Branding Consistency Gets you NOTICED!


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“Often times an ad (or brand) needs to be seen 10-20 times before a customer will actually make a purchase.”

-Jay Levinson, Guerrilla Marketing

One SIMPLE, yet HUGE mistake that photographers can make when starting their business is to NOT have a consistent brand on EVERYTHING they do. When a prospective client (a bride, as an example) first sees your brand (either on a Google search, at a wedding event, at a wedding venue or on Facebook etc.), she now can start to build in her mind an association with that brand and what it means to her. If, then, she sees that brand somewhere else, but it does NOT have the same consistency, then YOU can lose her trust (or she won’t even remember you!).

  • When a client sees a consistent brand over and over in different places (this can sometimes come from her just clicking around on your site, blog and Facebook), she begins to trust that brand more and more just through the interaction she has with it.
  • When we are inconsistent with our brand, clients don’t know who we are. (Tweet this!)
  • When we are consistent with our brand, we build trust and over time, trust leads to sales.

Back in 2008, when our wedding brand was just 1 year old, we met with a high-end wedding planner that we wanted to start working with. The planner said to that she could not wait to meet us because we were “everywhere” and she had to get to know us! Wow! How did we have such a powerful affect on her? We did that through consistent branding and getting our brand any place that brides might be looking. She saw us in those places and heard about our service which made her want to work with us.


The places that you will have your brand consistently represented will be your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, local wedding venues (by getting them albums and prints and biz cards), wedding planners (by getting them albums and prints of events you shot together), cake artists and anywhere else that your brides might be.

Action Items: 

1. Be sure your brand (hopefully your face!) is on ALL of your marketing materials (FB page, Twitter, Pricing Sheets, Business Cards etc.)

2. Get your business NAME (hopefully YOUR name) on everything and make sure it is ALL consistent with links (we have,, and so forth).

3. Be sure to get out there and put a FACE with the brand! Nothing is more critical than being at every event to represent your brand especially when you FIRST start out!

4. Do the first 3 steps this week!! :)