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Tuesday we shared the first two keys to avoiding an unexpected tax bill.  Today, we continue on with the final two steps!

Step 3. Set aside taxes EVERY time you pay yourself

Personal Finances

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A photographer we know paid her tax bill a few years back and had saved just enough to do so that year. At the beginning of the next year, her “tax adviser” said she should plan on paying the same amount again, which she did trusting that he was giving her good advice. She has a huge increase in business and profits that year and actually tripled her income! Her “tax guy’s” advice she got almost ruined her business. Because she only saved the same amount that she did the previous year, she now owed thousands of dollars she didn’t have and spent the next year trying to clean up that mess. We NEVER want something like that to happen to you.

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We just finished writing a new eBook called The Quick-Start Guide to Off-Camera Flash and it is FREE for anyone who is on our email update list! Do you realize that over 23,000 photographers are in that community and you could be one of them?

We are committed to making tools that work and help photographers reach their goals and this is just one small gesture to those who are on the inside track with us.

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Have you ever walked into a reception, ready to bounce your on-camera flash off the walls, only to find out the walls are red, green or worse? What happens when you bounce that light off of them? Your flash reflects that colored light onto your subject, and then you are trying to edit your client in post so they don’t look like the Hulk. Bummer!

Solution to this Annoying Problem


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