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from the Personal Fun category


Baby Gray Maternity Session

by Zach on October 14, 2013, posted in Personal Fun,Uncategorized

We just had our 8 month meternity photos shot by the amazing David Molnar! We will just share 2 images here, and then you can head over to the ItsTheGrayFamily blog for more for those that want it!

The great thing about being a photographer is you always have photographer friends who can hook you up with an amazing session, and David and his wife Tammy did it with style! We shot their family session 2 months ago (see more on our Instagram feeds at @jodygray and @zachgray) and now they have returned the favor. It is rare to have someone who you trust will not only shoot great images, but help you feel great during the process and David and Tammy are just those type of friends. It is such a blessing to be in community and have people around you that walk with you through the hard, fun and even mundane parts of your life.

This image below was shot on David Molnar’s iPhone during the session. He has an amazing iPhone book coming out that will teach people how to create incredible images with their phones and we will blog and talk about it more when it releases!

Blessings all!



This past weekend Zach and I took a mini roadtrip to visit my grandparents.  I don’t know what life would be without family, especially grandparents!!!

I’m so thankful that 1) I get the pleasure of knowing my grandparents and 2) that I got to live with them for a few years growing up.  I always love it when I can spend time with them, and this weekend was no exception! [click to continue…]

It’s official peeps!

We are building a home!

Because releasing our 3rd video workshop this fall (no worries, you’ll soon be hearing about our 2nd IN-CAMERA video workshop releasing soon!) and having our first kid isn’t enough (yes, we’re prego – if you missed the announcement, you can read about it here), we have bought property and will be building over the next few months.  Estimated completion date: end of November/December… oh my!

How it happened: [click to continue…]


Friday Fun | Date Night

by Zach on May 1, 2013, posted in Personal Fun,Uncategorized

The more we have decided to slow down and focus on relationships, normalcy and routine in our lives the better and better life in general has been. Jody and I love cooking together because it gives us a chance to talk, work together as a team and figure out how to not make our way the only way (or the highway!). :) It is a great team building opportunity and and best part is you get to eat at the end!

[click to continue…]


Our Big Announcements!!

by Zach & Jody on April 26, 2013, posted in Personal Fun

We are excited to share with all of you two, big announcements!

Announcement #1:


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