We just lost an entire wedding’s images!

…I am sooo glad that we have never had to say this! :) Now that we have your attention though, read on so that YOU never say this to a client.     “I treat my back-up process like a new baby. Never drop it just because I’m tired!“ – Zach Gray Let’s talk back-up systems and why the system you choose to use will either make you and your clients happy while keeping your precious images safe, or why it will potentially cause a MASSIVE problem in your business that you might not recover from. Even if you don’t shoot weddings, it does not mean that you can re-shoot something if you lose images. We had a friend who shot a senior session, and 2 weeks later the senior passed away. That may not ever happen to you, but it is just good practice to do everything within our power as a photographer to protect and back up images each and every time we shoot. Here is our system:  Step #1 – Download the Safest Way Possible     I first download all the images using the SD cards ONLY from my Canon 5d3. I use the SD cards because they only have a contact plate instead of 16 pins (like in your CF card) and there is less chance of breaking something when it is removed from the camera. I only download them in the office on a quality, Lexar USB 3 card reader that never leaves my office. It never leaves the office because the reader or the cables it uses can be damaged during travel, which gives you a higher chance... Read More

3 Essential Steps to Cutting your workflow time in HALF!

If you do what we tell you to do in this post, YOU can cut your editing workflow time in HALF. Find that hard to believe? Read on if you dare. : )      It is hard to have someone tell you to change your workflow. After all, it’s yours. It is a part of you. It has a lot to do with HOW you think and HOW you manage your images and your editing.   We want to challenge you. Don’t think of this post as telling you to change who you are or just generically edit your images to save time. Think of it as telling your workflow to work for you. Think of it as telling your workflow to ALWAYS behave because YOU are in charge of it. “(Workflow) goals are valuable because they are EASY to measure, and what can be measured, can be managed.” -Lewis Schiff, Business Brilliant Why does speeding up your workflow matter? It matters because THEY matter. Your clients matter, your kids matter, your spouse matters, and your friends matter. There are people out there who NEED you and the only thing most of us don’t have any more of is time. Give the people you love the most important thing you can; your attention. Your time spent in editing matters because people are counting on you. And those people are your family. (tweet this out!)   So, with that in mind, here are 3 Essential Steps that we KNOW can cut your workflow in half. 1. Write down Each Step in YOUR process   When you write down each step in the process (be as specific as possible!!) you do yourself two favors. The first one is that you... Read More

Protecting your images at destination weddings

 (Washington, DC wedding) We are back with more Q and A and today, we are taking a question from Walter from Walter E Homan Photography!   He asked: “I know my back up process when shooting local weddings, but we have our first destination wedding coming up, so how do you protect the images when your away at destination gigs? Also, we get to spend 2 nights in a nice hotel and I’d like to take my wife out and enjoy the town a little the day after. What do you do with your gear? Just leave it in the room? What do you do with the cards?”   Back it up baby!               When shooting destination weddings, we always bring a back up USB 3 hard drive and do a back up of all the images the night of the wedding in the hotel room. We ONLY take out the SD card from our camera and leave the CF card in the camera. We also make sure that we use a high quality card reader and are careful to not damage the reader or the cables. A damaged card reader or cable is one of the top reasons for a “card failure.”    Back up while you shoot! We shoot with the Canon 5D3 which allows you to shoot with two cards at once and mirror the images. This means that each time you take a picture, the camera can record it in two places. We use the 64 gig Extreme Pro SD card, and the 64 gig Extreme Pro CF card... Read More

Friday Finds | Color Calibration

The Spyder 4 Elite is what we use to calibrate all of our monitors in our studio to ensure that what we see on the screen, is what we will get back in print. Calibrating your monitor is an absolute necessity if you want to make sure your bride and groom’s faces don’t end up orange in their album. :) The Spyder 4 Elite is really versatile and can tweak any monitor you have including your laptop, your iPhone or even the flat screen TV you use for showcasing images to your clients at in-home sales sessions! All you do is download the software, place the Spyder over your screen, and it shoots out and array of colors and contrast settings and then reads it, tweaks it and streamlines your color, brightness and contrast. It is amazing! If you have never calibrated your monitor, when you first do this, it can freak you out since everything might look way different. But just remember, it always looked that way, you just didn’t realize it. :) A few things to keep in mind when it comes to color calibration and editing: Laptops screens for the most part can never really be calibrated as they are not able to accurately show colors, contrast ratios and are not designed for editing. They also can shift their color in a matter of days or weeks and need to constantly be re-calibrated just to be in the ballpark (and many can’t even be adjusted to any real accuracy at all). If you are in the habit of heading to your favorite coffee shop with your laptop to adjust color and tweak... Read More

Friday Finds | Black X

This is the Black X from Thermaltake. This is a device that allows you to take an internal hard drive (inserted in the top in the photo) and have your computer read that externally. We use this as a part of our back-up process as our way of getting images off-site for cheap. What we do, is we get home from shooting a gig, then download our RAW images to multiple hard drives with this being one of them. We then take this hard drive out of the Black X, put it back in the blue static bag that it came with (static can mess up hard drives when they are exposed) and then send the RAW images on the drive over to a friends house. This allows us to have an off-site back up in case of flood, fire or theft, and protects our clients images as best we can. We highly recommend doing that especially if you shoot weddings which can’t be re-shot. The Black X is only $50, and then you can buy one internal hard drive for around $69 or so, then just erase it when you need to once your JPG images from the shoot edited and backed up online. For $119 total you can have an off-site back up system that works great! Check it out and pick up a Black X HERE, and grab an internal WD hard drive... Read More

One Tool that can save you HOURS of editing!

  When you spend your day multi-tasking, like going from building an album, to checking an email, you lose a small amount of productivity as you move between tasks. According to Tim Ferris (4 Hour Workweek), you lose exactly 45 seconds each time you move from one task to another. So about 90 seconds is lost as you move to a task, work on it, then move back. Yikes!! In a typical work day, checking 30 tasks (like email and FB) will lose you about 45 minutes of total productivity. The same applies for EDITING. When you are culling images (like picking the keepers for your clients) or editing, you end up moving your mouse, then pressing buttons on your keyboard with only your left hand. This is unnatural and causes you to take your eyes off the screen, and look down at your keyboard, then look back at the screen which slows down productivity. So, what is the answer to this problem?   So, today we want to introduce you to a simple, yet powerful tool that can literally speed up your post processing times by hours. Introducing the Shuttle Pro V2 I first heard about this tool from Jared Platt, and what is powerful about the Shuttle Pro V2 is it is an ergonomically designed quick control key that you can program to take over simple or complex functions in any program you choose. So for example, instead of pressing “P” to pick an image as a keeper in Lightroom, you can simply press a button that is in an easily muscle memorized location on the Shuttle. This allows you to... Read More

$330 Giveaway Times Two!!

          Are you ready to WIN this $330 CF Card that WE use when we shoot weddings? Here is what you need to do to win: 1. Sign up for our creativeLIVE 1 day course at http://bit.ly/creativeGRAY 2. Tweet and Facebook (or Instagram), “Win a $330 @Sandisk #CFcard. Enroll in @zachandjody‘s @creativeLIVE course! Sign up & RT to win http://bit.ly/creativeGRAY“ 3. You MUST sign up by Friday the 13th!! We will pick a winner Wednesday September 18th and announce it via Twitter! Oh, did we mention we are doing TWO giveaways? How sweet is... Read More

Dramatic Studio Lighting | Burst Shoot

A few months back we had the privilege to shoot a commercial gig for BurstClub.com that happens to be owned by our dear friends Nathan and Jenni Oates. These guys were amazing to work with and we all had a blast on the shoot! The images are for their new promo material and for their 4 DVD set. The images needed to be very slick and styled, so we had to change up our shooting style to get the job done!   This shoot was a lot different then what we normally do for wedding images where our brides want that soft, pretty light that makes their skin look painted on. This shoot needed much more of an edge to it with the lighting, but also keeping some of that Zach and Jody style with the soft buttery look. So the first thing we did to achieve that look was to not use our typical 24×32 Wesctott soft-box that we use on all of our lit wedding portraits, and opted instead to use a 22 inch silver beauty dish from Paul C. Buff.   The real benefit and difference between using a soft-box (which is basically like having a big soft window), is with a beauty dish, you still get that soft buttery light when it is used in close, but you have much more dramatic shadows and highlights. Because of the design, it shoots out a narrow, 45 degree beam of light that allows the light to be shaped and placed much more specifically then with a soft-box. The cool thing about the silver vs buying a white... Read More

Behind the Image, Salt Barn

Jody and I just got back from Toronto where we were guest Keynote Speakers for the Exposure Show and now we are back and rockin out today’s tips! Today, we are going back to a series we started last fall where we take images from weddings and workshops, and break them down for you guys so that you can do them as well! Ready? Here we go!!   So this image above, although it can seem crazy looking, is actually not that difficult to pull off and the entire look was done all in-camera with zero Photoshop! Images like this are something that we do for workshops, for engagement sessions and for bridal shoots (or if we shot senior sessions, this would be something we would rock out) because we have a little bit more time to set them up and light them. The above shot was taken later in the afternoon (about 45 minutes before sunset) in front of this cool salt barn that is just near our house in Franklin. Here is how we did it.   Exposure Settings on the 5D Mark 3 with 24-70L 2.8 lens ISO 100, 2.8, 1/100th of a second Here is an image that we took of the barn with a down the middle exposure trying to capture a little detail in the sky and a small amount of detail in the salt barn itself. As you can see, it is MUCH brighter in the sky (the sun was setting behind the salt barn so it is back lit) and much darker in the foreground of the composition. We wanted to... Read More

Lightroom 4

To buy, or not to buy! Today for Tuesday Tips and Tricks we are taking a quick look into Lightroom 4 and a few really cool features that we are excited about! Instead of typing out a super long and wordy post, we decided to make a video for you all! Mainly because we think you all are worthy of a video and KNOW that you love seeing our little tiny faces! ;)   So, enjoy the video and then decide for yourself if the upgrade is worth it for you! If you are currently in Lightroom version 4, then the upgrade price has dropped down to only $79 which is really nice. You can check out Lightroom 4 HERE and grab it the download! If you are still using Photoshop to edit, then stop as fast as you can and start using Lightroom!! :) See you all next week!! [iframe: src=”http://player.vimeo.com/video/38543726?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0″ width=”800″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen... Read More

Winner Announced + Weekend Special! | Reception Lighting at a Whole New Level

It is time to announce the winner of the Rouge FlashBender 3-piece kit (Large FlashBender, Small FlashBender, and Bounce Card) by Expo Imaging! The winner who followed the four steps (followed Zach & Jody and then ExpoImaging Twitter, signed up for our newsletter, and tweeted the given message) and will now add to their gear collection the Rouge FlashBender 3-piece kit is…. @augieshoots! Congrats to Augie! Contact us at winner@grayphotograph.com with your mailing address and we will get your prize sent out to you!! Congrats!! Thanks again to Expo Imaging for the giveaway! For those of you who didn’t win, we have a weekend special that Expo Imaging has created just for you all for this weekend only!! The Special: For this weekend only, if you purchase the Rogue 3 Piece FlashBender Kit or the Rogue 3 Piece FlashBender Kit + Grid from the ExpoImaging website, they will throw in the Bounce Card for free! The pricing breakout & savings: 3 Piece FlashBender Kit for $74.90 (regularly $104.85) 3 Piece FlashBender Kit + Grid for $124.85 (regularly $154.80) Discount Code to enter at checkout on ExpoImaging.com: graytweet. This sale ends Sunday night so don’t miss out on having your reception lighting look as awesome as the below :)... Read More

Win to Have Your Reception Lighting Taken to the Next Level!

Have you ever been stuck in a really cruddy lighting situation either outdoors with nothing to bounce your flash off of, or indoors, but the walls and ceilings are miles away or made entirely of dark wood or some material nearly impossible to us bounce flash? So what can you do to bring in some lighting awesomeness to your shots? We would like to share with you the Rouge FlashBender by Expo Imaging. We found ourselves in the above lighting dilemma when we were shooting a wedding here at a venue right outside of Nashville – all the walls were brick and the ceiling was wood. There wasn’t too much ambient light in the room either except for a LITTLE bit of uplighting and Italian hanging lights. So we put on the biggest flashbender that came in our 3-piece kit (10″ x 11″) because remember, the bigger the light-source, the softer the light, and for extra effect, we took our flash off-camera. Then for fun, we set up a kicker light in the background shooting toward back at our awesome couple. (At the time we had our flashes controlled by the Pocket Wizard Pluss II Transmitter & Transceiver but have since switched to the CyberSync Transmitter and CyberSync Receiver).   (To view more reception shots from Aaron & Mallory’s wedding, follow this link to view their wedding blog post). Pretty cool, eh? AND, it gets even cooler… The reason it’s called the Rouge FlashBENDER is because you can actually bend the rouge to help direct the light where you want it to go. Want in on this excitement? Here’s... Read More

Your Camera Bag Can Save Your Life

Today we want do a review of some new gear that we recently purchased and give you guys the skinny on how and why we chose the new camera bag we did. Jody and I have been using the awesome Lowepro Pro Roller 2 for the last 4 years straight (you can see a video of “what’s in our camera bag” on the blog HERE to see more of this bag that is now discontinued). The Lowepro Pro Roller 2 was replaced by the Pro Roller X300 which is also a stellar bag, but just came short of the one we decided to purchase for 2012. We ended up getting the Think Tank Airport Security V2.0 and are extremely excited and happy with the buy! So, why did we get this bag and what makes it so great? Let’s dive in!   So there are a number of features that made this bag go over the top for us and help us make the decision to purchase it. After using our Pro Roller for 4 years, we really know exactly what works, and what does not work with a bag and lots of thought went into this decision. First up, one of the best ideas we have yet to see in a roller bag, are Think Tank’s “Emergency Shoulder Straps.” These straps are hidden on the back of the bag for normal rolling use, but in the rare occasion that us wedding photographers are shooting at a venue that is all gravel or not condusive to rolling a bag, we can bust out these straps, lock them to the... Read More

Westcott Winner Announced + A Friday Laugh…

It’s the morning you all have been waiting for! It is time to announce the winner of one, 7 foot (yes, you read that right – SEVEN FEET) Parabolic shoot-through Umbrella with mounting bracket, stand, and travel case from Westcott Lighting! Check out what it can do in this past post HERE or click on the image below!! We were using this bad boy during an artist shoot yesterday evening… here is the silhouette of it… ah, what a beauty :) Stay tuned to the blog to see another shot of what the light looks coming out of this bad boy. Because the light source is so big, it paints the light on the subject(s) and looks AWESOME! The winner who followed the four steps (followed Zach & Jody and then Westcott Lighting on Twitter, signed up for our newsletter, and tweeted the given message) and will now add to their lighting modifier collection iiiiiiis…. @_meganbennett all the way from Sydney, Australia!! Congrats to Megan!!!! Contact us at winner@grayphotograph.com with your mailing address and which umbrella you would like (listed below) and we will get your prize sent out to you!! Congrats!! Three Umbrella Options: White Diffusion Umbrella White Black Umbrella Silver Umbrella Thanks again to Westcott for the giveaway! We are honored to be a part of their Top Endorsed Pros. Make sure to come back Monday where we will be having one more giveaway for this month!!!!!!!! :) :) Now, for those of you who didn’t win, we do have a little pick-me-up if you are a little down about not winning… My (Jody) sister sent me... Read More

Winner announced for the SanDisk USB Flash Drive!

Now it is time to announce the winner of the SanDisk Cruzer Edge 8 Gig USB Flash drive!!! The winner who followed the four steps (followed Zach & Jody and then SanDisk on Twitter, Sign up for our newsletter, and tweeted the given message) and will now add to their SanDisk collection with this 8 gig flash drive is…. @yusufgunawan!! Congrats to Yusef! Contact us at winner@grayphotograph.com with your mailing address and we will get your prize sent out to you!! Congrats!! Thanks again to SanDisk for the giveaway! We are honored to be a part of their SanDisk Extreme Team. Make sure to check out the other photographers on SanDisk’s Extreme Team Website! Thanks for playing, stay tuned tomorrow because we have another giveaway going up by the one and only Westcott... Read More

And the winner goes to…

Now it is time to announce the winner of the Expo Disc!!! (For those of you who checked back here yesterday, we thank-you for your patience – we had a family emergency come up). The winner who followed the four steps (follow GrayPhotography and then ExpoImaging on Twitter, Sign up for our newsletter, and tweet the given message) will now receive the tool that will dramatically change how the color of her images look IN-CAMERA, and will result in WAY less editing time on the back-end is… @RhemaFaith Congrats to Rhema! Rhema – contact us at winner@grayphotograph.com with your mailing address and your Expo Disc will get sent out to you!! For the rest of you – Expo Imaging was gracious to give us a 20% discount for those of you who you would like to purchase your own Expo Disc – it’s AMAZING!! (Good rule of thumb – buy the Neutral disc and in regards to size – get the Expo Disc for your biggest lens) Instructions on claiming your 20% off: When checking out at ExpoImaging.com, use promo code: graytweet (all lowercase). Promo code expires Monday, August 1st! Thanks for all of you who tweeted and stay tuned for more... Read More

Win to Have Your Editing Time forever Changed!

Do you want your shooting forever changed? Do you want your editing time reduced dramatically?? Well, we are giving away one free Expo Disc from Expo Imaging which will do just that for you!!!! See the difference that the Expo Disc can make! Here’s how you can enter to win: 1. Follow Zach & Jody on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/GrayPhotography) 2. Follow Follow Expo Imaging on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/ExpoImaging) 3. Sign up for Zach & Jody’s Photographer newsletter for free monthly exclusive photo tips & tricks (http://tinyurl.com/yhudaqt) 4. Tweet the following message (multiple tweets do not help the cause :) Text for you to copy: WIN to have your editing time forever changed w/ @GrayPhotography & @ExpoImaging w/ the ExpoDisc! Pls RT Info- http://tinyurl.com/3v8jucz About the Prize: Winner will receive: 77mm Expo Disc Neutral Value: $99.95 + lots of your editing time! :) Don’t you hate it how sometimes you spend FOREVER in Lightroom or Photoshop trying to get the stinkin’ correct white balance for your images? Waste time no more! The ExpoDisc will change all of that!! Read our past blog post for more information on the Expo Disc and what it does: Prize Redemption: Winner will be announced on our blog, Friday July 29th, and it will be the responsibility of the winners to contact GrayPhotography (winner@grayphotograph.com) within 24 hours with mailing address or new winner will be chosen. Restrictions: Prize cannot be redeemed for... Read More

Secret Service Shooter!

Hey all! This weeks  blog is about none other than communicating like a Secret Service agent/ninja! Let’s jump right in! When we are out shooting weddings, we have to be a lot of things to a lot of people. From tie tier (one who ties ties), dress bustler (one who bustles dresses), cake cutting instructor, to being the impromptu wedding planner! We have lots of jobs at the wedding, but the most important one is of course, being the photographer. And nothing is worse when shooting with a spouse, a second or an assistant and not being able to stay in constant communication. The hardest thing during a ceremony is trying to get another person’s attention when they are across the room or the on the other side of the vineyard, especially when you need them in two seconds AND they are totally in your shot (I, Zach am never in Jody’s shots just for the record ;) so, we need a way to stay in touch without having to pull out the cell phone and have guests thinking that we are updating our Facebook status. Insert awesome walkie talkies! (Thanks to Instagram for the photo!) Jody and I have been using these bad boys for the last few years and let us tell you, not only do you look cool as all get out, but they really come in handy when you need to chat! We can’t tell you how many times we have needed to say something really fast in order to get the other person’s attention to be able to nail a shot, get something done... Read More

Setting the Mood with a Video Light

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s blog post! We are beyond excited that you guys come here week in and week out to check out the goodness, and we are super excited to have you here! Today we are going to go over the basics of utilizing a video light in your wedding or portrait work. The video light is an awesome tool that we have been using for a few years, but as many of you may know, it can sometimes be super difficult to use for portraits because the light can either look really awesome, or REALLY bad! Most of the time, we use the video light for things other than just taking portraits, like using it to help us focus on a really dark exit shot, using it as a background light to add some more depth and separation, or using it to light small things like flowers or the cake at the reception. We will get into those uses in another post, but today we wanted to dive right into the most difficult way to use it; as the Main Light source for a portrait shot. Sometimes you are just stuck shooting the bride and groom in the reception, or in a dark room with little available light and you have to get an awesome shot. You don’t want to use a strobe because it is too big, or too much set-up work and you want a constant light source that makes focusing on your subject easier. So today, we are going to share some basic tips for getting your video light portraits to look... Read More

Reception Lighting, Part I

It’s Tuesday!! Time to share some more goodness! Some of the biggest challenges in shooting a wedding is the dreaded RECEPTION! With low lit reception halls, or outdoor receptions with no walls or ceilings to bounce light off of, lighting can most definitely be not for the faint at heart… Today, we are going to tackle one part of reception lighting – how we shoot the details and get fantastic shots consistently and with some style. Pull up a chair, sit back and relax and watch us tackle Part I of Tuesday Tips & Tricks | Reception Lighting. Gear we referenced: 42″ 6-in-1 Reflector Kit Pocket Wizard Transceiver Westcott Lightweight Stand Westcott Adjustable Shoe Mount Canon 580EX Speedlights Micro Apollo 8″ **Make sure to come back next week for Part II, and don’t forget that once a month we are releasing exclusive Tuesday Tips & Tricks via our newsletter! Make sure you are subscribed to our photographer... Read More

Is the iPad REALLY Beneficial to a Photographer’s Business?

You have heard the rumors… … You have wondered if they are true… …. And you have come to the source to find out… … Ok, ok, we admit it! Yes, us PC users have added another mac to our collection of technological toys… We have an iPad! Is this necessary? Maybe not. Has it been convenient and fun to have? Yes. There have been many discussions as to if the iPad is actually beneficial to a photographer and their business or is more of a luxury. So lets let the public decide. What do you think? As you ponder this deep question we thought we would share the cooler apps we have accumulated up to this point… Our Favorite Fun Apps so far: -Words with Friends: Crossword puzzles with each other and with friends! Does it get any better than that? -NYTimes: We don’t get the paper so it’s a nice and quick way to stay up on the latest news -AllRecipes: A super cool app for cooking! You can search by ingredient, prep time, dietary needs, and more, and the coolest thing – you can change the serving amount and it will update all the ingrediants! So nice for when we cook for only two of us! Our Favorite Business Apps so far: -KeyNote: This bad boy isn’t free but it lets us run our powerpoints from it! Sweet! -Simplenote: A really cool way to take notes and then share them with others simultaneously. It allows them to edit the document and it updates in real time. Coool… -Square: We just got it and have yet to... Read More
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Big Light vs Little Light

Today’s photography tips and tricks blog is all about the difference between big, powerful light sources and small, low powered light sources. Many photographers might wonder how (and if) you can use a small light source and still get that painted-on look with light, so we are going to talk about the reality of that, and how to get the look you want, and use the gear that works for you. You can get that painted-on light look by using great, natural light like in the shot above, but today we are going to talk about off-camera light sources and break down the “quality” of their light. All of the principles we will discuss directly relate to natural light as well, so keep that in mind! So, what is the big difference between a large light source (like a big soft box) and a small light source (like a speedlight 580 or SB 800)? The difference in the “quality” of the light source is night and day! And by quality, we mean soft, even light that looks like it was photo-chopped before you actually photo-chopped it. Let’s look at the real difference between large and small light sources. Large light sources: Soft and pretty looking, softer shadows, light that appears to be painted-on, very flattering to any skin type, easier to work with and more room for error Small light sources: Harsh looking light, added contrast, not flattering to skin (especially in-perfect skin), slim margin for error when using it It is very important, I believe, to be able to handle both small and large light sources because you... Read More
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Enhancing Your Images with a Reflector!

There are soooo many awesome techniques out there to enhance your imagery, but today we wanted to talk about a tool that sometimes can get overlooked – The Reflector! Photography IS light, and having a reflector on hand at any type of portrait shoot can truly make or break your images (and not having one when you need it can kill you in post-production trying to fix your shot)! We always carry a few Westcott pop-open reflectors and diffusers with us on any shoot that we do which enable us to control bad light, and enhance good light to make it into great light. Rarely do we come into any lighting situation, especially when doing stylized portraits, and see some truly amazing light, so we are almost always reaching for a tool that can bring our shot to the next level. So, today we are going to show some images that we have taken recently utilizing reflectors (before and after shots) and we are also going to talk about HOW to properly use a reflector to get the best looking shot possible with it. We will also touch on which colors to use and when, because as many of you know, reflectors have up to five different surface color options to use – black, white, silver, gold and silver/gold. Let’s start with the surface colors and what each color is for: White: Used to reflect whatever color light is out there. It does not warm or cool down the color of the natural light. Used best for reflecting direct sunlight. Silver: Used to add a little more light to... Read More