Big News! Our Baby Has Arrived!!!!!!

No, we are not pregnant – we have a new site!!!

After lots of brainstorming sessions, designing, picking and choosing, filming (yes, filming!) rearranging, sweat, blood, tears (ok, maybe not tears.. or blood.. or even sweat for that matter…), and helpful insight from some of you, we have a new site!!! We are really pumped about it and are thrilled that you can now enjoy it!

Click here! The one and only Nashville Wedding Photography Duo ;)

A Couple Shout Outs:
Our dear friend Keoni who did a photoshoot of us for this site!
Amy Lynn Larwig – the awesome chick who we just mentioned in our previous blog (she did our makeup for the shoot)

Tell us about your experience with our new site and your quote (and web/blog link) just might make our next blog! Ooh la la..