Brooke are doing to make a difference and knew their story and company had to be featured on our blog.

Meet Katie Norris and Brooke Moore, the two amazing women behind the brand that is making a difference, Fotolanthropy. Founded in 2011, Fotolanthropy is a nationwide movement of photographers and filmmakers working together to capture inspiring true stories through photography and film. We love how their heart is to bless families/individuals that have faced trials and give them a platform to share their story across the world so that others may be blessed by their inspiration. So cool! [click to continue…]

“The opposite of remarkable is ‘very good.’ Are you making ‘very good’ stuff? If so, how fast can you stop!”

Seth Godin, Purple Cow


The two fastest emerging technologies in the world are Smart Phones and DSLR Cameras. Everyone and their cousin is becoming a “pro” photographer these days and we can come to one concrete conclusion based on that fact. We have LOADS of competition!

With a sea of new photographers flooding the market, launching their new websites and starting businesses left and right, how in the world do YOU stand out from the crowd and what can you do that makes you different so you get noticed? If you think that you can simply create a great product (like really nice images) and offer them at a competitive price, and meet the expectations you set for your clients, then your business will probably be over before it begins.

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Tuesday Photo Tips & Tricks | Becoming A Lovecat

by Jody on December 17, 2013, posted in Photo Tips & Tricks


Tips & Tricks REVISITED! Today’s tips and tricks is simple, short and to the point. We work in an industry that is service based and even though we do sell a product (our beautiful photos), our actual job is to serve. We are here to deliver the goods, but more importantly, our business exists to have our clients feel really great about what we do for them. We have realized that the greatest way that we can grow our business, grow our network and grow our influence with clients, is to become what Tim Sanders calls “A Lovecat.” In his book, Love Is the Killer App (a recommended read by David Jay), Tim Sanders says, “Offer your wisdom freely, give away your address book to everyone who wants it (or your contacts and network), and always be human (or, treat everyone around you as if they are more important than you).”
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“We are taking time off spending time with baby Gray, but have put together our favorite Tips and Tricks from the last two years for us all to review!”

Today we wanted to touch on a subject that has been at the forefront of our lives lately – truly putting your business in its place so that it doesn’t overtake your life!

Back in August of 2008, our business was growing fast and we were having a ton of fun with it all. The problem was, we had put our personal relationship on the back-burner and that month came to the realization that we were barely spending any quality time with each other. So, we decided to take a drastic step and have Jody quit her day job that she had at the time. It was hard walking away from the extra income, the awesome insurance and the “security” of that job. But ultimately we knew that if we did what was right, we would be rewarded with something much greater; a strong relationship with one another that will last far beyond any cool photos we will ever take.
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