Friday Fun | Making Travel Easier for Photographers

In honor of thousands of us all traveling to Vegas for WPPI, we thought that this Friday’s Fun Blog couldn’t come at better timing! Packing for Vegas can be tricky! From clothes for different climates, a variety of shoes and of course, camera gear, things can get interesting. As people who love our iPhones, iPads, and other electronic gear, it can be a challenge getting through the airport with all of our bags, while being able to text, email and have a 3 way call between friends all at the same time! Fear no more! SkyMall has done it again and come to our rescue with this awesome, and oh-so-cool looking way to get around the airport HANDSFREE! Introducing – The Helpy for only $29.99! Strap on the harness, and turn your old-school “drag your bag with your hands” look, into the newest “now you look like a mule dragging your bag behind you with a creepy looking harness” look! It’s the most hip way to be cool in the airport and all the kids are doing it! Thank-you Skymall for once again, making our lives better, while adding a bit of flair! PS. How much would you have to get paid to use this? We DARE someone to get this bad boy and walk around the MGM dragging their rolling camera bag….. he he... Read More

Friday Fun | Our Sky Mall Christmas Lists

It’s Friday, and we have just gotten back from our travels, so you know what that means! It’s Friday Fun with Sky Mall! In honor of the Christmas season, we are going to be putting a twist on this Sky Mall blog post. Instead of showing how Sky Mall can make your business better ;o), we have challenged each other to find ONE thing out of Sky Mall to put on our Christmas list… ha ha ha. ZACH Delonghi Exlusivo Espresso/Coffee Maker I LOVE coffee and have unfortunately been through 4 different machines trying to get the right brew, only to find myself wanting with our current one. This machine though, is the mac of mac daddies and does exactly what I want which is make me a totally real, totally legit cup of espresso while doing all the hard manual work for me. It slices, it dices and it even makes Julian fries!! I want this baby bad and the price tag is to match! I’m talking pure awesomeness! $1,499.99 for a machine that will actually grind the beans for you on demand! We always say that you get what you pay for, so if anyone wants to be on my “I love you forever “ list, then order me one cup-o-joe please! JODY Normally, I’m pretty practical when it comes to the family asking me what I would like for Christmas. You know, I could use a book light, or we have been meaning to get a new spatula, and of course, who can’t use more socks come Christmas time! Ha ha. But if I had to... Read More

Friday Fun | SkyMall’s Solution To Making Your Business Better

It is time to bring you another rousing round of how Sky Mall can make your business better in honor of our trip to California! Problem: Ever find yourself at the end of a wedding with your feet feeling like they are going to fall off because you have been walking around them ALLLL day?? Solution: Introducing Orbitwheels! (aka The Ankle Breakers) Orbitwheels is a cross between a skateboard and inline skates (but with more freedom and simplicity) and you can zip from one spot to another so fast without even lifting a food to take a step! Let’s raise our standard in the photography industry and really shoot in SPEED and STYLE!! This IS what you need! Strap on a rad looking safety helmet, and simply step into the foot hoops and you’re off able to perform countless tricks and maneuvers impressing not only your bride and groom but all the wedding guests as well! So no more tired feet at a wedding (although the risk of breaking your ankles increases tenfold), get Orbitwheels and change the way you transport around at your shooting events! Pick up a Sky Mall and get yours today! Thank-you Sky Mall for providing great solutions for... Read More

Friday Fun | Reason 2 Why Sky Mall Made my Business Better!

In honor of our latest travels to Sandusky, OH we thought that we would bring to you another incredible find from the world of limitless possibilities. Sky Mall! Have you ever been shooting a wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, portrait session or fill-in-the-blank, and the heat of the day was just too much to bear? Would it not be absolutely amazing if there was some sort of solution for all of your cooling needs? Well, if you know that 50% percent of your body’s cooling power is in the head, then why not drench it with water?! Introducing the personal “hair” conditioner. Not only will you have that really great “wet dog” look when you take this baby off, but this stylish hat can bring you some much needed relief while on the go! Now, if they could just make a matching pair of underwear, we would be in heaven! :) Leave us a message and tell us about the HOTTEST shoot you have ever been on! ….We once shot a wedding where it was sooo hot, that the wedding planner brought out rolls of paper towel to dry everyone’s bodies off! True... Read More

Friday Fun | The Secret to our Youthful Looks… Sky Mall

The latest Friday Fun series that you will see here and there every few Fridays is inspired by our travels. Every time we get on a flight to go to some beautiful exotic location (like Wisconsin or Indiana) we love to get inspired on our route by picking up the brilliantly designed, and most informative magazine ever created by human hands – Sky Mall. Are you ready to make your life better? If so, then read away! Today we will be featuring an amazing tech gadget that every home should not do without – The Face Trainer by no! no!. If you are in need of a little toning around the chin section, if you have bags under your eyes, if your forehead is a bit wrinkly, then this might just be the new toy you need! Ever wonder how Jody and I keep our youthful, glorious faces so tight and wrinkle free? Wonder no more. You would never know that we both once had skin hanging down from our faces and had to pin up our cheeks with duct tape. No! No! longer! Let us present to you our little secret! Do you want to look as happy as the women in the picture above? Then give it a try! Only $149! What is your favorite gadget from Sky Mall? Let us know about something that changed your life because we all want to share in... Read More

Friday Fun | The Croonings of a 3-year Old

Don’t you just love things that make you smile? We do too – hence our Friday Fun blog postings! The other night when friend & photographer Ginny Corbett was in town we got on a little You Tube video watching kick and we were introduced to this little fella and so we wanted to share the goodness with all of you… Love the passion…. Love the facial expressions… Love the lack of correct words… It’s simply adorable. Little Awesome Kid covering Jason Maraz’ “I Am... Read More