GrayPhotography Wins Best in Nashville Wedding Photographers, Wedding Blog & Vendor Who Wows!

There’s so much to share about we don’t know where to begin :) The response from our workshops has been amazing, and things are still set up for online registration to begin on Monday! We have the first part of an artist shoot happening tomorrow of Aussies Luke & Joel of which we will blog about in due time. In the meantime we are also preparing for a trip we are taking next week to freezing CT! We are visiting amazing photographer friends Justin & Mary Marantz and will be speaking at their PUG, which we are pumped about! But today, we will want to honor all of our Brides, Grooms, and Parents for voting and for Ashley’s hard work in seeking out the best wedding vendors in Nashville. Ashley’s Bride Guide is a local wedding resource for Brides who are are looking to plan their Nashville wedding. Ashley conducted a survey & search of all past brides in the last year to find the top wedding vendors and to create her A-List Best of Nashville Weddings. We were honored to be named one of the top three in the below categories. Best Nashville Wedding BlogsVendors Who WowBest Photography Thanks for all of you for voting!!! We really strive to offer an amazing and different product, great service and to have your wedding be one of the best days ever! To see others honored on the A-list click... Read More

Famous Wedding Invitations- Mark Your Calendars!

Any of you heard of Sarah Evans? Country music singer… Yeah, we thought so :) As some of you may know, Sarah Evans got married last year and the printed pieces came from the Williamson County Weddings and Events boutique. Just a reminder that the lovely ladies of Williamson County Weddings and Events are hold a Social Invitation Showcase on Sunday, Feb 22nd at CJ’s Off The Square right in downtown Franklin. Again, check out their Blog Post for more information, and don’t forget to register! And of course, Zach and I WILL be stopping by… if you need any more incentive to come... Read More

Best Blog Ever?!?

Only 4 days to vote! We may not have the best blog EVER, but with over 16,000 visits (and over 25,000 page views) from not only people across the US but from other continents as well – all in the 7 months we have had our blog going – that’s got to count for something :) We would love your vote on Professional Photographer Magazine‘s Fresh Blog Voting Contest. Check it out here and in the upper left hand corner, enter 0011 to see our entry and vote for us! VOTING ENDS THE 15TH of this month so take 20 Seconds and cast your vote for us… and maybe we’ll consider keeping up this blog… ;o) ha... Read More

A Great Deal for an Awesome Wedding Venue! Save $1,000!

This image was taken in the back by their perennial gardens and gazebo For those who have not heard, CJ’s Off The Square is having a HUGE sale on all remaining 2009 spring/summer wedding dates. Save $1000 off the facility fee for Friday, Saturday or Sunday This is for a limited time only. Offer applies to wedding rates only and is valid on wedding dates through August 31, 2009. We have shot weddings here and this is a really great place to have your wedding! It’s picturesque, can be customized to fit any of your needs as a bride, and most importantly, one gets great service. Contact them to see if they still have your wedding date... Read More

2009 Bride’s Choice Award – Nashville’s Own GrayPhotography!

Official press release from Wedding Wire… Wedding Wire, the nation’s leading wedding technology company, just announced that GrayPhotography has won the 2009 Bride’s Choice Awards™! In its inaugural year, the Bride’s Choice Awards recognizes and honors vendors from the WeddingWire Network that demonstrate excellent quality of service, responsiveness, professionalism, value of cost and flexibility. This year’s recipients represent the top three percent of WeddingWire’s vendor community, which includes over 100,000 wedding vendors from across the US. That means GrayPhotography is one of the very best wedding Photographers. Unlike other awards in which winners are selected by the company, the Bride’s Choice Awards are determined exclusively by recent newlyweds through surveys and reviews. “We are excited to launch this annual award program to honor high-performing vendors based solely on the experiences of our WeddingWire community,” according to Timothy Chi, WeddingWire’s Chief Executive Officer. “This year’s recipients have set the bar high, exhibiting excellent service and expertise in the wedding industry.” _________________________ Blah, blah blah… :) Thanks, Brides & Grooms who have given us great reviews, and if you have yet to, feel free to go to our page on WeddingWire and painlessly fill out info on your experience with... Read More

GrayPhotography is Guest Blogging :)

If you are a wedding vendor or bride to be – Christine Boulton‘s Think Like A Bride is a cool resource for marketing, getting in the minds of brides, and many other things that you will just have to visit her site to see for yourself. Christine also manages a blog, and quite some time ago she asked us to be a guest blogger, and we finally came through for her! :) Ah, what a patience woman she is… :o) To see the article we wrote, head on over to Christine’s blog and have a... Read More

Local Brides & Party Planners – Add to your February Calendars!

Glad you all have enjoyed the latest “behind-the-scenes” blog. We’ll make sure to do more of those. Thanks for leaving feedback! If you have yet to come in contact with the amazing ladies of Williamson County Weddings and Events, you are missing out!!! Not only do they host great game nights (click HERE to see my awesome Pictionary drawing of Twilight, and while you’re at it, become our Facebook friend and fan), BUT they are great people and great business women! On Sunday, Feb 22nd they are hosting the 1st Annual Social Invitation Showcase at their venue, CJ’s Off The Square! This is not just for Brides who may still need their invitations taken care of, but for those who are planning other events (e.g. birthday parties) or even need something like Baby Announcements. Check out their Blog Post for more information, and don’t forget to register! By the way Zach and I WILL be there… if you need any more incentive to come :) For those photo lovers, here are just a few shots of some weddings we have done with... Read More

Vote for Your Fav Photogs!

The deadline is drawing near for Ashley’s Bride Guide Best of 2008 Awards! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite vendors including your favorite photographers, best blog, & best all around vendors! Bride & Groom and Parents can vote! By voting you could win a $100 Visa Gift Card. Oooh ahhhh… :) For more details and to vote, visit the blog she has set up for this! Enjoy your weekend, folks and get excited for Monday’s post! Two clues – Midgets & Bowling... Read More

Rent Your Wedding Cake?

Happy Tuesday! Hope you all enjoyed your day off yesterday in honor of the great Martin Luther King, Jr and all he did for our country and the equality of people. Today we want to share with you some more yummy looking cakes that we shot a little bit before Christmas! For those of you who attended the bridal show on Jan 3rd in Nashville, you might have seen these cakes unveiled in the flesh at Shara’s booth (Cakes By Shara). It’s amazing how much cakes have evolved over the last few years. When we got married all we really saw were boring old cakes one after the other. We ended up having our cake dipped in chocolate and decorated with bright colored roses (see non-pro photo below) because we didn’t want any white, boring looking cakes. These days the options seem to be endless on what you can do! The cake wasn’t made yet when we did our shoot with Shara, but at the show, she had a groom’s cake of a Wii gaming system! We’ll start with my (Jody’s) favorite :) This cake below is referred to by Shara and her daughter as “The Happy Cake.” So appropriate we think! Or you can go for a little more upscale look. We have quite a few phenomenal cake makers here in Nashville. TN brides are lucky! For those who are looking to save $$ on their cake and maybe spend more on other areas of their wedding, Shara has created a rent-a-cake! To read more, visit her site, click on “About Cakes By Shara” and then... Read More

The Crazy Side of Us…

Sorry, not ready to announce/unveil what we have for you (super soon!) BUT we do have a great pic to show you!! Yesterday was the Premier Bride Nashville Convention Bridal Show and Zach and I went to say hi to our photographer friends as well as vendors who were apart of the show. We also brought along our friend Amy Lynn and stayed there for 4 hours!! We met Amy Lynn a few years ago when we were doing a shoot for a modeling/talent agency and the makeup artist we had lined up NEVER showed! By chance, our assistant knew someone who did makeup professionally, we called her on the spot and she came right out and did an AWESOME job! That was how we came to know the amazing Amy Lynn. Since then, Amy Lynn has been our #1 makeup artist to go for brides, artist shoots, bridesmaids, mother of the brides, and even did our makeup for the shoot we had of us recently (that’s kind of a clue for the surprise we have to reveal!…it’s a part of it, at least…). She left us for about 6 months to study airbrush makeup (so important with the work she does with films and such with everything going high-def and all). Check out her site – she’s got some great stuff as well as quite a few photos of the stuff she has done for us. She’s professional, friendly and we love her!! (oh, and she shows up!… and ON TIME). That’s all for now!... Read More

10,000 Stalkers of these Nashville Wedding Photographers!

Well you blog readers have done it! In the last 5 months of our blog, the number of visits have reached 10,000 with over 15,000 page views! Thanks for tagging along with the interesting and sometimes crazy lives of these Nashville Wedding Photographers (yes, that would be us)! We know you all come by and read, but not so many of you comment… so if you feel so inclined, introduce yourself and tell us what you like reading about and we’ll make sure to write more of what you blog readers are interested in! Speak up we love hearing from you! :) Thanks... Read More

Two Days in the Lighting World of Zach!

Some of you may wonder what we do day in and day out. First, every day is always different. Secondly, in good time, we will share one of our days with you…. BUT until then, here is what we have been up to these past 2 days. As you blog stalkers ;o) should know, Zach is a lighting guru. Light can make or break a photo. It’s not just about how bright or dark it is, light can set the mood and atmosphere, especially if you’re using a colored Neon Filter light. It can also affect photo quality. Too much darkness can look grainy (if you’ve ever taken a selfie in a dark corner of the room compared to natural sunlight you’ll know what we mean), too much light and it can be hard to see what’s going on. With Zach’s mad skilz and lighting knowledge, we MAKE great photos right in camera :) Anyway, yesterday and today, and continuing into next week (with a slight pause for a wedding we have this weekend!) Zach is working with an amazing photographer friend of ours (check our her stuff! The Velvet Trunk) setting the lighting for a product shoot for F.M. Allen. Stay tuned to their site to see their full online launch! They have some really interesting stuff that they have available to consumers. I (Jody) get to stay home, sleep in, eat bonbons and watch soap operas. Just kidding! I have been holding down the fort and continuing on with all the stuff we have to do here! Woo hoo! Unfortunately, that’s nothing too exciting to share in... Read More

A Duck?

For those canvas ordering photographers out there you know what getting this little guy means… More canvases! We got in our latest canvas order to adorn our studio walls. Info coming really soon on our studio warming party! Stay tuned! Yesterday we had a Bridal Lifestyle Session on the grounds of Cheekwood with one of our soon-to-be brides who is getting married in 2 weeks from tomorrow!! We can’t post her shots yet, so you’ll have to wait until after the wedding… but she looks grrrrrrrreat!!! Have an awesome weekend,... Read More