Interview with Fast Track Photographer

Last week we were invited live on Dane Sander’s Fast Track Photographer. Those who were in live attendance asked some great questions about running our business and so today we wanted to share the interview with you! Some of the questions asked: – How did you go about booking your first gigs? – Kevin Simcock – What’s your best advice for someone starting out and having trouble finding clients? – Algernon Parker – How is it working with your spouse? – Cherrie Coutts – Would love to hear more concrete info about what brought your images to to the next level? – Marcie Richstone – How do you approach raising prices down the road fr the clients who helped you build your business? – Robb Shirey – How did you come up with the price point for your weddings? – Antionio Fambro – How do you justify those new higher prices? -@Showmyphotos – Have you ever lowered your prices to get the gig? – Ali Williamson Happy viewing!! Thank-you, Dane for having us! To view past interviews with some amazing business people & photographers (Guy Kawasaki, Mike Larson and Seth Godin) make sure to visit the Fast Track Photographer... Read More

Wedding Day Questions To Ask Your Bride | Video on the [b]school

So, you’re shooting weddings now. Congrats! Weddings are a blast, but boy, there SURE are a LOT of logistics to keep track of. Ever find yourself going back and forth with your Bride and Groom via emails and phone calls getting additional information from them about details of their wedding day, because you forgot to ask about it earlier? There’s locations, the timeline, the family shot list, vendors – and so much more information that’s hard to remember all at once and then going back and FINDING that information when you need it is a pain in the booty! The [b]school is a great community of photographers where we have been talking about just that. Today, we have created a video for the [b]schoolers talking about our process for handling this, and then walking the viewer through our actual questionnaire that we created and send to our clients. This video is only available to [b]schoolers, but for those of you who aren’t members yet, Becker has given us a 25% off promo code a promo to share with you all! We love being a part of the community on the [b]school and you won’t regret the friends you meet and the information you learn and exchange with others. To learn more about it, check out the [b]school HERE. When registering don’t forget to use promo code GRAY25 to save... Read More