How to Create Stunning Black & White Images (Video)

  Do you ever pull images into Lightroom or Photoshop and decide to make a black and white image of one of your shots, and when you do, it just seems to lack a little life and vibrance? When we first starting shooting, I would always feel like my black and white images lacked something, that little bit of extra POP that would make them come alive. What I discovered was a simple technique that takes your images from just a regular black and white, to an image that really stands out. That trick is explained in this short, 7 minute video!   If you want to grab our full-set of 29 Lightroom Presets, you can do that today over at the store! Did you enjoy this video? If so, then please share it with your network! Click HERE to Tweet it... Read More

Want a 2.5 hour wedding image workflow?

You have been waiting for this, and we talked about it on our webinar (replay is available until Friday night!), and we just launched a BRAND NEW product that solves the problem of your time being consumed with editing. The IN-CAMERA: Post production video workshop will: Share the systematic editing process and steps that Zach uses in his 2.5 hour wedding workflow Reduce your editing time Help you reclaim your life Allow PORTRAIT photographers to BLAZE through their shoots   The IN-CAMERA: Post video workshop includes: Gear we use for increased efficiency Our systematic editing process File organization so you never lose an image or wonder what to do next File backup for protecting images Creating custom black and whites Retouching for proofs and print Efficient Exporting and sharpening of all images Creating panoramas tutorial AND our exclusive 30-minute 80 page album design tutorial   Purchase by Friday October 4th ….and you will receive all 3.5 hours of content, the two bonus chapters PLUS $235 of six exclusive bonuses including access to our private IN-CAMERA Facebook group!   BONUS #1: Our Workflow Workbook Your guide through IN-CAMERA: Post with chapter summaries, tips and action items. (a $49.95 value)     BONUS #2: Workflow Checklist Get Zach’s very own worksheet that he uses to make sure all of his post-production tasks are completed so you ALWAYS know what is next. (a $19.95 value)     BONUS #3: Workflow Poster Print off this poster that highlights the tips and keys to having a fast and efficient workflow to free up your life! (a $14.95 value)    BONUS #4: Workflow Folder System Receive Zach’s... Read More

In the Raw Video Series – Smoke Shot Part 2

  Last week  I shared a raw video I created during a personal shoot with Jason Bynum. The video showcased HOW I shot and lit the above image and all the techniques used to create the lighting effect. Today, I have another video showing you the post-process workflow that I used to composite the two final images together to create a more surreal image with the smoke. When working with this type of editing, there are literally 100 different ways to do it. When I set out to create this shot, I decided to figure out my way of editing it in Photoshop and Lightroom to get the final result. This is only my way and I am sure there a many other ways that are just as effective. I also talk through the general idea of my edit during the video, but when I did the actual final edit (which is shown above and in the end of the video) I spent a little more time finessing the shot. You will get the overall idea of what was done so that if you want to go out and create one really different and interesting shot for yourself or a client, you can! (Now, be sure that if you are producing more than just a few final shots for a client – like for weddings and portrait sessions – that you don’t do this type of work for ALL of those images, otherwise your business will fall apart since you are spending too much time on your workflow. :)   Enjoy the video!   If you are interested in more content... Read More

Having your Black & White images look like Butter (video)

Today we are pulling a video for you from our Newsletter Archive that until today, has only been available to those on that exclusive list! We wanted to pull this video for a few reasons.   1. To show you some of the cool extra goodies that are inside our monthly newsletters (if you want to sign up, just enter your email above and to the right where it says “Get the Newsletter”)! 2. This is one of our highest requested editing tips videos, so we thought we would make it available for all!   (A few notes on this video: This was shot before we had a nice mic, so turn up your volume! It was also shot using Lightroom 3, so if you use Lightroom 4, substitute the brightness slider with exposure. If you have questions that you want answered, then email us from our contact form on our Photographers website!) Enjoy the video!... Read More