How to create a Painterly Effect on your Images

I (Zach) have been asked a few times why some of my images or backgrounds have a painted look and how I create that effect. Today, I am going to show you how to do it. The Artists Just 3 days ago, I photographed the Matt & Ben from Likewise near my house in Franklin, TN. We are updating their promo shots and  getting them a cover shot for a new single. We had a stellar day with some blue skies and some nice clouds, and even though the direction of the shoot was not necessarily that style, we wanted to capture a few images of it all. Sometimes you want to go in one direction for a shoot, but something else you do ends up being the favorite from the day. Getting the Painted Look We then headed to this spot that had a nice open view of the afternoon sky and set up. The reason that the images have a “painted” look, is 3 fold which I will break down for you.   Key 1. Large Light Source (image of the 59 inch Zeppelin Modifier used for this shoot to give you an idea of the size) Many of you know this and we preach it all the time, but the larger the light source the softer the light. What I sometimes forget to mention, is that large, soft light looks like it is Painted On to your subject because of the way it creates beautiful (soft) transitions between highlight and shadow. Small light sources create much harsher shadow lines and therefore looks much more “flashy” and a lot less painted.... Read More