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The fall season is upon us and there is one thing that stinks about this time of year – business can get slow for LOTS of photographers out there! But, business being slow can be a blessing in disguise, and we are going to show what you should think about doing in the off-season and start planning it NOW!


Why an intro video COULD book you more clients, and better clients come Christmas.

We all know that right around and right after Christmas lots of couple’s get engaged, lots of people want family photos done and people are willing to start planning out the new year in style. This is your opportunity to showcase your brand and excite your clients about the experience that you can offer them. One of the BEST ways to do that is with an Intro Video on your website, and here are the 5 keys that you need to for a successful intro video!

1. Showcase Their Emotion


Just like you would tell an engaging story at the booking meeting with a client, you want to draw out the emotional side of what you do. You want to show in this video that you are real people who care deeply about your clients and the story you get to tell for them. Showcase your clients laughing, some tears, some sort of great, genuine emotion with a focus on your couples (or families or whoever you shoot).

2. Showcase YOU

View More:   As important as it is to show potential clients what it is like to have their images taken, people will begin to trust you when they get to know YOU. (TWEET THIS OUT!)

Show them some of you, some of the things you like, something personal, and be genuine. People trust people, so don’t make it about being too cool (unless that is your brand), or too distant.

3. Showcase your Position

If you don’t have a position yet, then think about creating one (read more about that HERE). But if you have a niche, a specific type of weddings or seniors or families that you shoot, then showcase that to draw in your potential client. Think “Estate and Vineyard Photographer” or “tattooed Brides” or “Girls Only Senior Sessions” and if you have a unique position for your market, then talk about it and showcase it in the video!

4. Hire a Pro

When getting a video done, trust us, you can do it cheaply! We used to have a 30 second promo video that we shot on a Flip Cam (remember those things?) and guess what? It worked at the tiem! But, we still recommend having a pro shoot the video for you because if there is one place to invest $$$$ into your business, it is the brand. Perception is not reality, it is the ONLY reality (as Jack Trout says) and we want to give a good representation of what our brand is all about by keeping it pro.

5. Short & Sweet

The average website only gets 42 seconds of air time, so the key is to QUICKLY draw in the client with something different (the video), keep it SHORT (about 30-45 seconds) and have it done well so it is engaging to the viewer to give them a reason to look at more of your site.

Check out this example intro trailer from the amazing Amy & Jordan Demos who are taking Arizona over by storm with their powerful brand! The video is simple, professional, engaging, emotional and short. Everything you need for a great video that helps get you booked!


Screenshot 2014-10-22 13.09.14


- Think about what makes you and the experience you offer your clients unique

- Research and hire video team (or barter!) that can create your intro video (or spruce up your old one) and make one (or make a new one if your old one needs an update) during the coming slow season.

- Get one of your old clients that love you (or do a casting call!) and go out on a shoot with the video team and your clients. Write a short script of what you want in the video, shoot it and get the edit done! Then, add an auto video player to the intro of your site so that the FIRST thing people see is this video and YOU.


PS. Are you excited to get an intro video made and have a better chance of booking more of the right kind of clients next year? Leave a comment below and tell us about it!


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How to Make $400,000 in your photo business!

by Zach & Jody on September 19, 2014, posted in Uncategorized

Do you want to have a business that rocks like one of the following photographers?


Luke & Cat

Have grossed 1 million dollars over the past 3 years

luke and cat new

Luke and Cat were in the family business of cattle farming in Texas when they got the bug to start their own business and shoot weddings. They read blogs and worked their circle of friends and after 1 full year in business had grossed just $9,000 after shooting as many weddings. Once they took out taxes and expenses they were making around $150 per wedding!

They felt defeated.

They either had to change something or give up.

They did something incredible and over the next 3 years they grossed 1 MILLION dollars and will hit close to $400,000 this year alone!

So what changed? What was the catalyst for their success?

A Business Jump-Start

Luke and Cat came and spent $3,500 on a personal coaching session with us at the end of 2011 when things looked bleak. We poured our heart and soul into them and worked with them to get their business on track. They took what they learned that day and went home, did the hard work, and implemented everything with some spice of their own and blew their business up!

If you want to learn the same information that we shared with Luke & Cat at a fraction of the price, and take your business forward, then don’t hesitate, don’t put it off, don’t be the one that thought “maybe next year” and miss out on getting your business working now!

We have 8 seats left for our 2014 Business and Marketing workshop that is going to be at our house here in Franklin, TN on October 28th. This workshop has changed the lives of attendees many times over and you can be one of them.

It won’t cost you $3,500 to get this same knowledge, it will only cost 3 payments of $217 over 3 months!

Book your seat!


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(Oh, and by the way, Luke and Cat will be coming in to this coaching session via webcast to teach you more about how they have made their business grow!)

Amy & Jordan

Tripled their prices, doubled their bookings, & Cut their editing time in half


Jordan and Amy Demos were just starting out with their wedding business when we met them at a speaking event on business & marketing that we were doing in Phoenix. After they heard us teach that night, Amy attended our natural-light workshop and devoured our business & marketing teaching resources we had available.

This is the result:

“Zach and Jody’s workshop was the best investment we’ve ever made in our business. Since their workshop, our growth has been absolutely explosive both in-camera and in business. We can’t recommend it highly enough. Since taking the workshop in 2012, we’ve doubled our prices, tripled our bookings and cut our editing time in half!”

They have turned their brand into one of the fastest and most visible brands (yes, even their work has been featured in People Magazine – so cool!) and are now starting to teach photographers all over the country the things they have learned!

This is what investing in your business can do.

This can be you. You can be the next photographer who decides to make their business do something great and move forward. Or, maybe you just want to shoot better pictures and spend more time with your family.

Either way, 3 payments of $217 is worth it. 

We only have 1 spot left to attend our Natural-Light Workshop on October 26th. If you know you should be there, then this is your chance.

Take a look at some of Jordan and Amy’s stunning natural light images!

Screenshot 2014-09-16 09.12.27

Screenshot 2014-09-16 09.12.52

Screenshot 2014-09-16 09.12.54

Screenshot 2014-09-16 09.12.48

View More:


Yes, Amy and Jordan even shot our family photos!! We are now good buds with these guys and love being with the both of them! They made a trip out to Nashville earlier this year and they rocked this session for us! :)

If you want to be able to capture images like these, then this is your chance to learn! IN-CAMERA: Shooting is only 3 payments over 3 months of just $217 to be with us LIVE in-person and get $600 of bonuses included!

Book your seat


Want to pay in full? Click the below button!


Allison Davis

Is able to shoot in any lighting situation and be more creative with her art.

Screenshot 2014-09-16 08.55.39

When Allison Davis attended all 3 days of workshops, she came in ready to learn and ready to figure out the methods for creating stunning images in any lighting situation. She learned that and more and this is what she had to say about her time with us.

“When I attended Zach and Jody’s 3 days of workshops I was intrigued by the premise of ‘getting it right’ in the camera. I was tired of living my life in front of my computer and since I am mostly self-taught, I knew this was a great opportunity to learn some things like nailing exposure, white balance and more. The hands-on experience was invaluable to me and the knowledge I received has opened up doors for me to shoot in any lighting situation and be more creative with my art!”

Take a look at some of Allison’s incredible images she shot in-camera with NO retouching and barely any editing!

Screenshot 2014-09-16 08.19.15

Screenshot 2014-09-16 08.19.22

If you want to be able to fast-track your lighting and shoot stunning images in the camera in any lighting situation, then learning from a us first-hand is the best way to do it.

We have seen so many incredible stories, testimonies and businesses turn around after these workshops that this post is just the tip of the iceberg.

Don’t wait, as this might be one of the few chances you have to come and spend this time learning with us in-person. We are dedicated to YOU for that day and to seeing you succeed. The bonuses alone that we are giving to you are worth the price of the coaching session, and we know those tools will help you way beyond the day itself.

If you are ready to make your images work all the time, then do not miss this chance! It is only 3 payments over 3 months of $217 to come out to IN-CAMERA: Light, and we can’t wait to see you there!




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1 simple trick to making awesome flash images

by Zach & Jody on September 11, 2014, posted in Uncategorized


(Image that was set-up and shot at a real wedding within 60 seconds using today’s technique)


If you’re looking for the secret to making your off-camera lighting shots look exactly the way you want  – we’ve got the answer in two words:

Lighting Ratios

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