Ready to GROW your business? This is coming!

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” -Colin Powell  For 3 years now we have worked on a single, focused dream… …to figure out a simple way to do the hardest thing there is in business. Manage and Grow it. We started with an idea: What if we could create software that allowed you to follow a PROVEN pathway to success in your photography business? What if it managed your business so well and so easily that all you had to do in order to take care of ALL of your clients, contracts, tasks and to-dos was simply click a few buttons every day? What if it only cost you a $1 a day to have this system, but easily paid you 10 times that in new business and growth in your bottom line every year? After our business started to work in 2008 (when we had 33 weddings booked and were making a 6-figure income), we turned our attention to other photographers that we wanted to help have the same success. Our Dream was to share the system we used to grow our brand with as many people as we could, and we set out on a MISSION to make it happen. We created videos, taught keynotes, did workshops and consulted one-on-one with literally thousands of photographers all around the world. Then, we finally realized what that natural next step was to take the best system in the world and HAND it over to photographers.   ShootFlow 2.0 is Opening Soon! That dream is now turned into a reality, and the brand new, all updated version of ShootFlow is coming March 12th! ShootFlow is the ONLY photographer... Read More

2016 could have been so much better…

“I didn’t make the money I wanted to make.” “I can’t seem to get enough clients to stay busy.” “I didn’t get enough referrals to hit my goals.” “I need some ideas to help make 2017 better than last year.” This is the kind of things we have heard about 2016. But 2017 does NOT have to be the same as last year. We are excited about 2017 and want YOU to be excited right along with us! We know that business is not getting easier, and all of us need some quick wins and some good ideas to get our businesses moving forward in 2017. (Stick around until the end because we have something really cool for you) How to Make 2017 Better Than Last Year In order to build the business you have always wanted, we believe that there are 6 key areas to focus on. If you will do the work NOW in this slow season and get yourself ready, you can start booking and make this year the best one ever. 1. Vision Without a vision, the people parish. Without clients knowing what YOUR vision is, they have no reason to book you versus the next photographer. It is critical for you to craft your vision, your purpose, so you know WHY you do what you do. When you know WHY you do what you do, it is much easier to understand WHAT to do next. Then, you need to communicate that vision to your customers. What sounds better to you… “Sleep on some guys couch because he’s not using it.” Or Our vision is... Read More

3 Key Tips for Building Social Media Engagement

“The goal of social media is to turn customers into a volunteer marketing army.” -Jay Baer   Social media is a great supplementary tool for your marketing plan in your business. It should never be the first place you look to build your brand, as you should always focus on building personal relationships first. Even though social media marketing is not THE most important part of your business, it does have an integral role, and today we want to share 3 key tips to get people engage with your more!   Key #1 – Talk about things that are interesting   (This Instagram got more attention because my (Zach), audience (photographers), like the unique use of lighting and posing, and reacted strongly to it… not to mention the adorable kid in the shot ;) Realize that unless you are a celebrity, that no one really cares what you ate for breakfast, and definitely don’t want to see a picture of it on Twitter. Think about your audience and WHO you are trying to speak to, and then create content that THEY care about. (Click to Tweet this out!) Examples:  If you are a wedding photographer, then you can use Facebook to create a private group just for your brides where they can all connect, talk about their recent weddings and planning, and you can give ideas to them as well because you have a ton of experience with weddings. They will have the things Seth Godin talks about in his book Tribes (a tribe is a community with something in common, a way to talk to each other, and a way to... Read More

Cyber Monday is here! Save 60% on Workshops and Courses!

We have massive savings in our storefront and we don’t want you to miss this opportunity to get one of our available tools for 60% off that can change your business forever that is 100% guaranteed! Visit the storefront now! The Hottest Selling Items: Buy The Store If you want to have a thriving business that gives you a great income and every tool you need to shoot incredible images, then you need this bundle. It will give you everything you need to know to take your shooting & business to the next level. Includes: The Complete Wedding Course ($500 value) The 6-Figure Business Course ($500 value) IN-CAMERA: Light ($249 value) IN-CAMERA: Natural Light ($249 value) Lighting Fast Post-Production ($249 value) Reception Lighting Made Easy ($249 value) Harvest Business Workshop Studio Lighting Made Easy ($249 value)  Save 70% off the regular price of $2,495 and get all of this for just $849! BONUS! Includes a 90 day FREE trial of ShootFlow, The Proven Workflow Solution! ($87 value) Grab the bundle now! The Complete Wedding Course (NEW!) The Complete Wedding Course is almost here (early spring 2017)! Follow us along on an entire REAL wedding shot LIVE in Nashville, TN! Walk with us in incredible HD footage as we guide you through our entire approach to photographing amazing images no matter what type of wedding day you are dealt. BONUS! Includes a 90 day FREE trial of ShootFlow, The Proven Workflow Solution! This Complete Wedding Course will cover: All aspects of the wedding day (getting ready, portraits, ceremony, reception, lighting, locations, posing, cameras and lenses and more) Interaction with their clients to get the best images possible Controlling the wedding day schedule to... Read More

1 easy idea to get your current clients to refer you more often

  (Image from the Complete Wedding Course by Zach & Jody) Let’s get one thing straight… Brides KNOW other brides, and many times they are standing right next to her on the wedding day. You need your current client referring you to ALL of her friends that are potential clients. But how in the world do you get her to do that? The answer is extremely simple. “Give your clients a reason to talk about you, then give them the tool they need to share you in an effective way.”  – Jody Gray (tweet this out!)    My wife is one smart cookie. She realized very early on in our business that we only needed to figure out how to get our first few clients when we started our business. After that, we needed the top clients, the best ones, to send us ALL of their friends. If we could get them to do that, we would quickly have a business full of amazing clients that we wanted to work with. Sound easy? It is!  Sort of.   A Reason To Talk It all starts with giving your client an exceptional experience that they can’t help but talk about! Seth Godin said in his amazing book The Purple Cow, “Are you making really good stuff in your business? If so, how fast can you stop!” What he meant was that it is not nearly good enough offer really good service or really good products in today’s business. You need to instead offer something great, and great is usually something unique or different. It is unique, in the photography industry,  to offer... Read More

Adding impact and drama to your images by layering shots

Today’s post is about something that is actually very simple to do, and adds lots of depth to our compositions and is also fun to experiment with! Layering compositions. Any time that you can take an image from having 2 layers (which is common in most images) and add another layer, the composition becomes much more 3 dimensional and adds impact. Many images are simply a subject and a background like this shot. But if we can find a way to add another layer to the composition, then we can add impact and drama to the shot and many times further pull ourselves out of the shot and make it more about the client.   The next image below is a nice moment of the groom smiling after seeing the bride for the first time. Simple shot with the couple in the foreground and a simple background.   But this below images is sooo much more dramatic! When Jody captured this, she saw these tree branches and quickly jumped behind them and framed the couple in-between a clearing. The images seems much more emotional and it appears as though we are peering in on the moment. This last example is an image we shot WAY back in 2008 after shooting for just about a year. We were shooting the groomsmen with some cool blue skies doing our off-camera lighting. We lined them up, stuck them in the frame and shot it. But it seemed to not have the impact I was going for, so we re-framed the image to what you see below… In the final shot, we simply... Read More

How to use an incentive to book more shoots

When we were shooting weddings, we had a 95% close rate when someone sat down to meet with us about their wedding day. This wasn’t luck and wasn’t because we are the best wedding photographers. It was because we know why people buy, and made sure to give people what they wanted. Today we want to teach you one of the tools we used so you can start to get the same results. The Why of Buy  People show up when there is a sale, people buy cars when the dealer throws in a set of tires, and when what you want might be gone tomorrow, people buy because of scarcity because no one wants to miss out. We know that people buy when they see value, when there is scarcity, when they feel safe, and when they are incentivize.  So how can we use these facts to help give our clients what they want and help us close more deals? Simple, INCENTIVIZE! (Click here to Tweet this out!)   When a client comes in and sits down with you to decide whether or not they are going to book you, there sometimes comes a moment right after you “close” (ask them if they are ready to book you), that they hesitate. This hesitation is what I call “riding the fence.” They didn’t say no to you, and they didn’t say yes. They are right on the fence and just need a little, soft push from you to fall on your side. In these situations, we always have an Ace in our pocket (an incentive). We would use an... Read More

3 ways to shoot at sunset | Part 3

(This is a 3 part series, and you can access part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE for further images, diagrams and info!)  In part 1, we talked through shooting backlit as the sun is still a little high in the sky and how to get that “glow” on your images that all portrait shooters love. In part 2, we talked about adding contrast to your images by using the just-setting sun directly to get a completely different look. Now, here in part 3, we are going to cover shooting with highly reduced contrast as the sun finally goes down. The image above was shot AFTER the sun had completely set. This is a great time to shoot because the sun itself is not a source of light that we have to deal with, but rather the sky (that the set sun is still lighting up). The sky is now one HUGE soft-box that creates really soft light that has reduced contrast due to its large size in comparison to our subjects. As you can see in the final images, the shots are soft, slightly flat, and have a very low contrast ratio from highlight to dark. This time of day looks best with clear to partly cloudy skies so that the sun can bounce off the sky and send light our way. If we have an overcast day, then this timeframe for shooting can look really dreary and dark without some sort of additional lighting or lighting modifiers. The great thing about shooting in this light, is there is not much instruction needed for HOW to do it,... Read More

3 ways to shoot at sunset with natural light | Part 2

(For part 1 in this series, click HERE)  After the sun starts to just dip into the horizon, but BEFORE it is completely hidden from view, we like to create some photos that have more contrast and depth versus the ones we did in part 1 of this series. Here are the simple steps to do this. Step 1. Short Light the Ladies We will position our ladies so that the sun is coming in just over their shoulder in order to create a very flattering lighting effect on their body, and also give the image depth and dimension. The guys can be placed with the light hitting them a little more straight on, but then the key here is to position the camera so that the lighting is coming from the right (or left) side of us like in the image above. This allows the camera to see the highlights and shadows that the light is creating. If we just walked over and put the sun to our back, then the image would come out flat and because there is still a bit of direct sun coming at them, it would be pretty unflattering. Step 2. Use Open Sky for Fill If you place your subjects in the exact same way as we did here, but to camera left had a big dark building or a bunch of dense trees, then you would not have much detail on the shadow side of the body. We prefer to have some details on the shadow side, so we use the open sky to camera left in order to create fill-light... Read More

3 ways to shoot at sunset with natural light | Part 1

This is a 3 part series and parts 2 and 3 will come out this Thursday  and next Tuesday respectively! :)  Natural light, at just the right time of day or in the right circumstances can be a thing of beauty. Today, we want to talk about 3 key ways that we use natural light during sunset in order to get 3 completely different looks. Variety is important to you as an artist to keep your work fresh, and it gives your clients great choices which can help lead to more sales.   Set-Up #1 – Backlit Diffusion   The image above was shot at about 45 minutes prior to the sun-setting. When the sun is still a little high in the sky, we tend to use this method we will talk about today as our first option. There are the 3 key things we do in order to make the light soft and have the subtle “glow” to it that you see here. When you follow these steps, you will get really stunning lighting on your images that your clients will LOVE! Step 1. Find Natural Diffusion  First, we find something to take the sun (which is still a little bit up in the sky) and diffuse it, but NOT block it completely. Then, we put their backs to the sun so the light creates a nice halo effect around them. We live in TN and we have LOTS of trees here, so we try and find one with some colored leaves on it that can tone down the power of the light and give us that glow and vibrant... Read More

8 Ways to Master Tack-Sharp Group Portraits | Amy & Jordan

Do you ever take a photo of a large group of people that you love, only to get home, zoom in, and realize that it’s not in focus or discover that not every face is tack sharp? It’s the WORST FEELING! We’re here to help with that! Here are eight quick tips to ensure your group photos will be sharp! 1. ONE SHOOTER, ONE ORGANIZER We always divide and conquer family & group portraits to expedite the process. Amy stays near the group, reads off combinations, poses and positions each person, and looks for anything that’s out of order. This gives Jordan the chance to worry about one thing: getting the pictures in focus. Splitting up the roles has really helped us execute this well, because trying to do both is just too much for one person (in our opinion), and can lead to mistakes with the camera. 2. LINE UP THEIR FEET Groups have a tendency to curl in on the ends to make a U-shape without even realizing it! We all do it — even photographers! — but it’s a problem when trying to get everyone in focus, because as the people on the ends curl up, they’re leaving the focal plane of the people in the middle. So, if you focus on the person in the middle, then the people on the outsides will be out of focus, and vice versa. Amy uses the direction, “Let’s line up your toes,” to help them get straightened out and back on the same plane. 3.TRY TO AVOID MULTIPLE ROWS WHEN POSSIBLE If you’re able to get everyone lined... Read More

Contrast & Curves | Jared Platt

Happy Tuesday! This week we are featuring a guest post from Lightroom Master, Jared Platt. Jared is a photographer and educator based out of Arizona. We hope you enjoy! Contrast & Curves It’s time to get your contrast under control with tone curves. A large part of photography is judging the various tones that make up an image and deciding where they should be placed in the final presentation of the print. Both in the image display of our cameras and in Adobe Lightroom, we see this tonal distribution visually represented in the histogram. The simple name for this tonal distribution is “contrast” and as photographers, we are constantly trying to control it. Reading the histogram and controlling the placement of tones within the image is one of the most important skills a photographer can master. We actively adjust image contrast both when we shoot and in post processing. When we shoot, we do this by judging and manipulating the quantity, quality and direction of light. A softer, more diffuse, less directional light creates less contrast. Conversely, harder, more directional light creates brighter highlights and leaves darker shadows which equals more contrast. This is then shown to use on the camera and in Lightroom by way of the histogram. I constantly hear people say that a good exposure is described on the histogram when there is an even distribution of tones all the way across the graph (like in the image below), and while this statement is true for the image above and the histogram below, the advice is actually very poor advice. In reality, a good exposure on... Read More

3 Quick Tricks for Shooting in Harsh Light During Ceremonies | Amy & Jordan

If you’ve EVER shot an outdoor wedding ceremony before, you know that sometimes the light isn’t ideal! In fact, a lot of times, it can be REALLY harsh! Especially when the bride is first coming down the aisle! We have three quick tips for shooting outdoor ceremonies in harsh light that should hopefully make things a little easier for you! 1. Have Dad Walk the Bride Down the Aisle on the Side that Blocks the Sun Now in an ideal world, we’d have soft, even light from head to toe during every outdoor ceremony, but that’s just rarely the case! And the sun is always the harshest at the beginning of the ceremony, when the sun is still higher in the sky. Even though there is typically a “side” protocol for the bride and the groom during the ceremony, in all our wedding experience, we’ve seen Dad walk on either side of the bride as he escorts her down the aisle. We’ve found that when we put Dad on the same side as the sun, since he’s usually taller, he blocks the light that would be hitting his daughter, putting her in perfect, even, shaded light — which we love! As you can see in the picture below. Now, again, in our perfect world, Dad isn’t getting hit by the sun either, but if we had to choose, we’re always Team Bride first! You’ll also want to note the angle (which we’ll get to in point two!). 2. Be Strategic About Side Angles Even when the ceremony is earlier in the day, there’s typically one side that is softer... Read More

15 Poses in 5 Minutes FREE DOWNLOAD! | Katelyn James

  Hey there friends!   My name is Katelyn James and I’m a wedding photographer and educator based in Richmond, VA! We absolutely LOVE Zach and Jody and it’s such an honor to be able to connect with all of their photo friends via email! I have a quick question for you….   Is it normal for a wedding to run behind schedule?!   Heck yes it is! It’s almost ABNORMAL for a wedding to be completely on time!   So what happens to the timeline when a wedding day runs behind schedule? What part of the day gets cut short? …. PORTRAIT TIME. It’s always the portrait time that gets taken away and it can leave photographers in a PANIC! That’s a miserable way to photograph a wedding day. When that happens, most photographers leave their weddings feeling defeated and discouraged.   What if I could give you a tool to be able to execute 15 POSES in 5 MINUTES!? You don’t have to feel defeated when you lose the majority of your portrait time! Instead of counting it as a loss, what if you knew how to create a variety of portraits… enough to fill an ALBUM… in the little time that you had!? You would be the HERO!!!   Well I have exciting news! You can HAVE this information for FREE! I have a free download that is waiting for you! You can download this resource NOW and start implementing your new posing techniques by your very next shoot!!!   CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!!! Ps. The product is $0.00! Once you click “Place order” you’ll see... Read More

Why Great Photos Don’t Sell Anymore

Something More than Great Imagery…  Could it be that we have spent all this time honing our craft to become better and better photographers, and the harsh reality is that having great photos alone isn’t enough? The Truth About Quality Photographs  The truth is clients just expect their photos to be good. No one goes around saying “I take OK photos, want to hire me?” So why in the WORLD would we try and base the price of our images off of the quality of our images? The answer is because we are artists and this is our art. We want people to value it, but the hard truth is that once photography became widely available and much easier to do, the overall quality of images went up and clients started to simply expect them all to be good. What Else You Got? Subconsciously, this is the question on all of our clients minds. If they are asked to pay anything over average for our products and services, then they expect something more. So what MORE do you have to offer? That is simple. We have to offer emotional connections to the products and services we offer. This is done by first, telling gripping stories when we are initially meeting with clients and then second, following up with a great experience throughout the whole process from booking through the wedding day and beyond. If we can do that effectively, then clients will pay a premium for us. We saw this time and again in our wedding business where clients were willing to pay average prices up front, but once we created an... Read More

When to say “adios” to your day job

  One of the most common questions we get asked from photographers is, “When is it a smart decision to quit my day job?” If you’re in that position, we want to help guide you through that tough decision to make! It was 8 years ago that we decided to pursue photography as a career. At that point in our lives, Zach worked for a company that photographed and produced images for grade-school yearbooks, and Jody worked in international sales and marketing for a record label. We learned a lot over the years about how to keep our business functioning day in and day out and one of the hardest decisions we had to make early on in our business was quitting our day jobs. The struggle came when we were gaining huge momentum and found ourselves in the middle of shooting 30+ weddings our 2nd year into business and we both were working crazy hard. Zach had quit his job 10 months prior but Jody was working 80-90 hour weeks between her day job and photography.  We had a come-to-Jesus-meeting about how much time we were spending business building vs. marriage building (business building was WAY significantly more) and sat down and decided that WE were going to take control of our future. We sought the advice of a few different counselors including the brilliant financial mind of Dave Ramsey. We wrote out our plan, did what was right based on our marriage relationship, and what we needed instead of what we feared (losing our “security” of the day jobs) and moved forward. We ended the year with a bang and... Read More

How We Charge More Than Our Images are Worth! – Katelyn James

We have a treat for you guys today! The brilliant and talented Katelyn James is sharing how you can charge more than what you’re images are worth. Intrigued? Before we hand it over to Katelyn, for those of you who may not be familiar with her, let us brag on her for a second!  We could tell you how she brilliantly started her business out of her dorm room and is now charging a premium for her services, or we could share all the publications she’s been published in or how she’s the leader in building community with her brides, or we could share about her crazy talent for brand and design (don’t even get us started on her interior design!), but we won’t :) Instead, let us brag on how she is truly such a genuine, caring person, with such a sweet spirit with a heart of gold :) We hope you get the chance to meet her and her husband Michael one day and you’ll see that we’re exactly right. In the meantime, enjoy her post on how to charge more! Hi Everyone!  I’m Katelyn and it’s an honor to connect with all of you!  I’m excited to share some of the foundational steps that we have taken to catapult our wedding photography business!! We have brought in a 6 figure income for the past 4 years and that’s not easy to do when you’re in a heavily saturated and ever-growing industry!!   Enjoy! I’ve said it before and I stand by this bold statement… I honestly think that my work is worth about $3200. Based on my image... Read More

Building your brand with social media

The more social media we have, the more we think we’re connecting, yet we are really disconnecting from each other. -JR Social Media is not what we think it is It is easy to think that having 35,000 Facebook fans, thousands of Twitter followers and loads of Instagram likes means that we will have a thriving business, but that could not be further from the truth. Unfortunately, many of us put a high value on Social Media power and give it too much of our attention and time. Don’t build on THEIR platform The easiest way to focus on social marketing is to build great relationships with your base clients (past brides, photographers and vendors), and then give them a reason to talk about you and a tool to make talking easy. FB, Twitter and Instagram are all secondary tools to supplement your marketing, and should never be the main focus of how you connect. Why? Because Facebook controls Facebook (you don’t) and if all your eggs are in their proverbial marketing basket and they change their system (which they do all the time) then you are in big trouble. Focus on people, not the numbers You need to focus your marketing first on your personal network (clients looking at your blog, those on your email list, and people who you actually spend time with) because YOU control that outlet and not someone else. Then use FB and the like to supplement that. When you do use Social Media to get your message out and connect, here are 3 key strategic tips to do that effectively: 1. Keep it interesting People engage when... Read More

We just lost an entire wedding’s images!

…I am sooo glad that we have never had to say this! :) Now that we have your attention though, read on so that YOU never say this to a client.     “I treat my back-up process like a new baby. Never drop it just because I’m tired!“ – Zach Gray Let’s talk back-up systems and why the system you choose to use will either make you and your clients happy while keeping your precious images safe, or why it will potentially cause a MASSIVE problem in your business that you might not recover from. Even if you don’t shoot weddings, it does not mean that you can re-shoot something if you lose images. We had a friend who shot a senior session, and 2 weeks later the senior passed away. That may not ever happen to you, but it is just good practice to do everything within our power as a photographer to protect and back up images each and every time we shoot. Here is our system:  Step #1 – Download the Safest Way Possible     I first download all the images using the SD cards ONLY from my Canon 5d3. I use the SD cards because they only have a contact plate instead of 16 pins (like in your CF card) and there is less chance of breaking something when it is removed from the camera. I only download them in the office on a quality, Lexar USB 3 card reader that never leaves my office. It never leaves the office because the reader or the cables it uses can be damaged during travel, which gives you a higher chance... Read More

Why Great Photos Don’t Make Money

“People make purchasing decisions based on their emotional connection to a product or service.” -Jack Trout, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing Something More than Great Imagery… Could it be that we have spent all this time honing our craft to become better and better photographers, and the harsh reality is that having great photos alone isn’t enough to build a successful photography business? The Truth About Quality Photographs The truth is clients just expect their photos to be good. No one goes around saying “I take OK photos, want to hire me?” So why in the WORLD do we try and base the price of our images off of the quality of our images? The answer is because we are artists and this is our craft. We want people to value it, but the hard truth is that once photography became widely available and much “easier” to do, the overall quality of images went up and clients started to simply expect them all to be good. What Else You Got? Subconsciously, this is the question on all of our clients minds. If they are asked to pay anything over average for our products and services, then they expect something more. So what MORE do you need to offer? That is simple. We have to offer emotional connections through the services we provide them, and through the products we sell. This is done by: #1 – Telling gripping stories when we are initially meeting with leads that help communicateWHY these images matter in the first place. This helps connect them with the heart behind why you do what you... Read More

Small Flashes with Stunning Light (video!)

When out on-location doing portraits for weddings, seniors or any type of shoot, sometimes you need an EASY and portable way to get the job done AND make the images look beautiful. Speedlites are great for portability, but other than not having a lot of power output, their biggest issue is the QUALITY of the light is not so good. They look harsh and “flashy” and rarely produce AMAZING light. In this short video shot on-location in Nevada, we show you how to not only execute great flash shots using a speedlite, but how to make that light look AMAZING on your subject!     Gear used: Canon 85 1.2 L lens  Canon 5d3 Body Cyber Sync Transmitters and receivers (the CST and CSRB models) Rapid Box 26 inch from Westcott Lighting with the deflector... Read More

5x your referrals FREE guide

“Some people succeed because they are destined to, but most people succeed because they are determined to.” – Henry Ford 2016 can be the best or WORST year ever for your business. The great thing is the outcome is your choice for 99% of you. Do you need more referrals? Well our brand new 5x Your Referrals PDF guide will help you get there. This PDF contains the 5 proven strategies that when implemented, will get more people talking about you and more shoots on the books for 2016. Oh, and did we mention it is TOTALLY FREE? Yeah. That’s how we roll. YOUR FREE PDF Here is your free copy of the new PDF so grab it now while you can.   Have a great week, and get those referrals... Read More

A great 2016 starts here…

“What comes out of the mind is what you put in the mind. You must feed your mind like you feed your body.” – Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, The Power of Positive Thinking The new year is here, and for some of us that gives us a hope and excitement about the future and for others it feels like another year that we are worried will bring us more failure. “Maybe my business just won’t be a success this year.”  “My kids and life are so demanding, so how can I possibly be a success in 2016?”  “I am tired of feeling down and depressed, but I just can’t seem to shake it.”  Feelings of hopelessness, despair, worry and anxiety or just feeling “stuck” is something many of us have dealt with (including me, Zach). They pretty much suck the life out of you and can turn your stomach inside out and give you a bleak outlook. Is there anything that you can do starting right now to help turn those feelings around and make 2016 your best year ever? Well, we like to start with what we can do today, and then this week, and then 2016 will take care of itself. “Every man is what he is, because of the dominating thoughts which he permits to occupy his mind.” – Tim Sanders, Today We Are Rich Information-Intake Day If you are ready to change who you are for the better starting today, then you have to start by taking inventory of your (as Tim Sanders calls it) “Mind Diet.” Your Mind Diet is is the daily intake of what you allow... Read More

Master Mind Video Series | Zach & Jody

Zach & Jody Experiential Marketing In the final video of our MasterMind Series we are going to share with you guys are top keys for experiential marketing. Now you may be asking “why does that matter?” It matters to you because when you create a dynamic and repeatable client experience, people will pay you MORE money for what you do and will send you all their friends in the process. We did this in our wedding brand, and now we do it in our photographer brand which has helped us gain tens of thousands of fans that want to be a part of what we do here each week. If you want that too, then don’t miss this final free video! Check out our FREE video HERE using the password “mastermindsecrets” Be sure to check out Shootflow if you want to have a way to create this experience at the push of a... Read More