3 Words you should never say at a sales meeting

When meeting with a potential client, there are three words we should never use. When we do use these words, we might still book the client, but we can create major problems later on that we didn’t even realize would be an issue. The three words are: 1. Discount  This is a dangerous word. The word “discount” tends to come up when we get to the money part of the conversation. People ask for discounts for one reason, the price you are asking them to pay is more than the value that you created for them. (Click here to Tweet this out!) Instead of doing discounts, we need to add value. Value is added by creating a more dynamic client or meeting experience, demonstrating value by selling something MORE than just images (like a great story), or by adding something (like an engagement session) instead of taking something away (reducing your price). 2. No Unless something is asked that goes against your values, then we should never tell a client no. If a client wants a cardboard cut-out of themselves (yes we have been asked to do this!), then the answer is yes! If they want it, then we will deliver it. Now, of course we won’t do it for free and the client will have to pay for the time and resources it takes to do it, but like I (Zach) learned in my internship years back, MAKE IT HAPPEN! When we say no to something that a client thinks is important, we can lose their faith in us. We once shot a wedding and the client asked me to... Read More

The Business Of Photography | Workshop

When you start a photography business, there is this assumption that running a photography brand is you getting to shoot a ton of cool images and get paid to do it.   Unfortunately, that is not the WHOLE picture of what it really means to have a photography business. Jody and I have had the privilege of working with over 1,100 businesses and one theme has permeated them all. The management of their brand is the hardest part of what they do. This was our Zach and Jody Business workshop where we take all the proven tools and systems that make a photography brand a success, and walk along side each of our 35 students that came that day and help them implement that into their brand. We help them create a vision for their business, figure out how to keep their values and not compromise, and set goals that will work. Students are given the tools, the systems, and encouragement to start to believe that this business CAN be something that they love and that does not dominate their lives. For those that are starting out, this workshop gives them the blue-print for how to start RIGHT and not get stuck later on because they built it right from the start. We don’t think we know everything, so that is why we Skype in experts like Melissa Love who is a branding expert from the UK, and we also brought in Katelyn James who showed us how she creates community with her clients, and Luke and Cat who showed us how they have created a high-end brand in a... Read More

The most important piece of gear in your bag |Part 1

When out shooting a wedding or a portrait session, you don’t have control on what type of lighting you have to deal with that day. It might be sunny, cloudy or even rainy. Regardless, our clients still expect great images and the best way to set the stage for a great image to happen is with great lighting. Because lighting is not always predictable, we need to be able to manipulate that lighting to do what we need it to do to capture those moments as best we can for our clients.   Over the 7 years we shot weddings and the now 8 years and counting that we have been taking pictures on a professional level, we have realized that one of the most important tools for controlling light is not all of our fancy off-camera lighting, soft-boxes and speedlights. The most important and used piece of gear for us is a simple reflector and diffuser. This tool is a must-have for our gear bag and allows us to add just the right amount of light to many of our portraits that make them sing. In this 2 part series, we will cover how to get the most out of this key piece of equipment. Today we are going to break down the first 2 of our 4  main ways that we use reflectors to our advantage. The Gear We use one 5 in1 reflector from Westcott Lighting and one Diffusion Panel from Westcott. Even though the 5 in 1 reflector has a diffusion panel inside of it, we don’t want to take the time to take the cover on and... Read More

4 keys to avoiding a HUGE tax bill you can’t pay, PART I

A photographer we know paid her tax bill a few years back and had saved just enough to do so that year. At the beginning of the next year, her “tax adviser” said she should plan on paying the same amount again, which she did trusting that he was giving her good advice. She has a huge increase in business and profits that year and actually tripled her income! Her “tax guy’s” advice she got almost ruined her business. Because she only saved the same amount that she did the previous year, she now owed thousands of dollars she didn’t have and spent the next year trying to clean up that mess. We NEVER want something like that to happen to you. (Disclaimer: This post is about simply covering your butt when it comes to taxes, it is NOT about HOW and WHEN you should pay yourself, cashflow, projections or irregular income scheduling which we cover in other posts. We are not certified financial advisers. All information found on here is for informational, educational or entertainment purposes only and should not be constructed as personal financial advice. Please consult with your own CPA to determine what is best for your own business).  The IRS stated in 2009 that about 8.2 million people owed the IRS 83 billion dollars that year. Pretty much the worst thing that can happen at the end of your year is to realize that you owe the IRS a big bill, and you don’t have the cash! Since we began running our own business back in 2007, we have never been hit with a tax... Read More

The FREE Quick Start Guide to Off-Camera Flash eBook is here!

We just finished writing a new eBook called The Quick-Start Guide to Off-Camera Flash and it is FREE for anyone who is on our email update list! Do you realize that over 23,000 photographers are in that community and you could be one of them? We are committed to making tools that work and help photographers reach their goals and this is just one small gesture to those who are on the inside track with us. Oh, and we have MORE to come very soon :)  You don’t want to miss out. To get the new book, just sign up for our email updates above or click HERE and then you will immediately get the new eBook Quick-Start Guide!   If you guys love this, will you do us a HUGE favor? Share it with those you influence!   Tweet it out by clicking HERE!     Or, copy and paste the below into Facebook and share this with your fans! I just recieved @ZachandJody’s brand new Quick Start Guide to Off-Camera Flash and you can get it for free... Read More

Reception Lighting Basics – Bounce Flash

There is NO greater photography fear than walking into a reception hall and not being sure if you can capture the moments the way you envision them. There are sooo many variables in dark-lit venues that can sometimes be daunting! You have to be able to overcome all sorts of lighting issues like bouncing light off of glass windows, mirrors, dark or heavily colored walls, walls that are so far away you don’t have enough power to reach them. There is a lot to talk about and we are going to cover all of it, and today we will start with the basics. BOUNCE FLASH. Today we are going to keep it simple and build our foundation for shooting the first dance. So, we walk into the reception and here is the scenario (in posts to come we are going to work our way through other scenarios that pose other lighting problems and how to conquer them). We have: – A dance floor with a stage or DJ in corner of the room – Light or white ceilings and white walls – Our super hot couple about to have their first dance What do we do to get great looking images in this scenario using nothing but our bounce flash that is on our camera? 1. We find the best place to shoot from The best vantage point to shoot from in this type of situation is NOT where the crowd of people are standing and watching the first dance. Usually, family friends are standing in a half-moon or U shape around the couple and everyone is facing somewhat... Read More

Helping Others Can Lead to Your Success – Trust Marketing

(Today we have a guest post by photographer, content marketer and all around awesome dude and friend, Lawrence Chan (aka Tofurious)!  Capitalism and business is driven by self-success. However, through content strategy, focusing on the success of others can lead to success for you as well.      First, you must understand your target audience’s fears. What problems do your clients face? What issues keep them up at night? The bigger the problems your clients face, the bigger the opportunityfor you to generate valuable content. Cr       Imagine if you were the solution to their questions. Without motive, you helped them. How do you think they will perceive you? If your content was helpful, they may share it. (rule #3 for trust) If their network of friends thought the content was helpful, you became an authority figure. (rule #4 for trust) Not only do you build trust with readers through helpful advices, but you also open up opportunities to share your portfolio work without being “salesy.” Good content coupled with SEO can increase your exposure rate dramatically. Readers who land on your helpful tips may not need your services immediately, but may keep you in mind for future work. Check out some of the ideas below for the creative industry. If you were a pet owner, mother, bride / groom or senior, would you click on these topics? Pet Photography Target: Pet Owners How to Potty Train Your Pet Dog Tips for Summer Can Dogs or Cats Eat Human Foods? Newborn Photography Target: Moms How to Get My Baby to Sleep Rekindling Sex Life After the Baby Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding? Wedding... Read More

Type Less, Save Time & Make More

  The average worker in America spends 28% of their workweek on email alone. Tim Ferris says that “email is the KILLER of the modern day business” and that “90% of your emails are a complete waste of time.”   A few weeks back we talked about a TOOL that can help you get your inbox down to zero, but the reality is, that you STILL have to type lots of email and lots of text for all kinds of different reasons. So, what solution is there to help speed that up?     For you MAC users out there, this is THE best solution to this problem. TextExpander   This software allows you to create templates for things that you write ALL the time. Like when a bride asks you the same question that 10 others asked, then you can just type a few characters, and then it populates the entire message! You can then tweak it slightly if need be and send it off!   If you want to get time back with your family, or build your business instead of managing it, then getting simple tools like this and learning to use them is critical!   If you enjoyed this post, then share it with a friend!... Read More

Branding Consistency Gets you NOTICED!

(image from ryanmarketing.com) “Often times an ad (or brand) needs to be seen 10-20 times before a customer will actually make a purchase.” -Jay Levinson, Guerrilla Marketing One SIMPLE, yet HUGE mistake that photographers can make when starting their business is to NOT have a consistent brand on EVERYTHING they do. When a prospective client (a bride, as an example) first sees your brand (either on a Google search, at a wedding event, at a wedding venue or on Facebook etc.), she now can start to build in her mind an association with that brand and what it means to her. If, then, she sees that brand somewhere else, but it does NOT have the same consistency, then YOU can lose her trust (or she won’t even remember you!). When a client sees a consistent brand over and over in different places (this can sometimes come from her just clicking around on your site, blog and Facebook), she begins to trust that brand more and more just through the interaction she has with it. When we are inconsistent with our brand, clients don’t know who we are. (Tweet this!) When we are consistent with our brand, we build trust and over time, trust leads to sales. Back in 2008, when our wedding brand was just 1 year old, we met with a high-end wedding planner that we wanted to start working with. The planner said to that she could not wait to meet us because we were “everywhere” and she had to get to know us! Wow! How did we have such a powerful affect on her? We did... Read More

3 Simple Steps to Lighting a late-evening Outdoor First Dance

If you have EVER been freaked out when your couple decides to have their first dance outdoors, RIGHT after the sun is GONE from view, then you are not alone! Today we are going to show you how to EASILY solve that lighting problem to get stunning images like this!     When Bret and Jillian did their first dance, the sun was close to being gone and there were NO lights on them at all. You could see them OK with your naked eye, but the lighting was getting really dull and VERY dark, so we needed to rock out some off-camera lighting to make it look great. Here are the 3 easy steps to take photos JUST like this! (Note: we shoot almost ALL of our flash images on MANUAL so everything is consistent, and so WE are in control of our lights and not the camera).   Step 1. Expose for the ambient light FIRST.   (The above image was taken with none of our off-camera lights firing and a little constant light from the video guy,and you can see just how dark and difficult the lighting we had to work with was. So, here is how we SIMPLY created the final image).    We started by getting a reading of the background’s ambient light with a faster shutter speed (1/160th of a second). Our background happened to have the sky in it, but yours may have trees only or a building or something else. We wanted that background light to be -1 stop under-exposed according to our in-camera meter. (We will explain why the shutter was faster in... Read More

One Essential Tool to help get your inbox to ZERO

Hands down there is NOTHING more irritating or overwhelming than spending half of your day combing through your emails and trying to decide what is important, and what is not! Today is the first step in solving that problem! Tim Ferris wrote in his incredible book The 4 Hour Work Week, that “email is the KILLER of the modern day business!” You don’t want your business to die, do you? ONE of the issues with email is sorting it. Getting through the “junk” or non-important emails so you can focus on the ones that matter first. It is OK if you have time in your day to check non-urgent or non-important emails, but ONLY when you have replied to clients and vendors and then done the important things in your business. Everything else can wait (or better yet, be deleted)! So, the trick is, how do you quickly, easily, and efficiently sort out the stuff that isn’t important?   SANEBOX   What SaneBox does is scan your email and sort it based on people that you ACTUALLY talk to. Anyone that you don’t ever reply to gets sorted out. Friends who ALWAYS put you on the mass emails chain, offers from businesses you signed up for, or people who you trust that SOLD your info to someone else, and now they are emailing you (and the EMAIL list goes on:).   SaneBox takes all of those emails and puts them into a separate folder called SANELATER. IF someone you need to talk to gets into that folder,  you can simply train SaneBox to send it to your inbox.  ... Read More

Protecting your images at destination weddings

 (Washington, DC wedding) We are back with more Q and A and today, we are taking a question from Walter from Walter E Homan Photography!   He asked: “I know my back up process when shooting local weddings, but we have our first destination wedding coming up, so how do you protect the images when your away at destination gigs? Also, we get to spend 2 nights in a nice hotel and I’d like to take my wife out and enjoy the town a little the day after. What do you do with your gear? Just leave it in the room? What do you do with the cards?”   Back it up baby!               When shooting destination weddings, we always bring a back up USB 3 hard drive and do a back up of all the images the night of the wedding in the hotel room. We ONLY take out the SD card from our camera and leave the CF card in the camera. We also make sure that we use a high quality card reader and are careful to not damage the reader or the cables. A damaged card reader or cable is one of the top reasons for a “card failure.”    Back up while you shoot! We shoot with the Canon 5D3 which allows you to shoot with two cards at once and mirror the images. This means that each time you take a picture, the camera can record it in two places. We use the 64 gig Extreme Pro SD card, and the 64 gig Extreme Pro CF card... Read More

How to Effortlessly Make More Money

What is the ONE thing you dread MOST when it comes to being a photographer? It certainly isn’t taking beautiful pictures. It definitely is not looking through those pictures and tweaking your favorites in post. It probably is not SHARING those pictures and having your clients LOVE them. But what about the ONE thing that makes this a business and not a hobby – selling.   Many photographers that we have spoken to over the years absolutely HATE selling. They don’t want to be the Used Car Salesman trying to convince a client to get something they really don’t want. Do you ever feel that way about sales? We have a secret. There is a solution to this problem and it is actually very simple!       Have a simple SYSTEM for sales! By using a sales tool that makes sure that you are only offering your client products and services they WANT to buy, and using a SYSTEM that you follow so you always know EXACTLY what you are doing, clients will always be happy and you will sell and make MORE.     “Effective business systems are the ONLY way to organize & structure a new business that runs smoothly & impresses customers right from the start.” -Ron Carroll, Box Theory Gold         How to do it: Learn from the Best! The number ONE  industry in the world today is the ENTERTAINMENT industry. The reason for that is simple – clients EXPECT great quality (awesome pictures) and great service (you handling the details well), so if our focus is only on that, we will always... Read More

Tuesday Tips & Tricks | WPPI Finder

This week’s tip is all about getting your learn on AND a chance to WIN, BIG! We are headed back, once again to… We have a Platform Class & are doing a bunch of smaller gigs, so below is where you can find us (and Jax!) during the event in Vegas! …BUT before we get to that, in honor of us doing our talk on our IN-CAMERA DVD series (which is currently NOT available in our store) we are doing a giveaway, and you don’t have to be going to WPPI to partake in the fun!   GIVEAWAY   We are giving away the chance to win one of our 4 DVD workshops to whoever tweets the below message (or hits their facebook page)! Each DVD is valued at $249 and YOU could win one by doing the following:   1. Tweet or Facebook “Pre-Register for @ZachandJody Platform Class w/ @rfwppi & enter to win one of their IN-CAMERA DVD’s! http://tinyurl.com/3t4rfju – RT to enter!“ Or just Click HERE to Tweet this message. 2. Add us to YOUR planner if you will be coming out to WPPI in Las Vegas March 3rd – 6th (you don’t have to come to WPPI to enter)! 3.  Wait until Thursday the 27th when we announce the winner, and because we are giving away one of each DVD (4 DVDs total), your chances of winning just went up! OK, so now that we have that out of the way, where can you come and find us, and learn some really cool tools for business, shooting, lighting and more??   #1 Platform Class Wed, Mar... Read More

One Tool that can save you HOURS of editing!

  When you spend your day multi-tasking, like going from building an album, to checking an email, you lose a small amount of productivity as you move between tasks. According to Tim Ferris (4 Hour Workweek), you lose exactly 45 seconds each time you move from one task to another. So about 90 seconds is lost as you move to a task, work on it, then move back. Yikes!! In a typical work day, checking 30 tasks (like email and FB) will lose you about 45 minutes of total productivity. The same applies for EDITING. When you are culling images (like picking the keepers for your clients) or editing, you end up moving your mouse, then pressing buttons on your keyboard with only your left hand. This is unnatural and causes you to take your eyes off the screen, and look down at your keyboard, then look back at the screen which slows down productivity. So, what is the answer to this problem?   So, today we want to introduce you to a simple, yet powerful tool that can literally speed up your post processing times by hours. Introducing the Shuttle Pro V2 I first heard about this tool from Jared Platt, and what is powerful about the Shuttle Pro V2 is it is an ergonomically designed quick control key that you can program to take over simple or complex functions in any program you choose. So for example, instead of pressing “P” to pick an image as a keeper in Lightroom, you can simply press a button that is in an easily muscle memorized location on the Shuttle. This allows you to... Read More

Friday Finds | Shoot & Sell

    ! Welcome to this week’s Friday Finds..REVISITED! Introducing; Shoot and Sell. (The name says it all)   How would you feel about adding $500 to each and every session you shoot by doing a very small amount of work? How valuable would it be to you to simply offer your clients something that they might purchase and have a high chance that they will each time you do? One of the toughest things you face when starting out shooting weddings or portraits, is how to sell products to your clients AFTER you shoot their gig. If you can’t afford a studio space (which is tough for most photogs) and you don’t want to meet in your home, then selling after the shoot can be super hard. We always say that you “sell what you show” and you have to find a way to help your clients visualize what their home could look like if YOUR images were hanging on their walls. If you don’t show it, chances are they will never buy it. Well, the problem is solved with this simple app!! With this app, you can take images that you actually shot from their session, and put them to scale on THEIR walls! How cool is that? You can have them send a pic of their space, or better yet, do a consult with them at their home and snap a pic of their actual wall, then put THEIR images on the wall space at actual scaled sizes! You can also put their images on a wall that looks similar to one they have with the pre-built... Read More

Friday Finds | 2 Blokes Designs

“We are taking time off awaiting baby Gray, but have put together our favorite Friday Finds from the last year for us all to review!”  Welcome to this week’s Friday Find..REVISITED! Friday Finds are ALL about us finding great new software, social media tools, gadgets, gear and companies that can help your photography business be better, look slicker, run faster and be more competitive in the market place. For those of you who are looking to have a professional website and have no idea where to start, today’s find is for you!   We would like to introduce to you 2 Blokes Design! We had the privilege of spending of a few days on the road getting to know Jason, one of the co-founders of 2 Blokes Design. He’s a super kind, genuine guy and has a great heart for people. 2 Blokes fully comprises of Jason, his business partner, Dillon and their support team, their lovely wives Shelby and Emily (the 2 Blokes cheering squad :).   What Makes 2 Blokes Design Special: – Jason can beat anyone in a freckle count challenge – Dillon has challenge Jason many times, but has been met with failure on each account – You can have a custom website designed in one day! Click the link for more information on their One Day Process – They specialize in Showit websites – Their business is built around serving and community (Jason and his Wife will be heading overseas for 3 months to serve at a non-profit coffee shop. Read more on their story here) – So much more that you’ll have to... Read More

Reclaim Your Life FREE Webinar!

To kick off the final week of #RECLAIMYOURLIFE this month, we are holding a FREE Reclaim Your Life video webinar so you can learn how to spend less time on the things you don’t love and more time on the things that you do!   Join us Monday, September 30th at noon CT! Register for the webinar here to ensure your spot, because space is limited. If you have registered, you’re going to learn practical steps on how we have been able to streamline tasks that can steal our time away from things or people who really matter. You soon will be on your way to having a business that frees up your life and doesn’t steal from it. We can’t wait to see you all!         P.S. Already registered? Feel free to invite a friend. Click here to share the goodness on Twitter. Or just copy/paste the below into your favorite social network: “Just signed up for @ZachandJody’s FREE #RECLAIMYOURLIFE webinar! Join me http://bit.ly/RYLwebinar” See you... Read More

FREEBIE During Reclaim your Life Month (week 2)

Happy Tuesday, friend! Welcome to week #2 of …   It has been great seeing everyone take up the #RECLAIMYOURLIFE challenge and post your photos and share what you are going to reclaim! (If you missed the challenge, view last week’s newsletter here and take part!). This week we want to focus on a key part in reclaiming your life and we even have a FREEBEE for you!     The key to Reclaiming Your Life is SYSTEMS! W. Edwards Demming from his book Total Quality Management says, “If you can’t describe what you’re doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.”       When we create SIMPLE systems to follow in our business, it FREES us from it! Why? Because a SYSTEM is fixed and consistent. We know exactly what to do, how long it takes to do it and therefore we don’t waste time! It’s all about efficiency. Imagine if you could take your client inquiries (client emails you, you email back, you answer some questions, you try to set up a meeting, you hope to book them at that meeting and on it goes), and simplify that entire process into a set of systems that allow you to spend HALF the time doing it? One Solution to streamline this process: instead of writing the emails every time, have the emails pre-written so you can simply change a few personal details and then send the email on. Now, that you have made a system, you won’t be wasting as much time composing emails, and you now can take the time you saved and do something... Read More


Happy September!!! In case you haven’t heard, this month is…   In honor of this month’s theme, we will be sending out weekly tips  in our newsletter (sign up here!) on how to contain & control your business so you can be free to LIVE THE LIFE you want to have! How many times do you make any of these statements to yourself?      – I wish I had more hours in the day      – I wish I could spend more time with my kids      – I wish my spouse would never have to ask me if I’m done working for the day so they can spend more time with me I wish…               I wish…                             I wish… During our photography career we have been in 1 of 3 places:       #1. Wishing we had clients so we could get paid to do our art       #2. Having lots of clients and wishing we could have our lives back because our business stole it       #3. Having a great business AND being able to focus on other things in life that are important (this is the good one!) Which of those 3 places are you currently living in? More importantly then that question is, HOW do we get to the place where we are no longer WISHing and actually LIVing how we want? We are going to be spending the next 3 weeks sharing with YOU the things we do in our day-to-day business that speeds up slow processes so we all can have an INCREDIBLE work-flow that is fast and efficient which then FREES us to... Read More

Friday Fun | A Home Built For 3

Jody and I decided about 3 months ago to sell our house and build (to read more about how it happened, CLICK HERE), and are excited to share some updates! Just 2 weeks ago, we were just getting the permits re-approved for our foundation adjustments and went out to the house with some friends and snapped this shot. This is us standing in the garage with some of the foundation in the background. Then, the framing crew came in and as we went out to the house yesterday to have a little date night and fly our paper airplanes, we took this below image. I never thought I would call a framing crew “artists” but after reading Seth Godin’s book The Icarus Deception, I realized what a narrow view of art I really had. When you start with a blank slate and are looking through plans and trying to make changes to accommodate what you want in a home, you start to see what a true art building something like this really is. And all of us are working towards building something. Whether it be a family, a house, a portfolio or a great business. The key thing is to realize: 1. That we are all artists no matter what we are trying to create (and it is important for us to know that truth) 2. Art is important for the world.  We need to be out creating something that others can enjoy and find life in. It seems like the guys that build our house are just going from home to home and doing the same old thing... Read More

Tuesday Tips & Tricks – $4 Latte’s

When you get into any new pursuit, there is usually the feeling when you first start that you are second class and not as good as someone else. In the art world, that feeling can stick around longer than it should, and if it goes unchecked, can cripple your chance of succeeding. HOW YOU FEEL MATTERS Do you feel your images are not good enough to charge what you need to charge to survive? Do you feel like other photographers can’t see you as a first shooter and always see you as a “second shooter?” Do you wish your clients valued your work as much as you do? There is a stigma in this industry that you need to “pay your dues” and if you haven’t been shooting for 5 or 10 years you can’t possibly know what your doing or have a real business. That is simply not true! When we started out, we wanted to get praised by other photographers and feel the art we were creating and the business we were running was “approved” by those who were in our city shooting longer than we had. That was a major mistake. The only person that matters when it comes to approval in a business is the client you are serving. Your job is to give them an amazing experience and make their dreams come true, and not make other photographers think you are awesome and look to them for validation. THE SCENARIO: If you wanted to open your own Starbucks store, because you were passionate about coffee, you would buy into the franchise (Starbucks does not... Read More

We are off the grid

With our new baby growing, us selling our house and building a new one, and the dire need to spend some time together, we are going off the grid for a few weeks!   We will be updating some happenings on Instagram and Twitter (follow us at @zachgray and @jodygray), but all blogs will cease until mid-July. When we come back, we have some BIG news of our latest project that we have been slaving over for literally MONTHS! We can’t wait to share it with you all and chat with many of you soon!!... Read More

Bret & Jillian | An Alabama Wedding Part I

We are about to take a month off and thought we would entertain you with our last wedding while we’re having some good ‘ol R&R! Even though we’re taking a sabbatical this year (if you missed the news, make sure to read Announcement #2 on this blog post), we couldn’t resist this sweet couple who we actually met with two years about shooting their wedding.   We know everyone says it about every couple, but Bret & Jillian are THE sweetest and most excited couple and there was no way we could say no! They were a dream to work with and their day was just the most even paced and loving event we have had the privilege to shoot.  We decided to blast you all with images from their charming Alabama wedding :) A big thanks to Matt Britton for 2nd shooting at this wedding! Enjoy Part 1 Aren’t these bouquets the coolest?? We’d like to introduce to you, Mumford and Sons II  ;o) One of the most precious first looks, ever.. :) Yes, Jillian is snapping Bret’s suspenders… lol We loved all the available areas right around there that we could go and shoot! Yup, most adorable couple ever.   Ah, so precious. As you can see, these two are adorable.  We’re so glad that we were able to capture their... Read More