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For the next 4 weeks we will be answering your TOP questions here every single Tuesday!

-Working as a Team-

David Whikehart from Asked:

“My wife and I work as a team – as you do. I’d be interested to know how you divide up your workload at a wedding. This can sometimes be a source of friction between my wife and I.”

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Tips & Tricks REVISITED! We photographed new recording Artist Lainey Wright awhile back and are stoked to share not only the images with you, but some behind the scenes shots and set ups as well! Check out the shoot!

We started off shooting in the amazing Westlight Studio in Franklin, TN which has some awesome set-ups and gear for any type of photo and even some video work! Check them out if you’re interested in a rental and tell them we sent you.

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Today’s Photography Tips and Tricks REVISITED is about something that is actually very simple to do, and adds lots of depth to our compositions and is also fun to experiment with! Layering Compositions.

Any time that you can take an image from having 2 layers (which is common in most images) and add another layer, the composition becomes much more 3 dimensional and adds impact. Many images are simply a subject and a background like this shot.
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Today we are going to talk about how to get lens flare! Lens flare is my (Jody) FAVORITE to shoot! Getting great flare can be a little tricky and take a bit of practice and tweaking, so we will share some tips that will give you the best opportunities for success to get awesome flarey goodness :)
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Friday Finds | Color Calibration

by Zach on January 24, 2014, posted in Friday Finds

The Spyder 4 Elite is what we use to calibrate all of our monitors in our studio to ensure that what we see on the screen, is what we will get back in print. Calibrating your monitor is an absolute necessity if you want to make sure your bride and groom’s faces don’t end up orange in their album. :)

The Spyder 4 Elite is really versatile and can tweak any monitor you have including your laptop, your iPhone or even the flat screen TV you use for showcasing images to your clients at in-home sales sessions! All you do is download the software, place the Spyder over your screen, and it shoots out and array of colors and contrast settings and then reads it, tweaks it and streamlines your color, brightness and contrast. It is amazing! If you have never calibrated your monitor, when you first do this, it can freak you out since everything might look way different. But just remember, it always looked that way, you just didn’t realize it. :)

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to color calibration and editing:

  • Laptops screens for the most part can never really be calibrated as they are not able to accurately show colors, contrast ratios and are not designed for editing. They also can shift their color in a matter of days or weeks and need to constantly be re-calibrated just to be in the ballpark (and many can’t even be adjusted to any real accuracy at all). If you are in the habit of heading to your favorite coffee shop with your laptop to adjust color and tweak and edit images, chances are your printed images will be all over the place. 
  • Make sure you edit in similar lighting conditions without too much ambient light in the room for consistency. If orange light hits your screen from the room lights, you may end up reducing orange, but in reality you only thought you needed to and then your clients look like vampires (which is pretty popular these days, so maybe it will work out for the best). :)  
  • Get a real editing monitor as that tool is just as important as your camera and lenses. We use the Dell U2410 which is designed for editing and is a really great monitor for the price. 
Get your color rockin and pick up a Spyder today!