Keep It Simple (Stupid ;o)

Hey all! Today we want to chat about a topic that has become beyond important in our day to day business lives. Simplicity! simplicity: relates to the burden which a thing puts on someone trying to explain or understand it; the opposite of complexity.   Time is a really valuable asset and quickly becomes the only thing you have left once your business gets off the ground. Using it to the best of your ability is one of the main things that will help you grow your business. As our business began to really take of in 2008, we realized this principle really fast! We started to run out of time, and noticed that even the most remedial tasks needed a serious overhaul if we wanted to keep expanding what we were doing. We started looking at everything from how we downloaded our images, how we shot, how we edited, how we tracked our finances and everything in between to make sure that we were not wasting time doing things we shouldn’t. One area that was overlooked for quite some time, was wedding albums. We started to finally realize how much time we were spending doing things the hard way. We finally decided to make a change (gasp!) and switch album companies for 2011. Change can be hard in your business, and change can be scary. But many times this is just what you need to shake up your thinking and set you back on the path to succeeding!     We officially switched over to KISS books as our exclusive album company and do not offer any other... Read More