George Twins Promo Shoot #2

This is my (Zach’s) second time working with the amazing George Twins. I shot all of their promo work for their Youtube channel back in 2014 and am proud that I got to be on the team! One of their recent videos even hit over 2.4 million views!   Here is some of the work that I did for the continuing promo. This year they are putting out 12 singles, one each month, of new originals and covers and will use some of these images for that as well as Youtube. I also shot video of the entire shoot, and am cutting together some really cool behind the scenes for anyone wanting to know exactly how I shot this!... Read More

Artist Album Cover Shoot |Lainey Wright

We photographed new recording Artist Lainey Wright awhile back and are stoked to share not only the images with you, but some behind the scenes shots and set ups as well! Check out the shoot! We started off shooting in the amazing Westlight Studio in Franklin, TN which has some awesome set-ups and gear for any type of photo and even some video work! Check them out if you’re interested in a rental and tell them we sent you. Here is the set-up of this series of images. I loved the natural light coming through the windows, and after our direction meeting with the artist, we knew that she wanted a softer look to the shots. So, with that in mind, we intentionally slowed the shutter down to drag some of that natural light in and wrap around Lainey to give it that soft airy look. We also have a large, 39 inch Deep Octo light modifier from Elinchrom as our main light pictured to the left, and two 40 degree grid back lights for separation. We decided to do one contrasty lit shot on this background, even though I knew she wanted that soft look to the shots. She ended up picking one of these images, so we are glad we did it! We set up a 22 inch silver soft Beauty Light which gives a very directional light that is ultra soft when used in close. We then added a 40 degree grid to the background light and the kicker light pictured to camera right in the behind the scenes shot. We dropped the kicker light -1 stop lower... Read More

Tuesday Tips & Tricks | Rockin the Perfect Silhouette!

“We are taking time off spending time with baby Gray, but have put together our favorite Tips and Tricks from the last two years for us all to review!” Tuesday Tips & Tricks..REVISITED! Hey all! Today’s tips and tricks is all about how to get that perfect silhouette of your client every time! Have you ever been shooting your client and decided that you wanted to get that really nice silhouette shot of them, but then started to wonder what to base your exposure off of? Should it be a sliver of light on the rim of them from behind, or the sun, or somewhere in between? Here is how we do it. We were out shooting a new pop-rock band last week, Red Letter, and we were doing this wild lit shot with 3 strobes and Jody leaned over to me and reminded me to grab a silhouette shot. Whew! Glad she did! So, in the midst of shooting a completely different shot, I did a quick change up and got the next image without using the White Diffusion Westcott Parabolic Umbrella that you see in the above shot. The trick that we use to get great back-lit silhouette shots is we set our camera exposure for the sky. When the sky is perfectly exposed, that is when our subjects will turn black like you see in the above shot. Here is how we do it: 1. Point our camera to an area of the sky that is being lit by the sun, not at the sun itself (in the shot above, we pointed our camera between the... Read More

Red Letter Promo Shoot

I (Zach) really enjoy doing artist promo shoots. We had the privileged of rockin’ out a shoot for the awesome Red Letter this last week and had an absolute blast with them! This young band is full of energy and we walked away with some seriously cool images from the day for their promo! Check them out! HUGE thanks to Matt of Matt & Meg Photography & Will for assisting... Read More
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A Nashville Artist Photoshoot | Warren Barfield

Two days after we returned from Europe we had a shoot set up for artist, Warren Barfield. Not only is Warren a very talented musician, but a great business and family man as well. We started the shoot out with a studio set-up, as you can see below, and then we headed outside as the golden hour was approaching to shoot with some natural light, as well as utilize some studio strobes. Thanks to Matt Renaud for his tremendous help on the shoot! Enjoy the shots taken right here in Nashville, TN! For your viewing and listening pleasure, we thought we would share this video with you… Follow Warren Barfield on... Read More

Squint Recording Artists, Joel & Luke Photo Shoot

Last Tuesday we had our blog from our recent shoot of Squint recording artists, Joel & Luke and today we are posting some images from the rest of the shoot! We had an awesome time working with these guys and not only did we get some cool images, we had a fun time hanging out with good friends. We have known these guys for a few years now and this is the second shoot that we have done for them. You can see images from their first shoot we did for this dynamic duo here. This shoot was set up by the label to be an update to their already cool image. These shots will be used for new promo material while they work on their new record. You can check out Joel and Luke’s music by going to their web page! Enjoy the... Read More

Artist Shoot with Dan Cogan – Nashville, TN

Last weekend had some amazing friends come into town from Kansas City, MO to do an artist shoot with us (and of course hang out, eat out, and watch movies for a few days!). Dan and Amy Cogan are an amazing couple who we love dearly and Dan is a singer/songwriter that I (Zach) have worked with in the past on the Rebuild My Heart album that we did a few years back. Dan has a new worship record coming out and he needed images for promo as well as CD packaging, hence the artist session! Check out the shoot! Visit Dan on his MySpace, become his friend on Facebook, and check out his blog! Thanks so much Dan (and Amy) for letting us shoot your record cover! We can’t wait to see you again and want you to move here really bad!! We will also be showing off some images that we took of Dan and his lovely wife in a later post so stay tuned!! PS.  Happy Labor... Read More

Nashville Artist Photography – Emily Riesen

One of the great things about being in Nashville is we often have the opportunity to shoot artists – which we absolutely love doing! Jody and I had the privilege of working with an incredibly cool country artist this past weekend by the name of Emily Riesen. We shot all of her new promo and had an absolute blast working with her! She is very sweet and gracious and was fun shoot.  Emily is an artist here in Nashville (endorsed by Baden Guitars), and actually goes to the same church as us and works with the youth kids (so cool!). We scouted an awesome location near our place that won’t be there for too much longer, so it was great to be able to shoot in a unique location that no one else can replicate. Check out the images from the day – and if you’re wondering why her makeup looks so amazing – it’s because of the superb Amy Lynn Larwig who is our #1 go-to gal for great makeup for any occasion- artist shoots, weddings, whatever you may need :) Here is a behind-the-scenes shot on this first set-up with our amazing assistant Walt helping to diffuse some of the light hitting Emily!! Here the behind the scenes set up on the two shots you just saw above … a multiple lighting shot. This is the last set-up we did just as the sun was setting. These shots turned out awesome and were just the look that Emily was really wanting for her shoot. Thanks a ton Emily for letting us be a part of this shoot!... Read More

Nashville, TN Artist shoot – Singer, Angie Carr

As many of you know, I Zach, really enjoy artist shoots.  We recently had the privileged of photographing Angie Carr for her new promo and press kit. Angie is a classical singer whose voice has been heard locally as a soloist with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, and has traveled as far as Japan (of course have to mention she was a top 15 finalist for the Smithsonian’s “O Say Can You Sing?” National Anthem Contest).  Not only does she have a great voice but Angie is super cool and laid back and was really fun to work with! Angie wanted some classy shots inside a church and then some with a more urban feel, so we headed out to downtown Nashville to our studio to prep for hair and make up (by the Amazing Amy Lynn) and then headed out from there!  The first set up was in a cool church across the street from the studio on the main strip off Broadway. Angie wanted stain glass so we went for something that was classy, but definitely non-traditional. Then we went across the street again for a quick grab shot of this really cool building! Here is a behind the scenes shot of this set up with me, the make up artist Amy to the far right, and our awesome assistant Alice Lee holding the light. My incredibly hot wife is taking the picture and watching so that no cars run me over!! Then we got a few city looking images while we were in the neighborhood. We then headed to Bi-Centennial park for some earthy looking images and... Read More

A Nashville Artist Shoot on a Heli-pad + Free Music!

We have been dying to post more on this artist shoot we did but have been holding off so we can simultaneously release it with a free download being offered (more info on the bottom)!! As mentioned a few weekends ago on our Twitter as well as on a previous blog, we did a photo shoot of these amazing artists Joel & Luke. It was an absolute blast and started in our studio and then concluded at Vanderbilt Hospital. Yes, we said Hospital. No, we weren’t shooting in any operating rooms – we were on top of the building shooting on their Emergency Helicopter Landing Pad as you will see in the below video! We know you just want to see photos and the video so we’ll have additional commentary at the end :) The exhausted stylist with the boy’s clothes strewn all about. Ha ha! Onto the heli-pad with the help of the amazing staff at Vanderbilt Hospital and Life Flight. Thanks again guys! And a little behind-the-scenes rockin’ video of the day The day was totally blessed! It’s a bit hard to tell but it was cold and rather cloudy but that actually turned to our advantage! We were forewarned that if a helicopter was to land, we would have 5 minutes notice and would have to get all of our camera gear as well as their bass drum and piano (yes, piano) out of the way for the copter to land. However, because of the clouds, the helicopters were grounded and we were able to shoot for quite some time up there uninterrupted! The staff was... Read More

Joel & Luke Artist Shoot

For those of you who follow us on Twitter, you know that we did a sweet shoot of the rock-star Artists Joel & Luke recently and it was awesome! Joel and Luke will be doing an online launch in the next week with a free download of one of their songs from their new EP and we are going to do a more extensive blog when that hits with some other cool treats, but until then, here are a few teaser... Read More

A Kicking Live Band Shoot!

We had mentioned on our twitter a few weeks back that we were shooting a charity event (follow us on twitter – GrayPhotography!) and we wanted to share some of the photos with you! To be a little more clear, we weren’t shooting the event per-say but the suh-weet band playing at the event. Introducing The Nashville Blue Tones! These guys have been wanting to update some of their images and we were more than happy to oblige! The Nashville Blue Tones is a fantastic group of keyboard, bass, guitar, drums, male & female vocalists, tenor sax, trombone, and trumpet and can add more horns and vocalists for any specific event, budget, venue, and entertainment needs. These guys & gals put on a great show and we have seen them in action at weddings we have shot as well. David Nuding is the music director and owner of the group and of Blue Tone Music USA, and is a great guy to work with (he is seen below on the drums). We can’t say enough about these guys!!! Enjoy the rest of the pics :) Thought it might be good to mention that this particular event had a Moulin Rouge theme for the first set these guys played (hence the attire) . SIDE UPDATES:– Thanks to those who leave their comments – we love reading them!– We are still accepting applications for associate photographers – read down our blog for more info– Vote for Tenth Avenue North for New Artist of the Year! Go to Dove Awards Votingor by texting the # 72648 and sending: ‘Dove Avenue’ (u can... Read More