US Session | Matt & Joanna

In 2001-2003 I (Zach) interned in Rockford, IL at a large church, and one of the girls in my class was Joanna. She married a talented photographer named Matt (click the link to see his FB page!) and the two of them over ten years later, called us up for a portrait session in Nashville. They said that even though he was a pro shooter, and she was a make-up artist, that they didn’t have any professional images of the two of them other than some “stick the camera on a tri-pod” type of stuff. Many of us pro photographers know that feeling, don’t we? They knew they wanted something that showed their sleek side and their love for each-other and Jody and I were honored that they came down from Ohio to have a session with us. We not only loved shooting them, but were blessed and encouraged to be with them in our time together last week. We had lunch and got to catch up and get to know each other better, and talked about growing stronger marriages, kids and lots of stuff in-between. It was a great time together and we are excited to show a little sneak-peak of their shoot with you all!   You guys are amazing and we can’t wait to see you again in the near... Read More

Engagement Session | Bret & Jillian = finally!

We met Bret & Jillian almost 3 years ago and heard about their amazing wedding which they wanted us to photograph. Their wedding was put on hold for some time, but we are beyond excited that it is finally almost here and we will be shooting it on May 11th! These two are the most genuine, sweet and endearing couple we have met in a long time and could not be more excited about their big day!! Congrats you two and know that it WILL be worth the wait.   We decided to have them drive up from Alabama to have their engagement session and they brought a load of goodies in their truck for us to use for the shoot. We love to ask our couples to bring anything that is unique to them and their relationship and then add that to the session. That makes it even more personal and gives them something personal to focus on during the shoot.   Bret plays guitar and they both sing, so we got them to do a song and clearly they enjoyed this time together. It was perfect! They both love reading so we spent a little time doing that as well. Their wedding is going to be DIY Vintage, so they brought this great old chair to do a few shots with. Love it! Congrats you two!! Can’t wait for the big... Read More

Nashville, TN Engagement Photography | Maggie & Jeremiah = Awesome cuteness :)

We are soooo stoked to be shooting the amazing wedding of Maggie and Jeremiah next year at Maggie’s mothers beautiful home in Old Hickory, TN. We headed out to their place to shoot their enagement session and get the lay of the land, and what a fantastic place it is! We can’t wait for the big day! The wedding will be in the backyard right on the lake and the view out there is just the perfect setting for a wedding. In the meantime, while we are waiting for the awesome wedding day to arrive, we can enjoy their engagement shots! Check them out below!... Read More

Adam & Jennifer’s Nashville TN Engagement Session!

Next year we are shooting the October wedding of Adam & Jennifer and we can’t wait!!! We were able to shoot their engagement session and we are excited to show you a few images!!! These two are not only super cool, but super hot and we are stoked that we are shooting their wedding next October! We have created a custom engagement website for these two, so make sure to click on the image below to see a few of their engagement images! To view their engagement gallery once their images become available online, CLICK HERE to sign their virtual guestbook! awww… so cute :) You guys are amazing and we hope that you enjoy the images as much as we have!    ... Read More

Sunny & Neeva are Engaged!!

We are shooting the wedding of the oh-so-cute couple Sunny & Neeva in Virgina later this year! Sunny & Neeva are also photographers (see their site here –Photographick) and it’s always really fun to shoot for fellow colleagues! You saw their sneek peek and now it’s time to share with you the highlights of their engagement session! Sunny & Neeva flew into Nashville and with plane delays, threats of thunderstorms and closed boat rentals, we all prevailed and had a great session with them! Click below to see their images on their custom site created for them! (To view their images once they become available online, CLICK HERE to sign their virtual guestbook). We can’t wait for your wedding, you... Read More
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Daniel & Stacia are Engaged!

You know how there are those couples who you instantly connect with? Well, we feel that way about Daniel & Stacia FOR SURE! These two are down-to-earth, fun to be around, and guess what, they even have a cat named Stinky for reasons that parallel why we named our newer kitty, Beans… Ah good times, great fun! We had the pleasure of shooting these two and let us tell you, these guys made our job so easy! Talk about being comfortable in front of the camera and making it so easy to shoot the cuteness of them together. We had a really fun time with them hanging around in the Franklin area and we are excited to share these images with you!!! These are their Varsity jackets… so cool.. :) We can’t wait for your wedding, you two!!! …. Remember, we have a Maniac’s chicken eating double-date to put on the... Read More
Nashville, TN Wedding Photography

Nashville, TN Engagement Shoot – Brett + Shawna = Perfect

We were contacted a while back by this awesome couple and are sooo glad that they found us! We did an US session with them on Friday evening in Nashville and had a blast shooting their engagement photos all around town! These two are really cool and have a really amazing love for each-other that really came through in their shoot. We are sooo stoked to show everyone their super cute faces and can not wait to hang out with these guys again soon!! Enjoy the photos of these guys and to view their gallery once the photos are available online, click HERE! Love Shawna’s eyes in this shot! Gorgeous! This little sequence of them is so cute! Bringing out the inner Rock-Star! Those eyes! Congrats you two! We are soooo excited for... Read More

A Nashville Wedding Today!

Today we get to shoot the wedding of the below sweet couple Jason St. Peters and Katie White. Their rehearsal dinner last night was absolutely BEAUTIFUL with amazing food, florals, and surprise guest singer/songwriter Kyle Jacobs serenaded them and their guests with his amazing music. Click on THIS LINK to sign up for their online gallery to view their wedding images once they become available! If you missed out on Katie & Jason’s engagement images post – CLICK HERE to view their cuteness :) Stay tuned for images from their... Read More

A Nashville Engagement Session of the Lovely Ryan & Sarah!

We met Ryan & Sarah a few months ago and immediately liked them. They are such a fun and genuine couple and we all knew that we were the perfect fit for each other for their wedding day! Sarah & Ryan are getting married on August 14th and we could not be more excited about it! We headed out last week to shoot their engagement session and had an absolute blast with them. Their fun personalities were so apparent in this shoot, and we I loved watching the two of them together being goofy, having fun and just enjoying each other in such a genuine way. These two are the sweetest couple we have met in a long time and we are super excited to share these images! We hit a few cool locations in Franklin, but wanted the shoot to really reflect their fun personalities, so we kept the rockstar lighting to a minimum and leaned more toward natural, candid shots. Love these guys! You guy ROCK and we can’t wait to hang out with you again super soon!! Enjoy!! Love this little sequence of them in the field… Ryan had Sarah smiling and giggling for the entire shoot! It was so perfect! Talk about CUTE! We love how Ryan & Sarah interact with each other and play around. Ah snap! Are these not the cutest boots ever?! As the sun was finally setting we nailed this shot of the two of them with the beautiful sky! Congrats you two!! You are the best and we cannot wait for your big day to get... Read More
Nashville, TN Wedding Photography

Nashville Engagement Photography | Katie & Jason are Engaged!

We wanted to highlight an engagement shoot for the super cool Katie & Jason! We had a ton of fun with these two and can’t wait to shoot their wedding this July! We had some fun ideas for this shoot and really wanted it to be all about them and keep things natural and candid. We found this awesome field in Franklin and as the sun was setting, headed out, jumped a fence (don’t tell anyone!) and got out there with the crickets! It was our favorite setup for the day, so we wanted to share some of those images! Congrats you two and we can’t wait for your coming wedding!! On our way out from the field, we just had to stop and shoot by this wall :) See you guys... Read More
Nashville, TN wedding photography

Mark & Kelsey are Engaged!!

We just shot the most awesome couple ever! Mark & Kelsey are getting married this July and we are stoked to be a part of their big day! :) We did their engagement shoot at Kelsey’s parents home, and wanted to put up a quick teaser of what is to come. Their wedding is going to be at Belle-Meade Plantation and we are sure it will be amazing, just like these two. Their love for each-other is infectious and we can’t wait to spend more time with these guys! Check it... Read More

Downtown Nashville Engagement Shoot with Nicole & Rhett!

Before the flood waters hit Nashville, we took one of our soon-to-wed couples downtown Nashville for their engagement shoot! Nicole and Rhett knocked it outta the park and we love how they worked it – especially Nicole :)  Their wedding is this coming weekend and we can’t wait!!!!! Nicole and Rhett got engaged at Germantown, so we of course had to shoot there! We can’t wait for your wedding THIS weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... Read More

Love + Baseball + A Nighttime Shoot = Mallory & Aaron Awesomeness

We met Mallory & Aaron what seemed like forever ago and it was finally time for us and them to get their engagement shoot on!  We had a really, really fun time just hanging out and shooting and capturing the cuteness and fun of these two. To view the images once they become available online, CLICK HERE to sign Aaron & Mallory’s virtual guest book. Aaron has a HUGE love of baseball so we thought we would incorporate that theme into the first part of their engagement shoot. Then we headed off to some cool grassiness right behind our home as the golden hour hit… ahhhh love it.  These guys are so cute!!! Our last stop for the shoot was downtown Franklin, TN, rockin’ it out with some 580s and Westcott‘s new constant lighting – the SpiderLite. Aaron & Mallory – You two rocked it and we had a blast!  Can’t wait for your wedding... Read More

Josh & Jenny – A Nashville Engagment Session!

We recently spent the  afternoon with the amazingly cool Josh VanValkenburg & Jenny Gill out at Jenny’s family farm in Franklin shooting their engagement images.  Jenny and Josh are a great couple, and even though it was a bit chilly that day day, you could hardly tell with these two!   They were troopers and rocked it out with many laughs and great moments!  We are really looking forward to shooting their wedding out at Jenny’s family home in Belle Meade this May and already feel like we have known these guys for much longer then just a month!  PS – Gentlemen, for those of you struggling with ideas on how to pop the question… Josh is the man to go to!  He has set the bar HIGH for all of his fellow man friends … :) Check out some of our favorites from the shoot below! Love the next two shots of these guys… Josh bringing the heat! Love this candid moment of the two of them twirling around. Ahh….. These guys have such a natural presence in front of the camera it is almost too easy! :) Hottie!! We grabbed a few shots in one of the old cabins on their property. Jenny and Josh have spent some time out here and this place means a lot to them. You guys are awesome and we can’t wait to hang againg soon!! Movie night is calling our names! :) To sign Josh & Jenny’s virtual guestbook and view all the images once available online, click... Read More

Nashville Engagement Photography – Carlos & Jehan

Last week we shot the ever-so-cute couple Carlos & Jehan!  We met Jehan awhile ago – she is a planner and also owns/runs Purified Trends, and her fiance Carlos is a Nashville fire fighter!  (He won’t tell you himself, but he’s awesome at his job and has some cool stories about saving people’s lives…).  We took them around town to spots that were special to them, and have a few images below to show you a sneak peek! We started near where they live and got some fun close to home shots near the Village. These guys wanted to make a go for it in the fountain so we were only happy to comply.  We love it when couples want to do something a little different from the norm, and we can never resist shooting something... Read More

Nashville Engagment Photography Session – Chris & Holly

We first met Chris & Holly over a year ago. They were engaged and planning their wedding for June 2009. The only downside to the bliss they were living in, was Chris was scheduled to be deployed a few short months later :( Fast-forward to present day and Chris is back safe and sound and we can’t WAIT to be a part of their wedding! They have invited us out to their non-rehearsal dinner & celebration at the Nashville Sounds’ Stadium and we’re excited to meet their families, eat food, and of course enjoy the amazing fireworks at the end of the evening!! We did their engagement session just a few short days ago and wanted to share a few of those shots with you in honor of their wedding on Saturday at Riverwood Mansion. We love the local flowers here in Franklin, TN at this time of year! Thank-you Chris for what you do for our country. Looking forward to seeing you guys!!!!!!! Can’t wait for your... Read More

A Franklin, TN Wedding Tomorrow!

Some of you may remember this handsome couple… Daniel & Jaclyn are getting hitched tomorrow and we are sooooooooo pumped!! It’s been long in coming and we are thrilled the day is finally here!Stay tuned for photos from their big day! We’ve heard the plans and details of what has gone into this day and it’s going to be pretty great….! Until then, enjoy a little photo review… Can’t... Read More

A Jam-Packed Weekend!

We are soooooooooooooooo excited! Yes, yes, our studio warming party is on Sunday (see earlier blog for more details), but the studio party is not what we are referring to here! Remember this couple who we blogged on a few months ago?? Well these guys are getting married tomorrow!! !! !! Lee & Elisabeth are such a kind and fantastic, thoughtful couple and we are really, really looking forward to their wedding! They have been working so hard to make this day great and we cannot wait to document their day and tell their story!! Ahhhhhh! You guys are truly the best and we appreciate you!!! PS. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention that my (Jody) little sister is coming into town this weekend as well! Woo hoo! For those coming Sunday you might just get to meet her…... Read More