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FREE Wedding Webinar!

by Zach & Jody on July 28, 2014, posted in Photo Tips & Tricks

If you want to be a wedding photographer or are ready to get your new business moving forward, then we have a unique treat for you. We are hosting a Wedding Webinar in conjuction with Sandisk!



The details:

Date – Wednesday August 6th from 10-11am PST (noon central time).

main shot


You’ll learn:

• The Dos and Don’ts of shooting the event
• How to set yourself apart from the competition
• Where to find clients and how to convert them to customers
• How to create a great product and make a great living

What you Get:

 • We are giving away our brand new Essentials eBook to everyone that pre-registers AND attends the event!

  • We are doing a live Q and A at the end of the webinar so you can get YOUR questions answered! 

 • All attendees will receive a special 15% off SanDisk E-store discount coupon. Make sure to add the event to your calendar and show up to get your coupon!

Space is Limited!

There is room for exactly 1,000 photographers at this webinar, and because Sandisk already announced this in their email update, there is already over 600 photographers signed up! So, if you want a spot, DO NOT WAIT! :)





On Monday, we went through Part 1 of this post, so if you missed it and need to get caught up, check it out HERE.

Method 3. Using Natural Reflectors

One of our favorite reflectors to use are natural ones. As we walk into a shoot or are scouting locations, we try to find places where light is reflecting back to give us a great look on our shots. 0053 [click to continue…]

When out shooting a wedding or a portrait session, you don’t have control on what type of lighting you have to deal with that day. It might be sunny, cloudy or even rainy. Regardless, our clients still expect great images and the best way to set the stage for a great image to happen is with great lighting. Because lighting is not always predictable, we need to be able to manipulate that lighting to do what we need it to do to capture those moments as best we can for our clients. golden hour   Over the 7 years we shot weddings and the now 8 years and counting that we have been taking pictures on a professional level, we have realized that one of the most important tools for controlling light is not all of our fancy off-camera lighting, soft-boxes and speedlights. The most important and used piece of gear for us is a simple reflector and diffuser. This tool is a must-have for our gear bag and allows us to add just the right amount of light to many of our portraits that make them sing. In this 2 part series, we will cover how to get the most out of this key piece of equipment. Today we are going to break down the first 2 of our 4  main ways that we use reflectors to our advantage.

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Let’s get one thing straight… Brides KNOW other brides, and many times they are standing right next to her on the wedding day. You need your current client referring you to ALL of her friends that are potential clients. But how in the world do you get her to do that? The answer is extremely simple.

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A photographer we know paid her tax bill a few years back and had saved just enough to do so that year. At the beginning of the next year, her “tax adviser” said she should plan on paying the same amount again, which she did trusting that he was giving her good advice. She has a huge increase in business and profits that year and actually tripled her income! Her “tax guy’s” advice she got almost ruined her business. Because she only saved the same amount that she did the previous year, she now owed thousands of dollars she didn’t have and spent the next year trying to clean up that mess. We NEVER want something like that to happen to you.

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