Table Rock Mountain Shoot + Business Interview | Framed

We are super excited to finally share our Table Rock Mountain shoot and extended (and exclusive) interview we did for the Framed Network! It is now available to see right here for free! Watch us in-action shooting an engagement session in the blistering winds of Table Rock in Boise, ID, hear an interview with us about what we believe, think and how we interact with each other in business, and watch it all from the comfort of your office or living room! Check out the video... Read More

4 Simple Steps to great Wedding Day Portraits + Video

Have you ever been on a shoot, and just KNOW that your client is feeling uncomfortable? Then you start to feel uncomfortable and things just go downhill from there? We have felt that way before and it is not a fun experience for anyone! (image from Daniel & Stacia’s super fun non-awkward wedding!) Because we know that clients are not always sure what might happen at a shoot, and there is a chance that they might feel awkward and not know what to do, a number of years ago we decided to create a system that gave us a great chance to combat the very beginning of the shoot and get our clients feeling calm and comfortable in no time! Making your client feel calm and relaxed is SUPER important.  The more calm and comfortable they are feeling the better chance you have to get amazing, natural shots of them (and of course, they then feel better their whole experience with you because they felt so comfortable!).   Now we want to share with you our 4 steps to awesome wedding day portraits! 1. Encourage Clients always have a fear going into their portrait sessions that they won’t look as good as what they saw in your portfolio. We realize that our number one job is to make our clients FEEL good about the shoot, and when we they feel good, they loosen up and we get great pics every time! Most of what we do and say to our clients is for the sole purpose of encouraging them in everything that they are doing. If a client moves in a way that does not work for a shot, we... Read More

Reduce Your workflow with Custom White Balance

Last week we posted a blog talking about 3 ways to cut your workflow time in half. One key area we talked about was finding bottle necks that slow down your editing. One of the BIGGEST time suckers in editing other than retouching, is adjusting exposure and color in all of your images. Today, we are going to help you reduce the amount of time you spend doing that by around 90%! How? Read on if you are ready to get your life back!   How the Camera Thinks   A question we get asked a lot is how do we get vibrant colors and consistency while shooting thousands of images during a shoot. The best way that we have found to get awesome color in our shots is to custom white balance our cameras. Digital cameras are designed to understand color and exposure the best when they are given a baseline to work off of, which is 18% grey. When you give 18% grey to your camera (correctly exposed) and “tell” the camera that you did so, the camera then can easily make all the other colors in that particular lighting scenario become much more true to reality. Your whites become true white, your red becomes red, and so forth. Exposure Nailed Because the camera works off of the 18% grey baseline for color and exposure, you can also grab your perfect exposure at the same time that you are getting your color! This is awesome because in one simple process (for most shooting in any live scenario), we can grab exposure and color in about 3 seconds or... Read More


Be one of the first to have our latest DVD! In honor of IN-CAMERA: Shooting | The Natural Light Photography System releasing one week from today, we are doing a giveaway! One lucky person will receive a signed copy of IN-CAMERA: Shooting, mailed right to their front door! This is what you need to do to win: 1. Tweet making sure you use the hashtag #INCAMERAdvd and this link – Feel free to copy and paste the below text or add your own flair :) So excited that #INCAMERAdvd Natural-light Shooting releases Tues, March 5th! More info:   That’s all you have to do!  Nice and simple! Winner will be announce on Friday via twitter! Happy tweeting!!! We leave you with the trailer for IN-CAMERA: Shooting… [iframe: src=”” width=”750″ height=”422″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen>] (Production by Rhetorik Creative | Packaging design by Julie... Read More

Interview & Watch us in Action! We Got Framed (video)

We are stoked that today our tips and tricks is a suh-weet video spot that the amazing team over at the [FRAMED] Network shot! Some of you may have seen the below image around… … and now it’s time to not only take you on the behind-the-scenes the above shoot with us, BUT to hear us talk about business & marriage in a fashion that you’ve never seen us before.   ***The episode goes live TODAY at 11am Central!!***   How do you join & watch the show? It’s fast, simple and free.   1. Head to and grab your Passport login by creating a username and a password.   2. THEN Come back to this page and click this LINK HERE to watch the show!! You will be able to view the show starting at 11am CST.   What is [F] Network? [F] Network is a FREE community platform that connects, inspires and educates the aspiring and professional photographers with weekly shows and tools stocked full of inspiration and tutorials from the industry’s most talented artists. With new shows weekly showing on the new tool, Flix, these shows include [FRAMED] hosted by Melissa Niu, LitUp hosted by Joel Grimes, PhotoPro with Kevin Kubota, and Film hosted by Ryan Muirhead, Tanja Lippert & Tia Reagan. And yes, we said it – the [F] Network is totally free!     Make sure to follow the link HERE to... Read More