Bye-Bye-Bye (bye-bye!)

We have crossed to the dark side, people…

No longer are we drinking from the wellspring of Caffeine.

We have gone DECAF.


We know, we know…we have just rocked all of your worlds.  And yes, we LOVE coffee! However, as soon as we started cutting our caffeine from our drinking diet, we actually noticed quite a change in how we felt throughout the day.

Over the past year and a half, we have gone through a big journey of dealing with the pressure, stress and anxiety that can come with running your own business. We help in reducing that stress in our lives, and it was suggested to us to switch to decaf.  We didn’t really  notice much of a difference UNTIL we would drink a cup of regular coffee.

One morning Zach made me a cup of coffee and unbeknownst to me we had run out of decaf and it was a regular cup.  I was up at my desk working and I felt like my heart rate was up, and that I just had this weird high level of anxiousness and feeling unsettled.  I told Zach about it, and then he went on to tell me that my cup of coffee was not decaf.   It’s crazy the difference that it makes in how we feel about the day!

So we now officially bid our dear friend, Caffeine, ado and say hello to Decaf!!

We tell you that small story to really talk about something bigger. Switching our caffeine intake was one of many changes we made in 2012 to adjust our lifestyle and keep our stress levels down. Many of us deal with some serious anxiety (me, Zach, included), and we need to learn how to take great care of our body, mind and spirit if we really want to be healthy and feel at peace.

You would be surprised at how changing a few things in your life can really make a big impact on how you feel day to day. So we encourage you that if you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed all the time, to take a good look at the habits you have and see what things can change to bring yourself back into alignment. Ask yourself “what things am I feeding my mind, body and spirit?” And pinpoint the unhealthy ones and replace them with something that you know is better for you.

We switched to caffeine and started taking supplements for our bodies. We stopped using our cell phones after 5pm for our minds. We started doing daily devotionals each morning together over decaf coffee for our spirit. Those things changed our lives and can yours too!

Tell us below in the comments if you have been feeling a bit overwhelmed, and something you want to do to change that.