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Friday Fun | Free Advertising

by Jody on September 20, 2013, posted in Friday Fun

With our little bundle of joy due 6 weeks from today, we thought that we would start him off as soon as possible working for the business.

We have decided to auction off advertising space on the baby outfit he will be wearing for the first images we post online for him.

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This past weekend Zach and I took a mini roadtrip to visit my grandparents.  I don’t know what life would be without family, especially grandparents!!!

I’m so thankful that 1) I get the pleasure of knowing my grandparents and 2) that I got to live with them for a few years growing up.  I always love it when I can spend time with them, and this weekend was no exception! [click to continue…]


Friday Fun | A Home Built For 3

by Zach & Jody on August 23, 2013, posted in Friday Fun

Jody and I decided about 3 months ago to sell our house and build (to read more about how it happened, CLICK HERE), and are excited to share some updates!

Just 2 weeks ago, we were just getting the permits re-approved for our foundation adjustments and went out to the house with some friends and snapped this shot.

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Friday Finds | Behind the Scenes RAW Videos

by Zach on April 19, 2013, posted in Friday Finds,Friday Fun

Coming Soon!! We are putting together some video tutorials on how we create dynamic portrait shots and will detail EVERY SINGLE part of the shoot! If you want to be able to create incredible, creative and hyper-real portraits, then this series will be for you. We will show you the idea and thought process, the gear, the lighting, angles and all the post-production to create the final images. These videos are going to be called In The Raw and are being created as we speak!


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Friday Fun/Finds | Hoodie Pillow!

by Zach & Jody on February 15, 2013, posted in Friday Finds,Friday Fun

If you don’t watch Shark Tank, then you should. 1. Because it is really entertaining, and 2. Because you get to see how the big dawgs (multi-100 millionaires and billionaires) negotiate and think. People that have figured out how to make that kind of money know something we don’t (most things about business) and it is a great way to learn a small part of how they think.

So, we were watching the latest episode as we like to do, and saw something amazing! We travel a ton and were on the road 260 days last year alone. We flew over 60,000 miles in 2012 and let us tell you, you want some alone time after doing that! :) The biggest problem with traveling is listening to the same in-flight safety speech, sitting next to some dude who does not realize you need some time to sleep or relax, and the overly bright lights they flash on and off in your face. Problem solved! Introducing…..


The Travel Hoddie Pillow

This pillow gives you everything that rocks about a Hoodie, without the Hoodie!

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