Nashville Wedding Videography Duo – Eugene & Heather from 2Duce2

Last week we had the awesome honor to shoot (with our cameras) Eugene & Heather from 2Duce2 Wedding Videography.  Heather & Eugene were wanting to update the images of themselves for their site and for some other things, so who else to call then us? : )  We absolutely love these guys and they are a fun and truly sincere couple (not to mention they always tend to boost up our self-esteem with their continuing compliments).  If you have yet to meet this dynamic duo or have yet to check out their website and/or blog – then you must! Enjoy some of the images of this downtown Nashville shoot! You guys are the stinkin’ best!!!!!!!  You totally rocked... Read More

A Nashville, TN Family Portrait Session

We had the privilege of shooting an amazing session for the Boonstra family this past Saturday and had an absolute blast! When we shoot sessions like this we really like to get to know the family (Sandy, husband Jerry and their two amazing kids Luke and Jackson) as best we can so that we can be sure to incorporate their personalities into the shoot. So to do that, we went and spent some time with the Boonstras a few days prior to the shoot just getting to know them a bit. We found out that their oldest son, Jackson, loves to play soccer (and is super good at it!) and has been playing since he was 3. The youngest son, Luke (aka Rock Star) also plays soccer, but loves to play the guitar as well. So we  really incorporated those things that they all love into the shoot and came away with some great images of the whole family! First up is Luke. We decided to shoot some edgy photos of him with his suh-weet Gretsch electric guitar! This is a cool detail shot of Luke holding his dad’s 60’s Gibson acoustic.What a sweet guitar! I am so jealous!! We can’t forget to include Boo the dog! This is me showing Luke some of the shots that we were taking. It is always good to let them know that the pics are not lame-o (as most kids his age would assume:))! Here is Jackson in action! Too bad these guys aren’t seniors.  These could be their senior portraits! Next up is Jerry the dad. His dedication to his boys... Read More

Custom Made Bridal Gowns! The Talk of Nashville – Olia Zavozina!

If you’re a bride looking for a custom wedding gown, or even if you’re a woman who has great taste and wants a fantastic, custom ensemble or staple piece to add to your clothing collection – we have just the designer for you! Meet Olia Zavozina (zav-oh-zeen-uh :) Olia hails from Russia and is most definitely one to keep your eye on.  After moving to the United States only a few years ago, Olia has already caught the attention of many, not only through her designs, but with her personality as well!  Olia is amazingly sweet and kind and her work has been seen on Good Morning America, Oscar Night, 2008 CMT Awards, WTVF Channel 5, Nashville Lifestyles Magazine, Icon in the Gulch, and The Nashville RAGE, to name a few.   Olia is very active in the local Nashville community and her gowns have been featured at many local fashion shows and at numerous charity fundraisers. We had the great privilege to do a shoot of a few of Olia’s many pieces. Below we are giving you a sneak peek into some of her latest wedding designs. FYI the lovely jewelry pieces that you see paired up with these gowns are the hand-made custom pieces by Adornments. To see more, visit Olia’s Website as well as make sure to catch her at a fashion show!  You can also view interviews conducted of Olia by WCSV News and the Nashville Edge in the media area of her website. If you could have one custom clothing item made for you by Olia what would it be?  Before you answer, make sure... Read More

Published! Her Nashville!

This month we have the privileged of once again being published in Nashville’s coolest women’s magazine – Her Nashville. The above image is from one of our Nashville weddings and this shot was taken at the Marriott West End, in Nashville, TN. I’m telling you, that magazine is addicting! We love the look of it, the newer slick pages they have, and get this folks – the ads are so non-boring looking that I (Jody) actually look over them instead of avoid them like the plague! They have great articles and writers, and it’s just an enjoyable magazine all around. Now onto the pictures!! Her Nashville featured the wedding of the lovely Lee & Elisabeth Cunningham. Vendors featured in this spread:Flowers by Rhonda with Rhonda Patton Weddings!Photo strip by Photo Booth NashvilleCool backdrop of the first image – Marriott West End Fun fun!... Read More

A Nashville Makeup Shoot – The Before & After!

It has been a busy week! We had a beautiful wedding last weekend at Cheekwood (will give a sneak peek on Monday!) and have been working on our IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post workshop for this weekend! It’s going to be a full house and we’re praying the rain stays away! Have a great weekend, and enjoy the blog below! Some brides choose to do their own makeup for their wedding day. Some brides hire a professional makeup artist. What do we suggest? Hire a pro!! A professional artist knows all the tricks of the trade and it’s their art, talent, and ability that will bring out the areas that flatter you the most, and conceal the ones that maybe you want de-emphasizing. :) A great makeup artist also knows how to apply makeup that looks awesome for photography (but doesn’t look like overkill in person), which is a bit different than the normal every day makeup. The other week we worked with makeup artist Sherita Leslie in Nashville. Models were brought in to help show the latest trends in makeup. To read her guest post on Ashley’s Bride Guide follow this link to Ashley’s Blog. The shoot took place in our studio space downtown Nashville… Me working on some marketing while we wait for the models to get ready. The ever-so-cute Sherita with one of the lovely models :) Now some Before & After shots! Isn’t it amazing the difference great hair & makeup can make?? Have a great... Read More

A Nashville Family Session & Healthy Living!

Awhile ago we did a little peek into a family shoot and we thought we would share a little bit more photos as well as about the Family. Meet Nathan & Jenni Oates & their adorable children. We have known these guys for almost 2 years now and they have been such a blessing and encouragement to Zach and I. Nathan & Jenni have an amazing story of devastation & hope that involves the loss of their 3rd child, Hosea, their first son. Their honesty, faith and story of healing is a testimony and a real encouragement. Not only are they an encouragement in an emotional and spiritual sense, but they also are a very health & green conscious family which inspires us to take better care of our own bodies as well. Nathan & Jenni work with Shaklee which is the leading natural nutrition company in the United States. (To the left: Shaklee on Oprah). Jenni struggled with anorexia in high school rendering her body unable to fully re-coup even after years of eating correctly again. Shaklee changed that for her. Nathan’s brother had inoperable cancer in his eyes with the only option to find the best nutritional company and pray that it worked. One and a half years later his cancer is fully gone and no trace of it has come back in the last 10 years. Nathan & Jenni told us, “Once your life has been changed by something, you want other people to know about it. So that’s what we do… we take great products and then share them with other people in hopes that... Read More

Nashville Family Portrait Session – The McGaugheys

This past Sunday we did a Lifestyle Session for one of the kindest families. You may remember Mel who we did a promo shoot of a little bit ago who is also a photographer (The Velvet Trunk). Well, her parents and twin sister (I’ve always wanted a twin!) came in town from Texas, and we shot at ’em with our Canons. :)We hit a few different spots around downtown Franklin and had such a nice time. Her sister is so sweet and kind just like Mel, and her parents are really wonderful. They have been married 40 years and they are so in love! Check out some of the shots we captured… A little behind-the-scenes shot I took while Zach was shooting with the strobe… Don’t they look so happy together? :) What a great example for those of us who are practically just starting our marriages….No behind-the-scenes shot on this one, but this was taken by me when I was shooting the sisters. I was shooting with just the natural surrounding light and we wanted to make sure their eyes looked nice and bright (got to love a good catch light) so Zach grabbed the reflector and “popped” some light on them. Yay teamwork! Next we had a wardrobe change and headed to downtown Franklin and then off to Carnton Plantation to make use of their field! :) Group Photo! Thank-you guys for making the shoot so enjoyable for us. Hope you had a safe flight back and next time we’ll fly out to you... Read More

Went to New Haven, CT & Got Shot!

Awwwwwww snap! What a day it was today!… well, technically it’s 2:01 AM so what a day yesterday was! After sleeping in a bit, and then waking up and eating a home-cooked breakfast by our great hosts, and chatting & chilling, we got ready for our photo shoot! After searching the mall for some shoes & a late lunch at Moe’s, the shoot began! Seeing that we are photographers it’s always interesting for us to get in front of the camera. We had a really fun time and it’s always cool to see the dynamic of other husband/wife photography duos. These guys are a total blast… you should try it sometime with them :) Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of behind-the-scenes photos because we were being shot… but here are a few!! To see more images from the shoot and if you still have yet to check out our amazing friends, visit Justin & Mary’s blogsite! Tomorrow (today :) we will be speaking at their PUG (a photographer’s group)! Looking forward to it... Read More

The Cutest Kids in Your Life!

Earlier last week we had the blessing of doing a Lifestyle shoot for an amazing family we know. Meet Nathan & Jenni and their precious kids! Natural beauty is power! Doesn’t she make you want to burst to the seams in a smile? Nathan & Jenni are truly an amazing couple and they have a great family. We love these guys and will try and share more images later – there are so many great... Read More

The Darling Mel of The Velvet Trunk

Yesterday we did a shoot for our dear & sweet friend, Mel. Mel is an amazing photographer and person and has such a kind heart and sweet spirit. Mel specializes in high end portrait photography for babies, children, etc. and her images are amazing!!! Here are some of the shots we took of her for her site/publicity. We started the shoot off at SOL in downtown Franklin with only about an hour and a half of shoot time… Then we ended up across the street…. And finally we ended up on the top of a parking garage! Here is a “behind the scenes” shot of the setup: The camera position: The shots: Doesn’t she look amazing??Thanks for stopping... Read More

Home Again in Nashville and a North Carolina Shoot!

Great news! Zach and I are finally back in Nashville!! Who knew when we left last week for Thanksgiving that we would be coming home 9 days later instead of 4! Yes it was a slight inconvenience, but we cannot complain! We had such a relaxing and fun time! My aunt and uncle were so great to us and went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable, had great food, drinks we like, and even rearranged their work schedules to let us have a car for a day, and not to mention Uncle Rich driving 2 times to pick us up and then drop us off 1.5 hours away from their house. They were so wonderful and if they lived closer I think we’d be over there every week :) Thank-you Aunt Julie and Uncle Rich! We went by the shop to pick up our car yesterday… the great mechanic James replaced our water pump, head gasket and thermostat, and our car doesn’t overheat anymore! Woo hoo! This is the outside of Jame’s garage taken with the ‘ol point and shoot (Zach wanted me to direct you guys to check out the “sweet” slogan on his business card below!). This is our busted water pump. See the fin that I am holding on the pump? Yeah, there are supposed to be like 7 more of those helping the water cool the engine… So between sleeping in, eating great food, watching TLC, and playing Wii, we actually did some work! We did a Lifestyle Session with the Fischbeins – neighbors of my aunt and uncle. They were... Read More

Cousins, Cousins Everywhere!

Monday was really great! We got up in the morning, got dressed, and then Jody’s Aunt Julie gave us her car so we could get out and about! We headed over to Bear Rock Cafe to get some stuff taken care of and enjoyed some great soup and sandwiches. A few days back, while Jody’s aunt and uncle were occupied, we took a few photos of the girls as a gift for their hospitality and wanted to share them! This is 15 year old Lauren. This is 13 year old Sydney (named after the Aussie capitol where Julie & Rich used to live). and the two of them together! Stay tuned for more sweet shots from our holiday... Read More

Wedding Bells for Jerry & Meagan!

We have the honor of shooting Jerry & Meagan’s wedding today!!!! This has been long in coming and we feel like we have been there for most of the ride! We did their engagement Lifestyle Session quite a few months ago… And then had the honor to do Meagan’s Bridal session – (photos which we have been dying to post!!!!!). Enjoy a few of them!!! Meagan works at the capitol so we definitely wanted to grab some shots with pieces of the old capital building in the background on the grounds of Cheekwood… Our absolute favorite shot! Doesn’t she look... Read More

Family Lifestyle Session Teaser

Ah, what a great weekend! The first shoot of the weekend was a family Lifestyle Session with Hadiel & Brandon and their adorable and energetic son, Eli :) Check out some teaser photos of the day… If you are interested in having your own Lifestyle Session with us – contact us via our website for more information! It’s not too late to have photos taken in time for the holidays!On Saturday we were a part of Alexis & Abdul’s wedding at CJ’s off the Square and we cannot wait to post some photos of that and brag some more on the ladies who run CJ’s! Keep your eyes peeled for those in the next few days!! Hope you all had a fantastic... Read More

Second shooting can be fun!

These last few days have been a whirlwind! Not only have we been busily preparing for our Bridal Portraiture Workshop tomorrow, but on Thursday we drove all the way to Chattanooga, TN to hear a photographer speak, and then yesterday (Friday) we were busy organizing our office (yours truly) and also shooting (Zach)! We had the privilege of helping out some good friends of ours over at Dove Wedding Photography. The dynamic duo is Peter and Whitney Carlson and they have become friends through a once-a-month photo geek meeting that we have called PUGs (Pictage User Groups). We get together, talk shop, then go out to dinner and comment on how nerdy we all are with photo stuff! Their client’s wedding took place in Franklin at the Factory, which is also where we are hosting our photography workshop tomorrow. Here are some of the images that Zach took from the day! Enjoy! Here is Whitney in Spy Mode… Peter getting his photo... Read More

Ben & Amy!

This past weekend we had the honor of shooting Ben & Amy’s wedding. Talk about a great couple! Amy especially amazed me – she was so calm and caring about everyone but herself :) The ceremony was great, and thanks to the amazing planning of Helen Morisette, their reception at the Parthenon was absolutely beautiful! Enjoy a few photos! This photo makes me laugh! I look so intense!!The “walking bridge” holds special meaning for Ben & Amy and it was really important to them to get shots together on the bridge! They didn’t want to see each other beforehand, so they allotted an extra 45 or so minutes for us to drive over to the bridge, take some photos and then move on to the reception. We love working with couples who realize the importance of bride and groom photos and are willing to build it into the schedule of the day. This is soooo important we can’t stress it enough!!! Congrats you guys!!!!! Enjoy your time relaxing on your... Read More

We’ll be home for Christmas…

Rather often Zach and I get emails (or FaceBook messages :) of Michigan people asking us when we will be in town next so we can do a shoot of their family, kids, friends, or we have some couples who had really horrible wedding photos and want to get dressed up again and get some awesome new shots. Well never fear, Michiganders! Zach and I are coming home to Michigan for Christmas and we are working it into our time at home to be available to schedule in some Lifestyle Sessions. These Lifestyle shoots are $1,000 and you normally receive: Anywhere from 2-3 hours of hanging/shooting time… sometimes more Both Zach and Jody shooting Personal online viewing and ordering gallery Non-stuffy, non-cheesy, non-generic, high quality photos that capture your family However, in honor of Christmas we are going to include an 8×12 Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print (*continue with blog to see what this exactly is) with your Lifestyle Session. We might even shoot you a few web sized photos to email around to family or put online and brag about your kids :) Of course, there are many other options of items you can additionally order (albums, Christmas cards, prints, digital images, etc.)… *Note: You do not have to be located in Michigan or set up your shoot around Christmas to take part on what we are offering. You can schedule your session now in preparation for Christmas cards, gifts, etc. :) Enjoy a few photos from some Lifestyle Sessions! /> What is a canvas?Our canvases are handmade in California and can be ordered in any shape and size... Read More

A Blog For Our Bridal Show Brides :)

So glad you have come by to check out not only our photography, but us! Take some time poking around our blog, and feel free to visit our website as well! A little bit on who we are… We are a Nashville based wedding photography duo. We love people and weddings and love to travel worldwide.We are NOT about:Boring & horrible photosBeing average in our workSpiders (sorry, I Jody, had to add that in there because I HATE spiders…very important to note) We ARE about:Photography that amazesHaving a blast doing what we loveEncouraging others to do what they are passionate aboutSharing our lives – in and outside of photographyMarriageRelationshipsGiving props to amazing vendors who we work withMuch, much more We would absolutely LOVE to get to know you and your fiancé over coffee or even dinner, and hear what you are all about! Contact us via our site – GrayPhotography. Coverage begins at $4,000 for Zach & Jody, Associate pricing begins at $2,500. ___________________________________________ Take a look at a few of our favorites from some recent shoots! Destination Florida wedding on the beach Downtown Nashville wedding shoot at the plaza Engagement session at the walking bridge downtown Nashvile, TN. Wedding cake at Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Nashville, TN Wedding at Loews Vanderbilt hotel Wedding in... Read More

Tall Boys

So while my wife spent the week in Japan I decided that I did not want to be bored all week (and be alone here in Nashville :( ), so I booked a flight and went to see my Dad and little brothers in Lake Geneva, WI! I love visiting because I do not get to see that side of family as often as I would like and I really love spending time with my brothers. We had plenty of time getting to know the X-Box and all the cool games that I never get to play where you shoot a lot of people and win wars (women do not understand this part of manhood), and we also got to spend plenty of time outside the house doing things like going to the Milwaukee Brewers baseball game, swimming at the neighbors pool, and having a big party in the huge backyard at my Dad’s house! It was super fun! Below are some shots of the pool – some of my stepsisters’ kids and brothers. Frolicking in the water… Noah looking like his cool self… Sam looking like a stud… As you can probably tell from the above photos, I brought a lot of our camera gear with me. I had really been wanting to get some photos of my little brothers before they are all out of the house and gone. Their ages are 14, 15 and 17 and the oldest one is turning 18 this fall and is planning on moving out of the house. So this was really important for me to capture some images of them... Read More