Tuesday Photography Tips & Tricks | The Power of No, by Guest blogger Karen Stott + Some Starbucks Awesomeness!

Karen Stott is an awesome business woman and photography who hales from the great state of Oregon. Karen is a photographer and Founder of Pursuit 31, a women’s conference for female photographers who want to get more peace and find balance in their business and personal lives. So check out this Tuesday Tips & Tricks post – The Power Of No! Enjoy! ___________________   I come from a long line of crazy independents… Asking for help just wasn’t what we did. Once I became a photographer, I heard outsourcing preached everywhere. However here I was … operating a full time business AND being a full time Wife/Mom while also being involved in ministry and a million other random things. Yes, I was a photographer, but I was so much more than that. Why was so much of my time being taken over by the business? I wanted to gain my life back and outsource… but I battled heavily with these thoughts. A) I can’t afford to send every aspect of my business off to be done by someone else. B) I’m the only one who can do it right so I guess I just have to do everything. YIKES! The result was this. I was overwhelmed constantly, short with everyone, and on the verge of tears continually. Not to mention the horrible effect that my countenance was having on my family. Eventually it all came to a crashing point where I realized I just could…. not….. do it. I did not sign up for this. I started my photography business because I wanted the freedom of owning my own... Read More