The Wedding of Rebecca & Ross | Canada

Ross & Rebecca, along with daughter Alyssa, were a joy to work with in Canada this past weekend.  Ross is a film landscape shooter and Rebecca is a wedding photographer and their wedding (and bridal party) was a blast!   Below is a highlight of the day and some of my favorite parts!   We shot a family session the day before the wedding at a stunning park that had some sick fall leaves and we shot film and digital for this session.   The wedding day itself was a tricky one with on and off rain and some tough shooting situations, but our job as photographers is to make great images no matter what, and the day turned out great!!   I (Zach) shot this wedding with my good friend and great photographer Matt Britton who rocked it with me!     My second shooter Matt rocking the off-camera light!   Congrats you two! Can’t wait to hang again soon (maybe at... Read More

3 Simple Steps to Lighting a late-evening Outdoor First Dance

If you have EVER been freaked out when your couple decides to have their first dance outdoors, RIGHT after the sun is GONE from view, then you are not alone! Today we are going to show you how to EASILY solve that lighting problem to get stunning images like this!     When Bret and Jillian did their first dance, the sun was close to being gone and there were NO lights on them at all. You could see them OK with your naked eye, but the lighting was getting really dull and VERY dark, so we needed to rock out some off-camera lighting to make it look great. Here are the 3 easy steps to take photos JUST like this! (Note: we shoot almost ALL of our flash images on MANUAL so everything is consistent, and so WE are in control of our lights and not the camera).   Step 1. Expose for the ambient light FIRST.   (The above image was taken with none of our off-camera lights firing and a little constant light from the video guy,and you can see just how dark and difficult the lighting we had to work with was. So, here is how we SIMPLY created the final image).    We started by getting a reading of the background’s ambient light with a faster shutter speed (1/160th of a second). Our background happened to have the sky in it, but yours may have trees only or a building or something else. We wanted that background light to be -1 stop under-exposed according to our in-camera meter. (We will explain why the shutter was faster in... Read More

Bret & Jillian | An Alabama Wedding Part I

We are about to take a month off and thought we would entertain you with our last wedding while we’re having some good ‘ol R&R! Even though we’re taking a sabbatical this year (if you missed the news, make sure to read Announcement #2 on this blog post), we couldn’t resist this sweet couple who we actually met with two years about shooting their wedding.   We know everyone says it about every couple, but Bret & Jillian are THE sweetest and most excited couple and there was no way we could say no! They were a dream to work with and their day was just the most even paced and loving event we have had the privilege to shoot.  We decided to blast you all with images from their charming Alabama wedding :) A big thanks to Matt Britton for 2nd shooting at this wedding! Enjoy Part 1 Aren’t these bouquets the coolest?? We’d like to introduce to you, Mumford and Sons II  ;o) One of the most precious first looks, ever.. :) Yes, Jillian is snapping Bret’s suspenders… lol We loved all the available areas right around there that we could go and shoot! Yup, most adorable couple ever.   Ah, so precious. As you can see, these two are adorable.  We’re so glad that we were able to capture their... Read More

Bret & Jillian are Married – Teaser!

We had the amazing privilege of shooting Bret & Jillian’s beautiful country wedding in Alabama this past weekend and can’t wait to share more from it! This is one of the very few weddings we will be photographing this year while we are on sabbatical, but this is one we could not say no to. These guys are so endearing and so sweet and their wedding was amazing. Congrats you two!!... Read More

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Sunny and Neeva!

It was one year ago today that we were outside of the DC area shooting the wedding of Sunny & Neeva! Congratulations, you two, on your one year anniversary!! It was a joy to b able to capture the memories of your special day. What a fun and memorable wedding to shoot! Cheers to many more years! Click here to see Sunny and Neva’s wedding day blog! Sunny & Neeva are wedding photographers! Click Here to visit their site and to leave some anniversary love on their... Read More

Aaron & Suzy | Omaha Wedding Sneak Peek

Two weekends ago we were in Omaha shooting the wedding of Aaron & Suzy and had a blast with them! We built a custom website for them that we sent to them immediately after their wedding for them to have a sneak peek into their day. We wanted to share with you their site! Huge shout-out to Showit for allowing us to build these amazing websites for our clients!! You guys are da best!!... Read More

Jeremiah & Maggie | The Wedding Album

We just previewed the wedding album for Jeremiah & Maggie’s wedding here at our home and they loved it! We cannot wait for the book to arrive and we are sooo excited for when it finally arrives for them to see! Congrats guys again on your awesome wedding and we will definitely have to come to Mom’s house for a grill out some time soon!! Thanks soooo much to KISS which allows us to design, share, order and deliver these amazing books for our clients! Without you guys this process would be so much more difficult for us, which means our clients would have to wait that much longer. You rock! Click below to view Jeremiah & Maggie’s wedding... Read More

Happy Anniversary Scarlett & Stephen!!!

It was a year ago today that we were in Florida not only shooting but celebrating with fellow photographers Stephen & Scarlett Knuth ( These guys are an amazing couple and we love how their hearts are focused on becoming the people who God has called them to be and having a marriage that God designed. Keep up the hard work! Take a look back and celebrate their day with us by looking at their wedding album we put together for... Read More

A Sneak Peek into Jared & Natalie’s Destin, FL wedding…

For the last three days we have been in Destin, FL enjoying the sun AND shooting the wedding of the oh-so-sweet couple, Jared & Natalie! We cannot WAIT to show you all of the images and tell you more about the day. In the meantime, to get a little sneak peek into their wedding (as well as to to be notified once their wedding images are released), click on the image below to visit their mini-website we created for... Read More

Sunny & Neeva = Most Unique Wedding of 2011!!

So we are sooooooooo excited to finally be sharing the absolutely gorgeous wedding of the super cool Sunny and Neeva! We actually shot this wedding back in October, but due to our crazy schedule were not able to share it. But, here it is on the blog this week!! Sunny and Neeva were married in DC and had one of the coolest weddings we have yet to shoot! This was an Indian wedding that had lots of amazing tradition and lots of bling! Check out the story below as we can not wait for you all to see it!   Congrats again you two and we can’t wait to make it out to see the Pentagon with you guys sometime very soon!! Yes, that is a bad to the bone sword that Sunny used to cut the cake! It was awesome! Neeva’s dress was sick and weighed more than our camera gear! It was gorgeous and super detailed. The Henna took nearly 4 hours to complete and was really beautiful. Neeva was also rockin some awesome Christian Louboutin shoes that were smokin!   They were married outside and the ceremony site was decked out to the max and was really intricate. Yes, the groom rode in on a white stallion and it was amazing! So full of joy and happiness! They left the ceremony in a horse drawn carriage with everyone celebrating with them! The wedding reception details were also out of this world beautiful and it was a joy shooting images of everything! We stole the bride and groom just before they came in to be announced since... Read More

Matthew & Taylor are Hitched!! | Nashville Wedding Photography

We are so excited to show you the winter wedding of the sweet couple, Matthew and Taylor. This fab couple lives in Birmingham, but the wedding took place in Taylor’s hometown – Nashville! They had a beautiful ceremony at West End United Methodist and then their reception was held at Richland Country Club. Even though it was chilly outside, their wedding was beautiful and this couple was a joy to shoot :) Matthew & Taylor – we were so glad that we were able to be a part of your special day! A big congratulations to you both and we wish you the best!!!!!! To view images from Matthew & Taylor’s wedding once they are released online, CLICK HERE to sign their virtual guestbook. Wedding Vendors Who Helped Make this Day Awesome: Nashville Videographers – Full Frame Cinema Nashville Wedding Band – Burning Las Vegas Reception – Richland Country Club Cake – Desert Designs by Leland Dress – B. Hughes, Vera Wang... Read More

Katy & Jordan are Married! | A Nashville, TN Schermerhorn Symphony Wedding

We had the honor of shooting the beautiful wedding of Katy & Jordan at Christ the King church and the Nashville Schermerhorn Symphony Center. These two were such a sweet couple and we had a really great time with them and their fab families and wedding party! We’re excited to share the images with you! To be notified once Katy & Jordan’s wedding images are ready to be viewed online, CLICK HERE to sign their virtual guestbook once all the images become available.   Thanks to the below vendors who helped make this day awesome! Church – Christ the King Venue – Nashville Schermerhorn Symphony Center Cake -Amy at The Bake Shoppe Florst – Mike with Branches Phenomenal Wedding Band Entertainment – Super T Hair & Makeup – Jennifer Burget Wedding Dress Boutique – Arzelles                          ... Read More

Nashville TN Wedding Photography | Kyle & Kelly are hitched!

Kyle and Kelly had the most amazing wedding at the Country Music Hall of Fame and there were many tears, smiles and fun throughout the entire day that made us realize just how cool it is when a new marriage is born. These guys were so adorable and it reminded us of how important it is to be “in love” and act on our romantic feelings for one another. Check out the day as it unfolds for you in this post and we hope you enjoy the images as much as we have! To view the wedding images once they become available online, CLICK HERE to sign Kyle & Kelly’s virtual gallery :) Kelly looked amazing for the wedding day and was a real treat to shoot! Wow! The guys brought the rock-star and were super fun and cool! Not sure what happened here, but it was fun! Kyle and Kelly were full of joy when they first saw each-other! We love Kyle’s expression! Kelly’s brother walked her down the isle and it was an emotional moment for everyone. We love having the privilege of capturing these moments. Congrats you two! You guys are the best and we can’t wait to hang out again soon!! Vendors Who Helped Make this Day Possible: Venue: The Country Music Hall of Fame Lighting: Nashville Event Lighting Florist: The Enchanted Florist Cake Artist: Signature Cakes by Vicki DJ: Spangler Entertainment... Read More

Happy One-Year Anniversary, Will & Brandi!!!!!!

It was this time last year that Will & Brandi (who happens to be a photographer as well! Check out here work here :) got hitched up in Lake Arrowhead in the beautiful mountains of California! Not only were they adorable but we loved, loved, loved the whole styling and feel of their wedding!! Click here to check out the blog on their wedding! Congrats to you both!!!!!! It was awesome to be a part of your foggy, mountain wedding!    ... Read More

Katie & Jordan Teaser | Schermerhorn Wedding Highlight!

We just shot the awesome wedding of Katie and Jordon Last night and it was amazing! We had such a blast with this super cool couple and their wedding was amazing with their reception at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in downtown Nashville! More images to come, but here are a few to hold you over! To view their wedding once their images become available online, CLICK HERE to sign their online gallery!... Read More