3 Key Tips for Building Social Media Engagement

“The goal of social media is to turn customers into a volunteer marketing army.” -Jay Baer   Social media is a great supplementary tool for your marketing plan in your business. It should never be the first place you look to build your brand, as you should always focus on building personal relationships first. Even though social media marketing is not THE most important part of your business, it does have an integral role, and today we want to share 3 key tips to get people engage with your more!   Key #1 – Talk about things that are interesting   (This Instagram got more attention because my (Zach), audience (photographers), like the unique use of lighting and posing, and reacted strongly to it… not to mention the adorable kid in the shot ;) Realize that unless you are a celebrity, that no one really cares what you ate for breakfast, and definitely don’t want to see a picture of it on Twitter. Think about your audience and WHO you are trying to speak to, and then create content that THEY care about. (Click to Tweet this out!) Examples:  If you are a wedding photographer, then you can use Facebook to create a private group just for your brides where they can all connect, talk about their recent weddings and planning, and you can give ideas to them as well because you have a ton of experience with weddings. They will have the things Seth Godin talks about in his book Tribes (a tribe is a community with something in common, a way to talk to each other, and a way to... Read More

1 easy idea to get your current clients to refer you more often

  (Image from the Complete Wedding Course by Zach & Jody) Let’s get one thing straight… Brides KNOW other brides, and many times they are standing right next to her on the wedding day. You need your current client referring you to ALL of her friends that are potential clients. But how in the world do you get her to do that? The answer is extremely simple. “Give your clients a reason to talk about you, then give them the tool they need to share you in an effective way.”  – Jody Gray (tweet this out!)    My wife is one smart cookie. She realized very early on in our business that we only needed to figure out how to get our first few clients when we started our business. After that, we needed the top clients, the best ones, to send us ALL of their friends. If we could get them to do that, we would quickly have a business full of amazing clients that we wanted to work with. Sound easy? It is!  Sort of.   A Reason To Talk It all starts with giving your client an exceptional experience that they can’t help but talk about! Seth Godin said in his amazing book The Purple Cow, “Are you making really good stuff in your business? If so, how fast can you stop!” What he meant was that it is not nearly good enough offer really good service or really good products in today’s business. You need to instead offer something great, and great is usually something unique or different. It is unique, in the photography industry,  to offer... Read More

Why Great Photos Don’t Make Money

“People make purchasing decisions based on their emotional connection to a product or service.” -Jack Trout, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing Something More than Great Imagery… Could it be that we have spent all this time honing our craft to become better and better photographers, and the harsh reality is that having great photos alone isn’t enough to build a successful photography business? The Truth About Quality Photographs The truth is clients just expect their photos to be good. No one goes around saying “I take OK photos, want to hire me?” So why in the WORLD do we try and base the price of our images off of the quality of our images? The answer is because we are artists and this is our craft. We want people to value it, but the hard truth is that once photography became widely available and much “easier” to do, the overall quality of images went up and clients started to simply expect them all to be good. What Else You Got? Subconsciously, this is the question on all of our clients minds. If they are asked to pay anything over average for our products and services, then they expect something more. So what MORE do you need to offer? That is simple. We have to offer emotional connections through the services we provide them, and through the products we sell. This is done by: #1 – Telling gripping stories when we are initially meeting with leads that help communicateWHY these images matter in the first place. This helps connect them with the heart behind why you do what you... Read More

A great 2016 starts here…

“What comes out of the mind is what you put in the mind. You must feed your mind like you feed your body.” – Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, The Power of Positive Thinking The new year is here, and for some of us that gives us a hope and excitement about the future and for others it feels like another year that we are worried will bring us more failure. “Maybe my business just won’t be a success this year.”  “My kids and life are so demanding, so how can I possibly be a success in 2016?”  “I am tired of feeling down and depressed, but I just can’t seem to shake it.”  Feelings of hopelessness, despair, worry and anxiety or just feeling “stuck” is something many of us have dealt with (including me, Zach). They pretty much suck the life out of you and can turn your stomach inside out and give you a bleak outlook. Is there anything that you can do starting right now to help turn those feelings around and make 2016 your best year ever? Well, we like to start with what we can do today, and then this week, and then 2016 will take care of itself. “Every man is what he is, because of the dominating thoughts which he permits to occupy his mind.” – Tim Sanders, Today We Are Rich Information-Intake Day If you are ready to change who you are for the better starting today, then you have to start by taking inventory of your (as Tim Sanders calls it) “Mind Diet.” Your Mind Diet is is the daily intake of what you allow... Read More

How Elmo can Change your Business

I didn’t care if my son ever knew who Elmo was… …until now. Let’s rewind… Many years ago when I (Jody) was young, I remember babysitting and being SO sick of watching Barney and Sesame Street over and over again, I knew I didn’t want that insanity going on in my own home (ha ha) and now we have an 18 month old son and I am proud to say he has no idea who Barney, Big Bird, Mickey Mouse, Dora and all the other characters are. HOWEVER, as we were walking through the store the other day, we decided to walk through the kids department (bad idea if you aren’t looking to spend money : ) and I saw this box: All of a sudden I had this overwhelming desire to buy this Elmo doll for our son. What changed in me? Did the box demonstrate how soft Elmo was or how he has this amazing (or annoying, depending on how you look at it ;) laugh? Or was it even the price point that caught my attention? Nope! What got me was the shot of this young boy with such joy as Elmo was hugging him and I wanted Jaxon to experience that joy. Your potential clients feel the same way. Jack Trout in, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing says, “People make purchasing decisions based on their emotional connection to a product.” Ask yourself these questions… What images are you showing on your site that connects to your client’s emotionally? Are you showing only cool, images like this? Or are you also including image that are... Read More

How to succeed at work without blowing up your marriage… (Excerpt by Michael Hyatt)

For those of us who are married, probably one of the last reasons we wanted to start our business was so we could have a below average marriage. But, let’s be honest, running a business (whether with your spouse or not) can definitely take its toll. We are big followers of Michael Hyatt, and in honor of us just coming off theCONNECT retreat (a Christian retreat for couples in business) we wanted to share with you part of a post he recently published… Enjoy! How Entrepreneurs Can Succeed at Work Without Blowing Up Their Marriages 5 Gifts for Building a Great Relationship with Your Spouse Excerpt from Michael Hyatt.com #1. The Gift of Honor Our spouses are more important than our work, whatever that work may be. To give this gift, we esteem and value what our spouses esteem and value. We give priority to their priorities, and use our words to praise and uplift, especially when our spouses are absent. #2. The Gift of Awareness It’s easy in the hyper focus of hard-drivers to see themselves as the center of the show. We’re not—no matter how much money we make. We need to be aware of all the material and nonmaterial contributions our spouses make to our lives. #3. The Gift of Inclusion Including our spouses in our businesses creates intimacy, builds trust, and brings us together. Whether it’s just receiving input or counsel, or getting into the nitty-gritty details of the business, our marriages win if we keep our spouses in the loop. #4. The Gift of Commitment Given the risk inherent to the entrepreneurial lifestyle, some... Read More

…and the point is??

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “What in the world am I doing here and why am I doing this?” “There are far more activities and opportunities in the world than we have time and resources to invest in. And although many of them may be good, or even very good, the fact is that most are trivial and few are vital.” -Greg Mckeown, Essentialism What am I focused on? As I (Zach) was on a four hour flight from Nashville to Las Vagas for WPPI two weeks ago, I was reading Essentialism by Greg Mckeown. In his book he asks, “What is your highest point of contribution?” … In essence he’s asking, “What is the one thing that actually matters more in your life and business?” When I took a moment to answer this question something very interesting happened to me… I had no answer. I sat for about 30 minutes pondering what my highest point of contribution was in our business. Still, I didn’t know what it was. Jody and I were headed out to the biggest wedding and portrait convention in the USA to teach, speak, lead workshops and connect with the people and companies that we work with, and this question kept nagging me… WHY are we here and WHAT are we doing this for?  Do you ever find yourself asking that question? Spread too thin Oftentimes our lives are so busy just trying to stay afloat with our shoots, clients, spouse, kids, grocery runs, managing the books, cleaning, and just LIFE that it’s hard to have time to focus on what’s really important. Sometimes we... Read More

Reciprocity & Why you Need some NOW!

    When we first got married we read a book called The Most Important Year, and one of the chapters was called the “Yes Spiral.” It taught us that if I (Zach) said yes to 99% of Jody’s requests (even if they were inconvenient), that she would want to say yes to more of the things I asked of her. Simple, yet powerful. This is called Reciprocity. The idea that if I do something for you, then you feel obligated to do something for me and the cycle repeats. (Tweet this message out to your network!) You NEED this bad right now in your business. You need to be trying to out-serve the community that you are in. If you are shooting weddings, find out what wedding planners need and offer it to them. If you work with venues in your area, find out what they need and offer it to them TODAY! Don’t wait! Everyone has some needs that overlap, like being appreciated, loved and made to feel important. Use social media, coffee and dinner hang outs to reinforce this need in others. This is how we initially built our brand and trust us, it works. This is Chris and Kira from Chris Willis Photography who drove 4 hours round trip on Saturday to come and help me (Zach) with my George Twins shoot. Why did they come all that way to help me for free? Reciprocity. They follow our online content that we give away, and wanted to come and give back. I then decided to give more and had lunch with them and we talked about business and personal stuff and I am... Read More

Top Survival Tips for Mom-tographers | Part II of the Mom Series

In my previous post, I (Jody) shared the adjustment we went through adding our son Jaxon to our family and about my struggle with how business fit in with my new responsibilities as a mom. For today’s blog I want to share with you practical tips that not only myself, but other moms in the industry have put in place to avoid meltdowns and going crazy. :) I know and respect these women and hope you enjoy learning from the diverse group we have below. Without any further ado, I first introduce to you… Leeann Marie of Leeann Marie Collective What you need to know about Leeann: We first met Leeann when we were a part of a tour back in 2012 and she was a fellow speaker.  She was sharing on studio workflow management and how to get organized and become efficient so you can spend more time doing what you love. Her efficiency blew me away, and when I found out she was having a kid I was SUPER curious to know how she was going to make the adjustments to having a child in her life. Leeann is sweet and totally fun and generous and has recently started Baby Plus Business – a resource and community to help other moms who walk the fine line of being a mom and business owner. Make sure to follow her and you’ll soon get more information! (Heads up, if you’re going to WPPI, make sure to read below where you can see and learn from her!). (image by AnnLouisePhotography.com) How long have you been in business: 6 years How long... Read More

How I Survived the Transition from Business Owner to Biz Owner + MOM | Part I of the Mom Series

It has been a year and two months since we have added a third person to our lives and business – Jaxon Pierce Gray joined our team November 7th, 2013. (image by DavidMolnar.com) It seriously has been such a blast having a kid, but as with any new addition to a family, there’s always adjustment that takes place.  Many of you have wondered how we are making it work and so I (Jody) thought that we would dedicate a blog post to share not only our journey of adjusting with Jaxon now being a part of our lives, but I also wanted to let other full time moms who are also business owners share how they are balancing the act of being mom and business professional. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a… business! I always thought that I would be one of those women who needed a career once I had kids… just for sanity’s sake. You know, trading the shirt covered in spit up for a cute top and have some good ‘ol adult, human interaction. Then I had our first kid and that all changed :) (image by DavidMolnar.com) A little over a year and a half ago, we found ourselves pregnant, and because we had no idea what to expect, we planned and prepared to take a few months off once Jaxon came into this world. Our little Jax was born, and it was a fun time of stepping away from our business and just being able to focus on this new little person in our lives. Soon, it was time for both... Read More

Someone To Guide You

Post By Zach| I was 22 years old and my biggest hope for my life was being the assistant manager at a tie store and getting a raise to $7.75 an hour so I could live on my own without the help of my mom. I didn’t go to school past the 3rd grade and my dad left when I was 5 years old and even though I didn’t realize it at the time, I had a deep need for someone to guide me. I needed someone to see that I could be and do more with my life because I certainly couldn’t see it. One day the youth pastor from my small church took me out to a lunch that would change my life. He told me he believed in me and knew I could do more. Something amazing happened. I believed what he said and did it. I left Northern Minnesota 3 months later and never came back. That youth pastor was my first of many coaches (or mentors) over the years that would help me learn to see what I could’t and inspire me to something greater. Do you ever feel that you are stuck like I was back in MN? Do you feel like you want this business to move forward but are just running in place? Do you feel like you can’t see past today and don’t really know what tomorrow could hold for you? You might need a coach. Someone that can look you straight in the eye and tell you that they believe in you, that you can and will move forward and... Read More

How we became better photographers

  “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, INVOLVE me and I will learn,” -Benjamin Franklin There is great value in being able to hop online, head to a blog, listen to a podcast, watch a video on Youtube and get some really great information on how to do things better. We have valued that for our own education and know that many thousands of you that read this blog each week have valued that from us. But is that enough? Back in 2006 when I (Zach) first picked up a camera and starting learning to shoot, I went to the library, went online and devoured any piece of information I could get about shooting great, natural light images. Then I would go out and practice. It seemed that it was hard to take what I had read or seen online and quickly translate that into real-world experience. It was hard. Do you know that feeling? The feeling of wanting to produce something wonderful, and falling short? I know I do. An image-changing Friendship That same year, a photographer named Evan Baines emailed me and said he wanted to connect and support me in my journey to becoming a better photographer. We went on shoots together, critiqued each-others work, and he really was the biggest mentor in my shooting that I have had to date. Our very first photography workshop we ever did was a joint workshop with his studio! The lessons that I learned by working and shooting side-by-side with a talented photographer that I respect has paid dividends for years.   So here is our... Read More

Top Reads | Love Is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends

Welcome to our Top Reads series where we feature a book that has shaped the way we think and act about business and includes a small snippet as to why you should add this to your arsenal! Today we are featuring Love Is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends. The sub-title says it all… How to win in Business and influence friends…. Want to have any real value in this new economy that we live in? Learn from Tim Sanders the 3 most important assets you can posses… Make sure to check out our other top reads we love and... Read More

Are you a hypocrite?

Have you ever stopped to wonder if any of your clients think that you’re a hypocrite?     You may be saying to yourself, “Woah, that sounds harsh! How in the world would my clients ever think that?” We of course don’t think that you are a hypocrite :)  but, we have learned that a great marketing approach to getting our clients to invest in whatever we were selling, was to make sure we communicated to our clients we practiced what we preached. Here’s another way to break it down… POLL: 1. Do you stress to your clients the importance of having their family or the moments of their special captured professionally? 2. Do you sell to your clients prints, canvases, albums, etc and communicate the importance of having these items displayed in their home? 3. Have you had a photo shoot done of YOURSELF (yes, that means you are in FRONT of the camera) within the last year? 4. Do you have any professional prints/canvases/albums (etc.) from your own shoot? Ok, tally up your Yes’s and No’s How did you score?  Are you finding that you maybe aren’t necessarily doing what you’re telling your clients they should do? In the midst of wedding season it was easy for us to have our nose to the grind and become so focused on our clients that we would at times forget to do what we were encouraging our clients to do. We decided to make a decision that we were not only going to have images of us taken, but would also buy the products we were telling our clients to invest in.... Read More

Top Reads | The Most Important Year in a Woman’s Life/The Most Important Year in a Man’s Life

Welcome to our Top Reads series where we feature a book that has shaped the way we think and act about business and includes a small snippet as to why you should add this to your arsenal! Today we are featuring The Most Important Year in a Woman’s Life/The Most Important Year in a Man’s Life. Great marriages just don’t happen – they take a lot of continual work and maintenance. This book was so beneficial to our marriage (and still is) that we recommend not only that every married couple read this book, but those wanting to get married as well. Every single couple who walks through our doors to meet us (whether they hire or not) receives this book – read it yourself and give one to your couples as well! (This is one book but has a side for the guys to read and a side for the women to read :). Make sure to check out our other top reads we love and... Read More

3 SIMPLE Ways to Get MORE Referrals THIS Month!

Do you want to save thousands of dollars every year in your business AND get MORE referrals THIS month? We can tell you how. Since 2008 we never spent one dime on traditional advertising (bridal show, print or online advertisement, etc.) and our wedding business continued to flourish. How was this possible? Jack Trout says, “People make PURCHASING (or referral) decisions based on their EMOTIONAL connection to a product or service.” (The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing). If a client LOVES the way you make them FEEL when they use your products and services, then the chances of them referring you INCREASE significantly. How is this done?   We do this by managing the client relationship REALLY well (through a killer system so no detail falls in the cracks), giving them the attention and care they deserve, which in-turn creates a great emotional experience that they can’t help but talk about and refer their friends to!   Advertising dollars will go a lot further when invested back into your clients rather than a magazine advertisement that people may or may not notice.   Here are the 3 SIMPLE ways we all need to manage clients well, and keep those referrals coming!   1. CLIENT PRIORITIZATION:   Clients who are paying you money have to be responded to quickly and efficiently. You have to set a guideline for the MAX amount of time a client will wait before they get a response from you. We recommend NO MORE than 24 hours. We also recommend using an auto-responder email for clients that set that expectation so they know when we will get back to them and know what our office... Read More

4 easy tips so your spouse won’t drive you CRAZY!

For the next 4 weeks we will be answering your TOP questions here every single Tuesday! -Working as a Team- David Whikehart from davidwhikehartphotography.com Asked: “My wife and I work as a team – as you do. I’d be interested to know how you divide up your workload at a wedding. This can sometimes be a source of friction between my wife and I.”   Great question David! What Jody and I do, is try and tag team the entire day together. The most important thing we can do is be on the same team throughout a wedding as it is stressful work. Working with a spouse is NOT like working with a second shooter or assistant, and if one of you treats the other as such, your job is gonna pretty much suck! Believe it or not, our main purpose at a wedding is not to get great images, but rather to have fun with each other. When Jody and I are enjoying what we do and working together as a team, we feel inspired, and when we’re inspired, that is when we do our best work and end up taking great images (which of course IS the primary goal!). Friction in a marriage is normal and a good thing. My old pastor said that marriage is like taking two rough stones, putting them in a bag and shaking it. Eventually they make each other smooth, but the process is not always easy and sometimes hurts. So Jody and I want to spend our time challenging each other in ways that can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable, like... Read More

Becoming A Lovecat

  Today’s tips and tricks is simple, short and to the point. We work in an industry that is service based and even though we do sell a product (our beautiful photos), our actual job is to serve. We are here to deliver the goods, but more importantly, our business exists to have our clients feel really great about what we do for them. We have realized that the greatest way that we can grow our business, grow our network and grow our influence with clients, is to become what Tim Sanders calls “A Lovecat.” In his book, Love Is the Killer App (a recommended read by David Jay), Tim Sanders says, “Offer your wisdom freely, give away your address book to everyone who wants it (or your contacts and network), and always be human (or, treat everyone around you as if they are more important than you).” WOW! What great advice! Do you want your business to grow? Do you want to make more money in your photography business? Do you want to be an influence on those around you? Then share everything that you have (literally) with everyone around you! Gather as much knowledge as you can about photography and the business of it, and then share it with everyone around you. Be careful though, because not every single person out there is into this sharing thing. That is OK though, just don’t let them dissuade you from what you should really be doing! Some may think that you are too new to the industry, or have not yet “paid your dues” or that you are too... Read More

Tuesday Photography Tips & Tricks | Separation of Work and State (of mind:)

  “We are taking time off spending time with baby Gray, but have put together our favorite Tips and Tricks from the last two years for us all to review!” Today we wanted to touch on a subject that has been at the forefront of our lives lately – truly putting your business in its place so that it doesn’t overtake your life! Back in August of 2008, our business was growing fast and we were having a ton of fun with it all. The problem was, we had put our personal relationship on the back-burner and that month came to the realization that we were barely spending any quality time with each other. So, we decided to take a drastic step and have Jody quit her day job that she had at the time. It was hard walking away from the extra income, the awesome insurance and the “security” of that job. But ultimately we knew that if we did what was right, we would be rewarded with something much greater; a strong relationship with one another that will last far beyond any cool photos we will ever take. So, we know that everyone out there reading this is in a different place in their business, but we also know that ALL of us deal with how to keep the reins tight on our business and making sure that we are devoting enough of our spiritual, emotional and physical energy to ourselves and our loved ones. Today we want to challenge you to ask yourself the following: What one thing you can do right now to tame your... Read More

CONNECT Retreat 2014 Registration is LIVE!

CONNECT 2013 was such a blessing to be a part of and we are excited to announce that… registration for CONNECT 2014 has officially opened!! Get away with your spouse to CONNECT, refresh and relax! This is designed for couples who work together (you do not both have to be shooters). Reserve your seats for only $149, with remaining payments split evenly between the months leading up to the retreat. Space is limited and we anticipate a sellout. Join us and the fabulous Woods, and Alsops! View the trailer by Rob Adams Films!  For more information visit CONNECTretreat.com. See you at CONNECT... Read More

Tuesday Photo Tips & Tricks | The Wildcard That Will Bring You Success

Life is really hard sometimes. I mean, REALLY hard.  There are tons of obstacles that can hit us personally as well as professional from every side. Today is how to overcome those. The video we are sharing today was going around on Facebook a few weeks ago and we thought that it was very appropriate to share ESPECIALLY on a Tuesday Tips & Tricks.  Tuesdays are all about growing your business and photography, and this is probably one of the most important things to learn that will drastically change the tough cards that you may have been dealt with. Here are the cards: Chemistry – your chemical makeup Connections – the people who naturally have been placed in your life Circumstances – self-explanatory Consciousness – what you believe about yourself Choices – This card is your wildcard and makes or breaks your entire hand What we CHOOSE to do with the first four cards will determine the outcome of our life. Case and point… watch this video, and like Oprah says, “Just shut your mouth”  ;o) [iframe: width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/ZPW3EB5U0bo” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>]   Man, this hit us hard.  We think that our lives are tough??  Think again.  We are CHOOSING to be thankful for what we have and make the choice to rise above!  I often think the harder people have it, the greater their impact and bigger their victory is on the other side.  I love this quote that I saw on Facebook from one of the people we follow, Verent Chan: “Sometimes life give you lemons – really, really, really, big lemons. You might not be able... Read More

Our FREE 5 Week Photography Course is HERE!

Lesson 1: Must-have Gear Essentials You are receiving the FIRST week of this complimentary 5-week course just for being an awesome blog reader! You can SIGN UP for the entire 5 week course HERE! Welcome to the first lesson in the Five Keys to Rockin’ Your Portrait Sessions! Over the next few weeks, we are going to cover must-have gear, finding the light that any client can look great in, how to get the best moments and expressions from your client, how to get free help which allows you to focus on your clients, and how to make more money on your sessions! So, get ready because here we go with week 1! Portrait Session Goals When we are out shooting a portrait session, we have one goal in mind – To make our clients look their absolute best! In order to do that it’s important to have the right tools. Today’s lesson is about the two most important things you can bring out with you to your portrait shoots – the right lens and the right reflector. MUST-HAVE GEAR ESSENTIAL #1: A PORTRAIT LENS You have the power to make your subject look their best or their worst simply by the type of lens you choose to shoot with. This is why, unless we are trying to go for a certain look, we are usually shooting with a portrait lens. What makes a portrait lens a portrait lens? Any lens that is approximately 80mm or longer (depending on what expert you ask) is considered a “portrait lens.” Likewise, any lens that is shorter than approximately 80mm is not a... Read More

Bye-Bye-Bye (bye-bye!)

We have crossed to the dark side, people… No longer are we drinking from the wellspring of Caffeine. We have gone DECAF. *gasp* We know, we know…we have just rocked all of your worlds.  And yes, we LOVE coffee! However, as soon as we started cutting our caffeine from our drinking diet, we actually noticed quite a change in how we felt throughout the day. Over the past year and a half, we have gone through a big journey of dealing with the pressure, stress and anxiety that can come with running your own business. We help in reducing that stress in our lives, and it was suggested to us to switch to decaf.  We didn’t really  notice much of a difference UNTIL we would drink a cup of regular coffee. One morning Zach made me a cup of coffee and unbeknownst to me we had run out of decaf and it was a regular cup.  I was up at my desk working and I felt like my heart rate was up, and that I just had this weird high level of anxiousness and feeling unsettled.  I told Zach about it, and then he went on to tell me that my cup of coffee was not decaf.   It’s crazy the difference that it makes in how we feel about the day! So we now officially bid our dear friend, Caffeine, ado and say hello to Decaf!! We tell you that small story to really talk about something bigger. Switching our caffeine intake was one of many changes we made in 2012 to adjust our lifestyle and keep our stress levels... Read More

Going After Your Dreams | Business Book Review

We want to highlight one of the latest business books that we recently finished (thanks to the #15minutechallenge – join us in this!) and how you can take that and apply it to your photography brand right now.  Today we want to feature  The Go-Getter by Peter B. Kyne.   Excerpt from the back cover: ‘Do you want to be the one who lands the job? Who gets the promotion? Whose dream becomes a reality? STOP WANTING. START WINNING Dave Ramsey says, “No Matter how many times they fall or fail, go-getters get back up and keep moving towards their goals” No wonder Dave gives this book to every person on his team!’ This book was a quick read and quite a few different lessons are in this story. The one I want to highlight today is NEVER GIVE UP! One of the characters in this short story is given a task and he runs into every possible obstacle possible. What’s amazing about what he does is he doesn’t stop. He doesn’t abandon his task. Because of that he WINS! His dreams and goals are accomplished! How many times do you feel like giving up? How many times has someone told you that your dreams are impossible? How many times have you gotten the door shut in your face? How many times has someone told you, “Your prices are too high. You’re not worth it.”? How many times __________________ (you fill in the blank)… There are stories after stories of musicians, restaurateurs, businessmen & women, politians that faced all obstacles and never gave up. “Being a go-getting means, at... Read More