Building your brand with social media

The more social media we have, the more we think we’re connecting, yet we are really disconnecting from each other.

Social Media is not what we think it is

It is easy to think that having 35,000 Facebook fans, thousands of Twitter followers and loads of Instagram likes means that we will have a thriving business, but that could not be further from the truth.

Unfortunately, many of us put a high value on Social Media power and give it too much of our attention and time.

Don’t build on THEIR platform


The easiest way to focus on social marketing is to build great relationships with your base clients (past brides, photographers and vendors), and then give them a reason to talk about you and a tool to make talking easy.

FB, Twitter and Instagram are all secondary tools to supplement your marketing, and should never be the main focus of how you connect.


Because Facebook controls Facebook (you don’t) and if all your eggs are in their proverbial marketing basket and they change their system (which they do all the time) then you are in big trouble.

Focus on people, not the numbers


You need to focus your marketing first on your personal network (clients looking at your blog, those on your email list, and people who you actually spend time with) because YOU control that outlet and not someone else. Then use FB and the like to supplement that.

When you do use Social Media to get your message out and connect, here are 3 key strategic tips to do that effectively:

1. Keep it interesting

People engage when content is interesting. Think before you post, and post things that OTHER people will find interesting, and specifically, your target audience will think is interesting.

2. Be helpful

If you help people, they will feel reciprocity and want to help YOU in return. If someone needs something, send them a link. If someone needs a resource, be that resource or find it for them.

3. Be funny

People LOVE to laugh and engage big time when things are funny. Be creative with your funny posts and make sure that your humor lines up with your audience. (Just because you think a car crash is funny, doesn’t mean someone else does :)

If it isn’t interesting, helpful or funny, chances are you should’t post it (unless your goal is to alienate large amounts of people).

Focus on them and not you. 

When posting messages, you should also NOT try and have the entire focus be on marketing your brand and talking about YOU and all the cool things YOU do. No one cares about you (sorry but that is the truth people!), but rather they care about themselves. So, if you are creating something for social media and want it to reach people, it needs to be things that THEY care about and that help THEM.

If you are the person that creates helpful content that enhances their lives, they feel reciprocity and will want to give back to you when you (on rare occasion), talk about yourself.


If you shoot maternity photos, then your social media “marketing” could be on “the top 10 Lifesavers for new Moms” or the “Best Baby Books for raising a Smart Kid” type of stuff. Then insert Funny and Interesting side anecdotes.

Become a resource that enhances your clients lives, and they will be your clients for life. (Click HERE to Tweet that quote out!)

Resources for further study

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