Tuesday Tips & Tricks | Website SEO PLUS an SEO GIVEAWAY!!!

Today we, once again, have an absolute special treat for you. If you have not heard of Lawrence Chan (Tofurious.com), then consider this your introduction and make sure to follow Lawrence’s blog… but only if you want your business to grow.   Lawrence is one of the smartest guys we know, and anytime he talks, we listen.    Lawrence Chan is a marketing strategist for smart photographers who authors a blog, a pricing e-book, a social media marketing book (Social Media Marketing for Digital Photographers) and, most recently, Found | Be Discovered by those Who Matter. Enjoy his guest blog post!! _______________________ Do you ever wonder the effectiveness of your website efforts? It’s not as if you could ask every visitor to your site what they clicked on, which page was most effective, and etc. As far as Google Analytics, you can easily monitor what keywords people used and the time users stay on your site. However, that information does not tell you how potent your online strategies were to convert prospects into clients. As mentioned in my social media marketing book, there is a concept called the Funnel Effect. Imagine all of the links out there – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, friends’ websites and so forth – driving traffic to you. These links will eventually funnel into one place, your website. This is normal. Do you book clients on Twitter? Probably not. In most cases, you book clients on your Contact Page. To calculate the effectiveness of your website, you have to setup conversion goals. Conversion Goals Before you begin, you must determine what the ultimate landing page will be. For... Read More