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When Jody and I were in Vegas for WPPI we shot a series of videos for Westcott‘s new University demonstrating some of their lighting modifiers and lighting techniques out in this cool old “ghost” town about 45 minutes from the city.

We are super excited to finally share the first a few different videos that we produced together and they are all FREE and here on the blog!


This first video shows us using the Westcott 7′ parabolic umbrella with the optional DIFFUSER to demo what you can do with one, large powerful light in the worst of lighting conditions. [click to continue…]

You have been waiting for this, and we talked about it on our webinar (replay is available until Friday night!), and we just launched a BRAND NEW product that solves the problem of your time being consumed with editing.

[click to continue…]

For those of you who have been following our #secretproject on Instagram, it’s time for the secret to be revealed!

We are thrilled to announce that our IN-CAMERA workshops are coming out on DVD & as a digital download!!

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Life is really hard sometimes. I mean, REALLY hard.  There are tons of obstacles that can hit us personally as well as professional from every side.

Today is how to overcome those.

The video we are sharing today was going around on Facebook a few weeks ago and we thought that it was very appropriate to share ESPECIALLY on a Tuesday Tips & Tricks.  Tuesdays are all about growing your business and photography, and this is probably one of the most important things to learn that will drastically change the tough cards that you may have been dealt with.

Here are the cards: [click to continue…]

The below video of Team Hoyt aired on the Today Show in their “Real Heroes” segment in 2006 and we thought we would share it with you all…  Talk about being challenged!

Makes me ask myself, “When was the last time I loved someone like this so unselfishly?” … wow.