A Marathon Extravaganza!

Ok, we admit it. We are fans of Harry Potter. Think what you will, but I (Jody) have read the books and we have seen all of the movies. TONIGHT, at MIDNIGHT, with friends so dear, we will be watching the final installment of Harry Potter on the big screen. We are PUMPED! In preparation, today and yesterday we have been movie marathoning all seven films… not sure if we will quite watch them all in time to stand in line at the theater, but we are trying. Cheers to taking some time out to relax and have fun with friends! Any other HP lovers out there? :) Anyone else crazier than us? Come on, we know some of you even have a costume or two and are going to wear it to the... Read More

Friday Fun | Waffle + Caramel = New Addiction

While overseas Zach and I gained a new food addiction…. Introducing the Stroopwafel!! Aw man… you have no idea how good these are. Anouschka and Ray (our workshop hosts) said that every workshop they have attended of photogs in the states they have brought them theses sort of caramel cookies for them and they all have loved them. I (Jody) am not a big cookie fan so I wasn’t too sure if I would like them… but oh, was I wrong!! They are like two cookie wafers with caramel inbetween and they are SO good! Ray kept us stocked during our visit and even sent us off with a package… Needless to say, they were gone before we even made it back to London to catch our flight home. During our last day of workshops in Den Haag, we had an attendee Evert tell us that in a market in Amsterdam they actually make Stroopwafels!!!!!! We were SO excited about this and when we took our bike tour with David he took us to the market! Watch the little video and enjoy our stroopwafel experience…. Ahhhhhhhhh Yay stroopwafel! You guys don’t know what you’re missing. Next time, we’ll try and bring some back to the states with us… if they make it that long without being eaten... Read More

Happy Birthday Babe!! | Zach’s Birthday Top 10 List

It is December 13th and you know what that means? It’s Zach’s Birthday today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Aw, look at how cute he was as a wee little lad…) In honor of his birthday, I have created a Top Ten List. And now I bring to you….. Drumroll please… (drumrolls always make things so much more dramatic!)… The Top 10 Reasons Why My Life is Better Because of Zachariah Gray 10. I don’t have to kill any gross bugs 9. I get to eat the best grilled steaks made just for me 8. I have someone to share the latest chef show with 7. I am always up to speed and constantly being educated about the newest and latest fun gadgets to make photography & life easier 6. I never have to clean a toilet again in my life 5. The business that I am a part of today would never be what it is 4. I never have to go to things by myself 3. I have higher hairs standards to keep up with, thus challenging me to have good hair constantly ;) 2. I never have had to edit a photo in my life And the #1 reason why my life is better because of Zachariah Gray… 1. I have been accepted and fully loved – flaws and all. And that, my friends, is worth it right there. I’ll even clean toilets and kill bugs for this if I have to :) Thanks for making my life better, Babe! I love you! (image by the talented Mike Larson. For more Zach & Jody picture goodness, visit his blog here) Leave... Read More

Home, Sweet Home

For the last 30 days we have been traveling… A lot… We have been home for a total of six days in the past three weeks. You ask us how we do it and how we stay fresh and don’t get totally worn out. This is how we do it – we make sure we are taking the day off… which is what we are doing today. We have deemed today Zach-&-Jody-do-absolutely-nothing-day. No emails, no phone, no blog (we already scheduled this baby to go up :), no NOTHING! Just relaxing, recouping, and loving our poor deprived kitty Starbucks, who being the people loving cat that she is, needs a lot of lovin’ :) After a three day weekend of rest and relaxation, we will be back and alive and kicking on Monday! In the meantime we leave you with two iPhone photos… Working hard on the plane… A little behind-the-scenes shot taken at our shooting workshop at PartnerCon. See you back here on Monday! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS. Have any fun ideas of things we can do today? Oh wait. We won’t be checking the blog… how about ideas for next time?... Read More

A Personal Post | I’m An Aunt! Some Baby Lovin’ Goodness

I, Jody, have two sisters – one who is younger than me, and another who is older by a year and a half. My older sister Jacq and her husband had their first kid a few months ago (ok, over 6 months ago) and let me tell you – this was a big deal. First grandkid… first great-grandkid, and of course, this officially makes me an aunt!!!! SUH-SWEET! So five months ago I caught a flight to Minnesota to visit my sister, hubby, and cute little niece Lila Jae for a few days. (Yes, I know, I am a TOTAL slacker on not posting this sooner… boo on me!). It was super fun and I think I’ve gotten attached to that little booger :) I brought one of our cameras with us and took (A LOT) of shots while I was visiting with them… like 700… I cannot imagine what it’s going to be like when we have our own kids!!! Enjoy a few of the pics! Isn’t she adorable?? Yup, this was a gift from me! She was too small to fit into it at the time… maybe she can now! …and we were so busy with Lila we forgot to take a photo of us together until the very end! Thank God for our point-and-shoot! I thought I would take a few pictures from my sister’s personal blog and show an update on how big she is getting! This is Jacq with Lila…. Isn’t she cute?? This is my sister’s hubby, Nathan with Lila… Fun times! Thanks for reading and letting me indulge! :) Side note –... Read More
Nashville, TN Wedding Photography

Our Favorite Lenses Part 2! 100mm Macro

Last week we talked about Zach’s favorite lens and why he loves using it. Today, its my turn!! I love using longer lenses and sneaking into moments from a distance so that our brides do not even know I am there. One of my favorite lens is the Canon 100mm Macro 2.8. I like to shoot in really tight. One of the coolest things about this lens is that you can do that easily while still maintaining a nice distance from your subject. A lot of wedding photographer’s go-to lens for makeup shots is maybe the 50mm 1.4 or even better, the 50mm 1.2. The cool thing about the 50mm 1.2 is one can shoot at a really low aperture where everything but what you’re focusing on becomes really soft, but there’s two problems with that – 1) you have to get right up in the bride’s business to get that close up shot, and 2) you have to be at least 1.5 ft away to focus. So it’s hard to get that tight shot because the lens can’t focus that close. Boo. What I love about the 100mm Macro is that if I want, I could get in as close as 5.5 inches away from our bride… not like I would want a shot of literally just her eyeball, but you get the idea :) This lens is also GREAT for ring shots. Because it’s a Macro lens and it can focus as close to 5.5 inches away from any subject, you can literally fill the frame with a ring if you want and get in REALLY close!... Read More

Home, Sweet Home… We are homeowners!

Happy Monday!!! It’s absolutely crazy to think that two weeks ago we signed and closed on our BRAND NEW HOME!!!  Ahhhh!  Where has the time gone?  (Oh, right.  Half of that time we have been at WPPI in Vegas. More to come on that later!). We have been married four and a half years and we have been SAVING and living like no one else for this moment… We are going to share that story later as well :)  We definitely feel blessed and are excited that this has finally come! We had everything unpacked within the first three days (minus decor items) before we headed off to Nevada for WPPI.  It’s been fun figuring out where to put stuff (we actually have OPTIONS on where to put our dishes! Imagine that!) and we have so far been enjoying cleaning…. weird. We woke up the first morning and felt like we were staying at someone else’s place, but NOPE its ours!!  So crazy… We are definitely loving this place and know it was the perfect fit for us.  We knew there was a reason the short sale home wasn’t happening!! Thank-you, Lord! Here are a few pictures!! This shot was when we had just closed and wrote the biggest check ever for the downpayment… crazy! Below are fab friends Kristine Neeley (also suh-weet Nashville family and baby portrait photographer as well as our associate photographer) and the manly Andy Johnson with us helping us move out of our apartment. Below is the fabulous Kate (who we will soon formally be introducing you to her :) carting around our DO... Read More

Friday Fun – Battle of the Sexes

Zach I enjoy getting together with other couples and having some tasty dinner, hanging out and playing games… though it CAN get a bit competitive at times when I feel the need to beat Zach every now and then and keep him humble! :) One evening we went over to Paul & Laura‘s house, a former Bride & Groom of ours, for a delicious dinner and a round of the awesomely fun game, Cranium WOW.  We had a great time, though I honestly can’t remember who won… probably the girls :) At certain points in the game, there is what’s called a Club Cranium, where both teams compete at the same time (in this case it was drawing).  You have one person from each team sketching for the other player on their team trying to get them to guess what it is that they are drawing.  The only catch is the one who is drawing is doing so WITH THEIR EYES CLOSED. So get your game player big boy pants on and play along!! Here we go with a Club Cranium Senso-Sketch!! Hint: Character Drawing by the boys team: By the amazingly and artistically talented Zach “Flat Brush” Gray! Drawing by the girls team: By Laura “Colour Shaper” Morris! Obviously the girls won this one since Zach’s drawing looked like a vomiting mountain roach (I love you babe! :).  So, lets see who can guess the right answer!! What is... Read More

Exciting News! There’s no place like home…

Some of you guys have been wondering about some twitter comments we have been posting and it’s time to finally share the latest and exciting news in our lives! It’s been four years since we have been married, and after paying off our debt and then saving, saving, saving, Zach and I will no longer be renters and are buying a home!  Once we officially started the process, it’s moved very fast, but we had been ready and prepared and this has been a long time coming. So to catch you all up a bit, we set up a meeting a few weeks ago with a highly recommended realtor, Melissa Archer, President of Cobalt Premier Properties, looked at a gazillion properties online, and then a few days later looked at our favorites that met all of our qualifications.   One of the places was absolutely perfect so we visited the home like 4 times (and believe it or not, we actually looked at this place about 4 months ago for kicks and had been in love with it ever since!) and then decided to put in an offer!  After meeting with Melissa again and submitting the offer, it was accepted the next morning! We are pumped and thrilled and are now just holding our breath and making sure everything goes smoothly on the seller’s end. We just had the home inspection and closing is set for Feb 5th, barring that all goes well!  There always can be hiccups so keep us in your prayers!! We would show a picture of at least the front of the place but 1) it’s... Read More

Friday Fun – Toilet Training Our Now Named Kitty!

And for this week’s Friday Fun blog post we bring you…. (drum-roll please)… Yes, it’s true.  We are going to be teaching our kitty how to use the toilet!!  It can be done, my friends!  We have ordered CitiKitty’s Cat Toilet Training Kit and are ready to start training our little buddy! If you don’t believe us that this is possible, just check this video out (this is one of MANY on YouTube, so if you’re bored….).  For the faint of heart, feel free to skip to 1:00, and THEN skip to 1:14 for a special trick this cat can do!  Amazing.. Here is our kitty getting excited about using her new Toilet Training Kit! We leave this Saturday to go out of town for a week (no worries, we still will be blogging), so when we get back, the training will begin! We know you all have been anxiously waiting to find out the name of our new kitty!  Due to the overwhelming response, we had it in our minds to name her Pixel and then we found out that when we actually called her, it didn’t work so well.  Then the crazy idea popped in our minds to name her…. (another drum-roll please)… … …Starbucks! Lame?  Maybe. This is why we named her Starbucks: – We (well, Zach more) love Starbucks, and we love our kitty! – We can call her Star for short, which also happens to be the name of the leading lady in The Lost Boys (another um, interesting 80’s movie Zach is a fan of) – She’s black like coffee, but sweet like... Read More

Friday Fun… Mini Bowling!

Welcome to this week’s Friday Fun blog! Wednesday night we hung out with friends/past clients/future clients/artists/business women (yes, they are all of those to us), Alexis & Laura and their significant others! Alexis is married to Abdul (whose wedding we shot this past year!), and Laura is to be wed to Jim later this year!! We decided to have a triple date and head off to the Franklin Family Entertainment Center for Mini Bowling (aka Midget Bowling)!! If you remember, we last posted on this form of bowling late January when we went with friends Amy & Brendon (click HERE for more pics and video of that adventure). This was a whole new adventure and everyone brought out their best at the 10th frame which you will see in the short awesomely professional video below. We opted out of putting background music in, and you will see why. Make sure your volume is up :) Fun times had by all! Maybe we’ll do another competition and the winner(s) will get to go mini-bowling with us and see our MAD SKILLZ in the flesh!!!! Lovin’ your comments! Still have 2 weeks to go for the Starbucks Gift Card... Read More

True Rockstars – RockBand, Live in the Flesh!

The other night we got to relive Zach’s glory days of when he used to play (guitar) and tour. We hung out with our friends Andy & Karyn and got to brush up on our band skills. We had a very supportive audience as well… Hailey thought we were amazing… Apparently I’m not as great at drumming as I was last time… these guys actually had the kick drum hooked up!! Didn’t even know there was a kick drum to rock band… *sighs*For more of Zach’s mad performing skills & lip syncing abilities, this little video might contain a special something for you… Ah, the little joys in life…... Read More

A Motherly Visit – Dave Ramsey Headquarters

Happy Memorial Day!! This weekend Zach & I were blessed with the presence of my mom coming into town :) She flew in Thursday and leaves this morning. Yesterday (Sunday) we drove to Berea, KY for my little sister’s college graduation! What a whirlwind these last few days have been and super fun. Here are a few photos from the first portion of mom’s visit! In line at the DELICIOUS and famous Pancake Pantry The food is so yummy I STILL have a thumbs up in this photo (doesn’t my mom look great?) One of the highlights of her visit was taking her to Financial Peace Plaza, the headquarters of Dave Ramsey‘s radio station, as well as businesses. We had our wonderful friend, Cliff, give us the in-depth special tour. In the newly renovated lobby… Free goodies for the 80+ visitors who come in every day… Check out the menu a bit closer… Mom with her Debt Snowball Cupcake! Some super cool stickers in the gift shop… Peeping into the studio window where Dave broadcasts his radio show live every weekday from 1-4pm & records his FOX business show segment every morning. Unfortunately, Dave was out of town for the Memorial Day weekend, but there’s always next time! Creative plaques/artwork/whatever choice words you would like to use for people who are no longer living life bound to credit cards. There are some creative people out there! Dave’s company has been awarded Nashville Business Journal‘s Best Places to Work for the last 3 years. Dave takes amazing care of his employees, and if we weren’t doing photography, we’d want to... Read More

Friday Fun – A Squirrelly Post…

Holy cow – it’s Friday! Where in the world has this week gone? Unbelievable! In honor of Friday, I (Jody) thought I would share something that’s a little different than usual. I take full responsibility of this post, but it cracked me up so hard I just have to share it. There are so many other things we have to post on, but this most definitely deserves a Friday Shoutout. Background: I, Jody, went to Berea College in KY, which my younger sister is now attending and getting ready to graduate from! Berea is known for it’s over population of squirrels and I was shopping around for a gift for my sister when Zach & I walked into Pangea (one of the coolest knick-knack stores in Nashville), and low-and-behold, my eyes landed on this: Oh, yes, what you’re seeing is real… and yes, I bought it for her :) And for those who can’t make out what the writing says on the back… here is a closer view for some extra laughs… And yes, folks, the website on the back does exist – Small Animal Decency.com. And to get a little more specific, you can watch a Squirrel underpants promo video and read testimonials here Squirrel Underpants.com! 1. I want to know who came up with this idea…. 2. Who actually buys it??? (Um, besides me :) Am I just weird or does it make anyone else laugh as well? Happy Friday!!!... Read More

Family Visiting in Nashville, Tennessee!

Jody’s dad arrived in town late last night and today we have decided to take him to some great, local eateries and of course, bring him by our studio on good ‘ol Broadway. This is a whirlwind trip and he will be gone this evening to head back to Michigan, but nevertheless, we are enjoying his company! We will be posting information this week on our coming workshops so stay... Read More

Where to Find Midget Bowling

Ok, ok so many have you have asked where to find this mini-bowling and I will tell you, ONLY if you do not hog up the lanes when we want to go and bowl :) Besides, Amy and I are practicing to beat the guys for the next time!! Oops, did I forget to mention the guys won last time? This great bowling adventure can be found at the Franklin Family Entertainment... Read More

Mini Bowling Adventures

The other night Zach and I ventured out to the bowling alley with two other friends of ours to play some MIDGET BOWLING!! Yes, you read correctly – Midget Bowling. Ok, it’s not really called that. I think the official name is Min-bowling, but nevertheless, everything is smaller and the little bowling balls are so much more manageable. It’s kind of comparable to Canadian Bowling if anyone has ever done that in Canada! You may recognize this lovely damsel with me – it’s the great Amy Parman from CJ’s Off the Square and Williamson County Weddings and Events! And this handsome fella’ with Zach is The Great Brendon Shirley! (just had to give him a cool title/association so he wouldn’t feel left out :) My husband’s a goof! That’s what I love about him! Enjoy a little video of Zach tearing it up! As you can see from this following video featuring Brendon, mini bowling can be quite challenging! Of course, have to show my mad mini-bowling skillz.. ha. Amy blowing it outta the park!Ok, and I had to post this one… We think the guys broke that lane… What NOT to do while mini bowling. If you made it through all of these videos – we commend you. At least they weren’t long and boring! Just trying to entertain that’s all…... Read More

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!!!!! A Big Birthday Surprise for my Sweetie!

It is Zach’s birthday today!!!!!!!! My studly husband is another year old and another year wiser. (I know, isn’t he so cute??). So something I (Jody) was about to explode with is Zach’s mom and I conspired together almost 8 months ago to have all of Zach’s 5 siblings, an aunt, AND his dad and his wife fly in to surprise Zach on his birthday!! They all flew in together from 4 different states (California, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Minnesota) and the plan worked beautifully!! Zach thought only his mom was coming in so when we brought her back to our place from the airport this morning Zach was giving her the tour and the rest of the fam was waiting to surprise him!! It was SO funny! He kind of stood there for a moment stunned processing that the people he was seeing were his family and they were actually standing in our home. Ha ha!!! I took a lovely little video of it… he he he… Yay family and yay surprises! A few more photos of the studly Zach… he he he What I love About My Husband: His humorHis talentHis cool hair = :o) His compassion His drive to be better man, husband & photographerHis heart to help others be better Happy Birthday, Pook! I’m so proud of who you are and who you have become. I’m so glad I’m blessed to be your wife and get to grow old with you! I love you :) (us at our 1 year dating anniversary) If you have not noticed, we have a poll going of how old/young... Read More

Oh Southern Christmas Tree, Oh Southern Christmas Tree…

Yesterday we made the hike all the way to Shelbyville and got us a Christmas tree!!! We cut it down ourselves and everything!! We went with some friends of ours – Mike & Kelly (who are sharing their first Christmas together as newlyweds…. aww) and Kelly’s brother and our friend Chris (by the way, he’s a rockin’ hair stylist so if you need a great haircut we have the man to send you to!). Look at Zach being manly and cutting our little, cute tree! Success! Kelly & Mike with their first tree! Chris and his…. unique tree… Zach doing his Christmas tree dance (look! A photo with both of us in it! Mike D was the man behind our camera on this one…) Chris striking up a conversation with the creepy elf… Taking the trees home… We actually have some live footage of this experience to share with you. You get to hear my awesome laughter and everything… This is the first time we’re uploading videos – enjoy! Ah… hope you all enjoy your own Christmas tree experiences this... Read More

The Brouillet Ladies!

For those of you who don’t know, my (Jody’s) maiden name is Brouillet. Pronounced just like the desert – Brew-lay. For the first time since Zach and I have been married all the Brouillet gals were finally together at the same time! Of course Zach and I were supposedly on vacation relaxing from work but we couldn’t resist pulling out the cameras and taking a few shots! I think eventually we started getting on Zach nerves because we all were being so picky with what photos we liked and didn’t…. ha ha…. that’s girls for you! This is my younger sister Kelly (22). Gentlemen she is single… Come to us first if you are interested in pursuing. If you are somewhat of a creep – don’t even think about it. Here is all of us!Mom, Jacq (27 and married, sorry fellas…), Jody, Kelly Why am I the only one in this photo who looks goofy? It was great to be with my sisters all together again and with our mom! Awww…. good times… Yay Family... Read More

Cousins, Cousins Everywhere!

Monday was really great! We got up in the morning, got dressed, and then Jody’s Aunt Julie gave us her car so we could get out and about! We headed over to Bear Rock Cafe to get some stuff taken care of and enjoyed some great soup and sandwiches. A few days back, while Jody’s aunt and uncle were occupied, we took a few photos of the girls as a gift for their hospitality and wanted to share them! This is 15 year old Lauren. This is 13 year old Sydney (named after the Aussie capitol where Julie & Rich used to live). and the two of them together! Stay tuned for more sweet shots from our holiday... Read More

Our Anniversary!… with Family :)

Thanks for everyone’s anniversary congratulation comments! It’s always fun reading the notes that you all post. We got a few cards today from our family today.. :) The above card is from my (Jody’s) Grandparents. The inside reads “You two make a pretty good team!” and they wrote “but we already know that.” How appropriate for us… I feel so blessed to be with such a great guy who compliments me so well… Today is not only our anniversary, but it’s my Aunt Jody’s birthday! Yes, her name is Jody as well. I was named after her! :) After dinner we all sung “Happy Birthday” to Aunt Jody and then “Happy Anniversary” to us… who knew there was an anniversary song that went to the tune of Happy Birthday! We are having a nice time here in North Carolina. All of my mom’s side of the family (minus 2 cousins and one uncle) has gathered for the holidays and it’s great to be around family. As the years go by we all keep spreading out more over the US so it’s nice to see everyone! We want to make it our goal to meet up with each other as often as we can, so we are able to celebrate all of our milestones, like anniversaries and special birthdays. Family dinners, like the one we have just had, gives us the opportunity to spend some much-needed time together, as well as enjoying great food. If we decide to host at our home, it may be the excuse that we’ve been looking for to get our hands on a kitchen appliance,... Read More

The Best Husband in the Whole World!

Fall always means 3 things to us… Colorful leaves Thanksgiving Our Anniversary! Three years ago Zach and I got married Thanksgiving weekend and it seemed like a great idea at the time, BUT we always end up spending our anniversary with family! Lol. We love our families… it’s just not necessarily the most romantic thing to do on your anniversary :) Today we head out to spend Thanksgiving with family, and tomorrow we will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary… with Family. No worries – once we get back Zach and I have designated 2 days of celebration time just the two of us! All that to say, Zach got up this morning for his weekly Tuesday AM men’s devotional and he came home with these for me as an early Happy Anniversary! The yellow stands for friendship and then the tips turn into red for love creating the vibrant colors or red, orange and yellow! My favorite roses and chocolates! Aw, what a... Read More

Mud + Stuck Jeep + Two Manly Men = Unstuck Vehicle!

We have this couple friend we were hanging out with the other night at Starbucks and the guy just happened to mention that he was out riding his jeep and got it stuck in a rut on some trails they were on. The rut was so deep that the mud came all the way up underneath the jeep burying the axle and no truck company in the Nashville area would come and tow him out! Zach, being the clean freak that he is, offered to get down and dirty and help dig it out in the morning… No more truck.. After a wash in the lake… *sighs* This weekend we are shooting the wedding of Ashley & Trevor! Ashley hails from California and Trevor is from Ireland! The rehearsal will be our first time meeting Trevor and we are excited!... Read More