The 6 Keys to a 6 Figure Photography Business – Webinar

Is there a formula for success? Are there steps you can follow to achieve the goals and dreams that you have for your business? We believe that there are and that if you listen to and follow the steps in this webinar, that you can have a more exciting and fulfilling brand! To watch this free 1 hour webinar, click HERE! PS: Do us a huge favor and share this exclusive content on your social network. – Click HERE to tweet it out!   – Copy and paste the below to share this on Facebook! “Our friends from @ZachAndJody have a free webinar on the 6 Keys to Building a 6 Figure Wedding Brand! Check it out... Read More

Photo Tellers Podcast featuring Zach Gray

“When you are unqualified to succeed, prove them wrong.” Join me on this podcast with the Fireside Network as I share how becoming qualified to be a success may not be what you think it is. I get into my past, our present and where we are going next and give you guys some powerful tools to help you get exactly where you want to go. Listen to the podcast HERE PS. Are you stuck and can’t seem to get your brand moving? Now is the time to make a serious change. Get the Harvest DVD HERE and we know it will move you... Read More

The Surprise of Success | 15 Tips on Living the Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of

What is success? Ever sit down and truly ask yourself that question? Ever felt like you reached what you thought was “success” and you had some surprises? We’d love to share with you an ebook that we are a part of – The Surprise of Success | 15 Tips on Living the Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of. This project was lead by author Jeff Goins and we’re incredibly honored to be a contributor amid so many other great writers, speakers and bloggers. Get your free copy of this ebook!   We wanted to share with you our contribution: Success comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It’s ambiguous. It’s subjective. Success to one person may be making a 6-figure income, even if it demands 60 hours a week, and success to another may be making just enough so they can be home and available to their family. When we first got married back in 2005, all we had between the two of us was a GED, a college degree, a few thousand dollars in debt, and an income of 24,000. Success to us at that point was finding jobs we loved, paying off our debt and saving up to eventually buy a home. Fast forward nine years to present day and one could safely say that we achieved success beyond what we ever could have possibly dared to dream as newlyweds. We paid off our debt, started our own business, eventually quit our day jobs, and we not only excelled at our profession but began to teach others how to be great at their craft and thrive in business.... Read More

Interview & Watch us in Action! We Got Framed (video)

We are stoked that today our tips and tricks is a suh-weet video spot that the amazing team over at the [FRAMED] Network shot! Some of you may have seen the below image around… … and now it’s time to not only take you on the behind-the-scenes the above shoot with us, BUT to hear us talk about business & marriage in a fashion that you’ve never seen us before.   ***The episode goes live TODAY at 11am Central!!***   How do you join & watch the show? It’s fast, simple and free.   1. Head to and grab your Passport login by creating a username and a password.   2. THEN Come back to this page and click this LINK HERE to watch the show!! You will be able to view the show starting at 11am CST.   What is [F] Network? [F] Network is a FREE community platform that connects, inspires and educates the aspiring and professional photographers with weekly shows and tools stocked full of inspiration and tutorials from the industry’s most talented artists. With new shows weekly showing on the new tool, Flix, these shows include [FRAMED] hosted by Melissa Niu, LitUp hosted by Joel Grimes, PhotoPro with Kevin Kubota, and Film hosted by Ryan Muirhead, Tanja Lippert & Tia Reagan. And yes, we said it – the [F] Network is totally free!     Make sure to follow the link HERE to... Read More

Featured Interview in The UK | What is Your Most Important Asset?

We had the privilege of being interviewed today for Photo Night LIVE, the “UK’s first web TV show on photography for aspiring and professional photographers!” We were interviewed by founder Ross Dean and the oh-so-sweet and talented photographer, Heline Bekker. Some great topics came up and we hope you enjoy watching the interview! Head on over to Photo Night Live! Make sure to leave a comment while you’re over... Read More

Interview with the UK’s Photography Parlour!

We were honored to have been interviewed by Liesl Cheney for the United Kingdom’s Photography Parlour!! The Photography Parlour is a great resource for not only UK photographers to learn and share, but also for U.S. photographers. You can watch (or read!) the interview by clicking the image below! Liesl asked us questions in regards to our business – how we began, how our business grew the way it did, the best and worst things about working with each other, out style and approach to photography, how we incorporate lighting into our shoots and how to slowly build your gear AND more :) Hope you enjoy! Make sure to follow the @photoparlour on Twitter to hear about the other amazing interviews they have (including Mike Colon, Jessica Clair, Jaz Ampaw-Farr, Jesh De Rox and more... Read More

Interview with Fast Track Photographer

Last week we were invited live on Dane Sander’s Fast Track Photographer. Those who were in live attendance asked some great questions about running our business and so today we wanted to share the interview with you! Some of the questions asked: – How did you go about booking your first gigs? – Kevin Simcock – What’s your best advice for someone starting out and having trouble finding clients? – Algernon Parker – How is it working with your spouse? – Cherrie Coutts – Would love to hear more concrete info about what brought your images to to the next level? – Marcie Richstone – How do you approach raising prices down the road fr the clients who helped you build your business? – Robb Shirey – How did you come up with the price point for your weddings? – Antionio Fambro – How do you justify those new higher prices? -@Showmyphotos – Have you ever lowered your prices to get the gig? – Ali Williamson Happy viewing!! Thank-you, Dane for having us! To view past interviews with some amazing business people & photographers (Guy Kawasaki, Mike Larson and Seth Godin) make sure to visit the Fast Track Photographer... Read More

Wedding Day Questions To Ask Your Bride | Video on the [b]school

So, you’re shooting weddings now. Congrats! Weddings are a blast, but boy, there SURE are a LOT of logistics to keep track of. Ever find yourself going back and forth with your Bride and Groom via emails and phone calls getting additional information from them about details of their wedding day, because you forgot to ask about it earlier? There’s locations, the timeline, the family shot list, vendors – and so much more information that’s hard to remember all at once and then going back and FINDING that information when you need it is a pain in the booty! The [b]school is a great community of photographers where we have been talking about just that. Today, we have created a video for the [b]schoolers talking about our process for handling this, and then walking the viewer through our actual questionnaire that we created and send to our clients. This video is only available to [b]schoolers, but for those of you who aren’t members yet, Becker has given us a 25% off promo code a promo to share with you all! We love being a part of the community on the [b]school and you won’t regret the friends you meet and the information you learn and exchange with others. To learn more about it, check out the [b]school HERE. When registering don’t forget to use promo code GRAY25 to save... Read More

How Well Do You Rate?

This week’s post is from an article that we participated in at WPPI for PhotoShelter. We did an interview over lunch with PhotoShelter co-founders Allen Murabayashi & Grover Sanschagrin. They wrote the below article based on our and other photographers chats with them and on their personal experience at WPPI. The article highlights 5 positive traits that they have seen in successful photographers and is a great reminder of how important being positive is in this business. Check it out and see how well you rate compared to the 17 photographers they interviewed. Have you ever been in a room with a whole bunch of positive people, and as a result, you walked away feeling optimistic and positive too? That was the scene at WPPI in Las Vegas the last week of February, a trade show for wedding and portrait photographers. People were so positive, upbeat, and happy, that I needed to find out why. This year, Allen and I decided to attend WPPI – but not by setting up a booth on the trade show floor. We just wanted to talk to people in a more pleasant atmosphere than a crowded and noisy show floor. We wanted to talk to people about their photography, their businesses, their outlook on the industry, and strategies for success – and felt that if we stepped out of sales-mode (which you really cannot escape if you’re standing inside of a booth) we’d be able to learn a lot more simply because we’d have the time to listen. This trade show was booming with an estimated 16,500 attendees. I’ve been to my share... Read More

A Chance to Follow Leading Photographers on Their PhotoShoots!

Want us and 8 other photographers to come into your living room and share all of our business and shooting goodness? Don’t forget! Killer deal – with promo code GRAY you only pay $39 for 12 hours of video footage from 9 leading photographers, including us – and this is not just for wedding photographers!! Now is your chance! If you’re not subscribed already to PhotoVision, this is a great chance to get in on the killer deal outlined below and get 6 DVDs a year with hours of great information! For more detailed info, click... Read More

Featured Article on Expo!

We have been working with Expo Imaging for a while now (Expo Disc anyone? aw yeah!) and they are one of our awesome sponsors of our photography workshops here in Nashville and in San Fransisco too! Expo features photographers on their website with inside tips, interviews and tons of cool info about their businesses. The Expo Imaging article shares our mentality towards weddings, our gear, our workshops and some other cool stuff, so check out the article HERE to read... Read More
Vince Gill's daughter's wedding, Amy Gran, Josh & Jenny Celebrity wedding photographers, Zach & Jody Gray, People Magazine

Published | People Magazine

If you head on over to magazine stands you just might see some images of a recent wedding of ours! We are super blessed and pumped to have our images from one of our latest weddings in People magazine. Check out the below spread and make sure to pick up the county special in stores near you. To view more images from the beautiful wedding of Jenny & Josh, CLICK HERE or scroll below! Josh & Jenny – your wedding was once again, absolutely beautiful and we are so blessed that we were able to be a part of... Read More

Published! Her Magazine

We had the honor of being published in the “I Do” issue of Her Nashville magazine!  We love this magazine and the people behind it.  The magazine is that good that you will even find a few men out there who like to sneak a read!  he he… This issue highlighted the fab Sewanee, TN wedding of Beth & Josh. A little glimpse back into their wedding.. To view the fun they had at their wedding, CLICK HERE to view the full blog... Read More

Featured Artist Friday with Tonhya Kae!

Jody and I had the amazingly cool privilege of being the Friday featured artist on Tonhya Kae’s blog today! Tonhya is a super cool chick and a really awesome shooter and hails from the great north west. She does a really cool feature every Friday that highlights different photographers and she contacted us a while back to do a small interview and show some of our images. Check it out at her blog and leave her some love! Also, you can check out her site here if you want to see her work first... Read More

Published in PPA Magazine!

Ah, and now it’s time to brag on my husband!!!!!!!!! PPA Magazine (Professional Photographers of America) holds a cover image contest for one of its issues every year.  A few months ago we were contacted by them saying that an image Zach submitted of his made it to the top 100…which was really exciting because there were more than 4,600 entries entered of photographers vying for a spot in the magazine spread. Then we found out more recently Zach made it to the top 15 and was going to be published amongst the winners!!  We were (and are) pretty pumped and if you look through the November issue you’ll see his image among the other finalists and winner (who is also from Nashville!)! Here is the magazine cover shot (by Mama Shan of Nashville, TN!). Here is Zach’s image from the magazine spread (sorry for the low res!). And here is the shot that Zach took way back in early 2008 of the amazingly awesome Casey and Carmen! Way to go babe!! Enjoy the goodness! (Thanks to those who offered to send your copy of the magazine to us!  We appreciate... Read More

Thank-You, Thank-you, Thank-you!’s Editor’s Pick!

For those of you who may have missed it, Gray Photography was selected by Wedding from over 200 nominations as finalists in the category for Best Photography Blog.  We were up against 4 other great photographers and the voting was intense! A HUGE thank-you to all of you who voted!  We know lots of you spent your valuable time voting away for us and we appreciate you for that!!  We also want to congratulate Elizabeth Messina from Kiss The Groom who took 1st place! A Big Surprise We took a look at the winners in each category this morning and as we were scrolling down we were thrilled to see that we received the award for Editor’s Pick for the Best Wedding Photography Blog!!!  Oh wow!  How cool!  What an honor!!! Thanks again to all of you for voting so hard for us and thanks to for taking the time to recognize and honor those who... Read More

Published! TN Titan Celebrity Wedding in Southern Bride Magazine

First, we had the honor of shooting the wedding of Tennessee Titan Reynaldo  Hill and his lovely bride, Janina (ah, what a sweet couple they are) and now we have the privileged of having our images published in Southern Bride magazine! Their winter wedding at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN was absolutely beautiful with pink hues all throughout and they paid special attention to detail.  This wedding was fantastic to shoot and could not have been done without the plenty of vendors who came together to pull it off (for a list of these highly esteemed vendors, see the end of this post). If you would like to view some of their engagement images, follow this link to their Featured Engagement post, and to view a highlight from their wedding day via slideshow click here. The Superb Vendors Who Made The Magic Happen: The bride & groom photos that you see were taken at the hot Las Vegas style nightclub – F– USE when we were granted private access. This wedding was coordinated by Courtney Hammons and her team from A Magical Affair and was held at Opryland Hotel. All of the paper that you see (invitations, menus, programs, seating cards, etc) was custom created by the great Donette & Steve with Designs In Paper. The cool Jen with Reveal Event Style was a huge part in planning the stunning decor. Flowers were provided by A Village of Flowers. Linens provided by Liz of Connie Duglin Linen. The other team involved in the decor and who also did all the lighting is one of the coolest and... Read More

Published! Her Nashville!

This month we have the privileged of once again being published in Nashville’s coolest women’s magazine – Her Nashville. The above image is from one of our Nashville weddings and this shot was taken at the Marriott West End, in Nashville, TN. I’m telling you, that magazine is addicting! We love the look of it, the newer slick pages they have, and get this folks – the ads are so non-boring looking that I (Jody) actually look over them instead of avoid them like the plague! They have great articles and writers, and it’s just an enjoyable magazine all around. Now onto the pictures!! Her Nashville featured the wedding of the lovely Lee & Elisabeth Cunningham. Vendors featured in this spread:Flowers by Rhonda with Rhonda Patton Weddings!Photo strip by Photo Booth NashvilleCool backdrop of the first image – Marriott West End Fun fun!... Read More

Featured on With This Ring Blog!

We had the honor of having our latest wedding featured on the With This Ring blog! Darci is the genius behind With This Ring and if you have yet to visit her blog – you must! To see more and read the blog visit With This Ring. If you enjoyed Darci’s With This Ring blog, feel free to check our her other blog which covers topics other than weddings – With This... Read More

Published Twice: Her Nashville!

This month we have the privileged of being published in Nashville’s coolest women’s magazine, not once, but twice! If you have yet to pick up a Her Nashville, you totally should! It’s a great read, with good articles that are fun and entertaining. The magazine features the weddings of Jeff & Heidi… and Sabrina & Patrick! And the issue… Congrats you guys!... Read More