4 Key Areas to Building Wealth | Part II

Do what you love and the money will follow…

“The average middle class American believes this statement to be true, but when I surveyed the most successful people in America, they overwhelmingly disagreed with that notion.” 

-Lewis Schiff, Business Brilliant

It is not enough to THINK that what you do (take awesome photos) is valuable and then spend all of your time trying to sell that work. If you are not making money then you MUST change direction. You have to follow the money trail in order to win in business.


How do we practically follow the money? Here are 3 keys that we have used to make our work valuable in a business that is constantly devaluing art.

1. Become a powerful story-teller. 
If you can engage people with stories that ring true to their heart, then you can create value that is worth paying for. When people are engaged with your brand emotionally, they will pay more for it.

2. Add value that enhances others lives. 
No one cares about you and your business (sorry!). They care about themselves. So make your brand about other people and what is in it for them on a deep emotional level. Speak to their hearts and to their needs and not to yours. Your wants might be for people to value the hard work you put in to be a great photographer, or the sacrifice you made to edit for long hours on their images, or your investment into your gear. Well, the client doesn’t care. They care about how the experience of working with you makes them feel. Focus on that.

3. Don’t be afraid to sell. 
We have met countless photographers that are simply afraid to hold a sales session and sell their work. Always give every single client an opportunity to buy, and you will be shocked at how many will. When you do offer an opportunity to buy, realize that what you say and how you say it and WHEN you say it is crucial to the sale. If you say that people can come see the photos, but are not clear that it is a chance to buy, then don’t be surprised when they show up, look and leave.

We created an entire system around what we said, how we said it and when we said it to clients and that system doubled our income. In the next installment of this series of building wealth, we will share some of the keys to setting expectations for your clients so they show up and buy from you!

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