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3 ways to shoot at sunset with natural light – part 1

by Zach on September 18, 2014, posted in Uncategorized

This is a 3 part series and parts 2 and 3 will come out next Tuesday and Thursday respectively! :)

 Natural light, at just the right time of day or in the right circumstances can be a thing of beauty. Today, we want to talk about 3 key ways that we use natural light during sunset in order to get 3 completely different looks. Variety is important to you as an artist to keep your work fresh, and it gives your clients great choices which can help lead to more sales.


Set-Up #1 – Backlit Diffusion



The image above were shot at about 45 minutes prior to the sun-setting. When the sun is still a little high in the sky, we tend to use this method we will talk about today as our first option. There are the 3 key things we do in order to make the light soft and have the sutble “glow” to it that you see here. When you follow these steps, you will get really stunning lighting on your images that your clients will LOVE!

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Do you ever pull images into Lightroom or Photoshop and decide to make a black and white image of one of your shots, and when you do, it just seems to lack a little life and vibrance? When we first starting shooting, I would always feel like my black and white images lacked something, that little bit of extra POP that would make them come alive.

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Creative Portraiture| Andy Davis, Part II

by Zach on August 14, 2014, posted in Photo Tips & Tricks

Welcome to Part II of the Andy Davis creative portraiture shoot!  If you want to read up on part 1, you can do that HERE.

This is the first shoot featured on our brand new, about to release In the Raw video teaching series. For those of you who may have missed what In the Raw is, it’s where I (Zach), bring you along to creative shoots I have and I share how I execute the shoot from all aspects including gear, client interaction, lighting, editing and more. These shoots are rough and raw and I’m excited to share them!

This video series does not kick off until Tuesday, August 19th so in the meantime, enjoy Part II of Andy’s shoot!

Today we are going to break down one of the crazier shots that I did for this shoot.



This image, believe it or not, was shot this way in the camera using what is called a “ground glass” technique. Ground glass is the glass that you looked through on old Twin Lens Reflex style cameras (and many others). [click to continue…]


Creative Portraiture | Andy Davis, Part I

by Zach on August 12, 2014, posted in Photo Tips & Tricks

We are starting a new video teaching series for you guys called In the RAW!

This series is brought to you by Zach where he brings you along to creative shoots he has and you get to learn how he executes the shoot from all aspects including gear, client interaction, lighting, editing and more.

This video series does not kick off until Tuesday, August 19th so in the meantime, we wanted to share with you the first shoot that will be featured in this series.


- Zach & Jody

PS. Let us know by your comments if you are diggin’ the content and videos (yup, we said videos! Stay tuned for more info). If you love it then we’ll keep them coming!

In the Raw

Andy Davis | Artist Shoot, Part I


Over this In the Raw 2-part series, I am going to break down some of the studio and on-location set-ups for my shoot with musician Andy Davis who plays guitar for The Band Perry. Andy asked me to shoot his upcoming album release images and I was excited to work on something creative and fun with him, and here are the results and breakdowns of parts of the shoot! [click to continue…]

We just wrapped up our FREE wedding webinar and had over 934 attending the live event! For those of you that could not get in or could’t make the event, we have the replay for you to watch it which will be here for the next 48 hours!


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