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Hey Fabulous Photographers! Today is the first Tuesday of the month which means that today’s Tuesday Photography Tips & Tricks is sent only to newsletter subscribers. Buuuuuut, we still have a fun giveaway to share, compliments of The Music Bed, which is the BEST source out there for purchasing GREAT music that is legal to use. They are doing an amazing giveaway and we’re excited to be a part of it and share the goodness with you! The Great ‘Ographer Giveaway of Twenty Twelve is going down and your friends at The Music Bed want you to know what’s up! We have $1,500 in beautiful dollars to Creative Live, Borrow Lenses, and The Music Bed to give away! Even better –would you l-l-love to learn a thing or two from us with an exclusive one-on-one session,eh? One photographer and one filmmaker will win and be announced on October 2, 2012! Don’t procrastinate! Entering is quick and FREE below! ENTER NOW!... Read More

Fall 2012 Workshop Dates Announced for the FINAL IN-CAMERA Photography Tour

It is time to announce our Fall IN-CAMERA Photography Workshop Tour Dates & Locations!! And yes, this is the last of our IN-CAMERA Workshops as you have known them, so don’t miss your chance. [iframe: src=”″ width=”600″ height=”338″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen] (video by Eugene + Heather) The Cities We Are Coming To: ORANGE COUNTY, CA NASHVILLE, TN HOUSTON, TX KANSAS CITY, MO ORLANDO, FL   For dates and more info, visit   Registration Opens MONDAY, AUGUST 27th at NOON CST. to newsletter subscribers FIRST for 24 hours. >> >> Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter or you may miss out on purchasing your seat! << << We are looking forward to coming to your city!!   PS For those of you who are coming back to our blog and noticing the new update, come back and visit us on Wednesday where we talk about our new look from LOVE & HEART! !  ... Read More

Win a HARVEST DVD courtesy of the FRAMED Network!

We have recently shot an episode of the FRAMED Network that we did in Idaho a few weeks back. The FRAMED Network is a free resource of shoots, interviews and more all filmed and presented in a super cool format for you, the photographer! We did some really intriguing interviews (see us as you have never seen before… :) and a live engagement style shoot on a cliff-top with an entire film crew for our episode and can’t wait for you to see it!! Our episode will air on July 10th, 2012 and it is FREE to watch! We will be joining other past FRAMED shooters like Jeremy Cowart, Joey L and Kevin Kubota just to name a few! **You have to join the Framed Network in order to view the video content! Instructions on joining the network are below** In honor of our appearance on Frame, we are doing something super cool! A giveaway!! We are giving away a copy of our HARVEST DVD (download only) to one lucky winner!   Here is what you need to do to win. 1. Follow Zach & Jody on Twitter ( 2. Sign up for the FRAMED Network at (Click JOIN at the top right) 3. Tweet the following message: (text to copy) Win #HARVESTdvd & grow your business thanks to @ZachandJody & @FRAMEDNetwork! More info @ 5. For brownie points, leave a comment below letting us know why you’re excited to win! 6. Check back on the blog on Tuesday July 3rd which is the LAST DAY to sign up if you want to see our episode on... Read More

We are coming to California! | Shoot Dot Edit Pricing, Process & Profit Tour

We are coming out to California on ShootDotEdit’s Pricing, Process and Profit Tour! We are a part of the Southern California run and can’t wait! The amazing KISS & ShootDotEdit were kind enough to sponsor us to come out to this event! RSVP NOW to reserve your seat! Visit the Shoot Dot Edit TOUR WEBSITE.   What the tour is about: This tour, hosted by Shoot Dot Edit Owner & photographer Jared Bauman, is all about getting that edge when it comes to how you price your services, how you handle your workflow for maximum efficiency and how to make a real profit in your photography business.   Speakers: Jared Bauman – who is an expert at pricing your packages for reduced client confusion, maximum profit and structuring them so they sell themselves. Leeann Marie – Expert with studio workflow management and business coaching will share with you how to get organized and how to get efficient with the back-end of your business so that you can spend time doing more of what you love – SHOOTING! Zach & Jody Gray (that is us!) – We are going to tackle the profit side of things and dive into sales! We are going to share with you the 3 Steps to Bigger Sales which will help increase your bottom line in your wedding photography business. When we learned how to sell, we were able to double and sometimes triple our total wedding profits.   Dates & Locations: Los Angeles on Tuesday July 31st Orange County on Wednesday August 1st San Diego on Thursday August 2nd   Price To Attend: Did... Read More

IN-CAMERA Tour | ReCap of Charlotte

As we are about to head out to New York City for our last stop on the IN-CAMERA workshop tour, we wanted to post up our images from the SOLD-OUT Charlotte, NC stop we did a few weeks back!! We had a blast hanging in this city in the south and all the attendees were super cool! We had a stellar studio location and lots of awesome behind the scenes images shot by past attendee Lucy from Smitten & Hooked Photography! A HUGE thanks goes out to hosts Lucy (Smitten & Hooked Photography) & Julie (In His Image Photography) (pictured below) and their fab husbands for making these workshops happen!   (photo credit Hayley Juliet!)   Enjoy the shots from the day! Day 1: Shooting & Post – We started off in this awesome studio space talking through our shooting style and how we get the images 90% of the way there in the camera, so that our editing workflow can be lighting fast! We headed out to start shooting in the city and had tons of cool locations within just one blog. We always start off demoing our system that we use to get our camera’s aperture, ISO and shutter speed set with the lighting and posing that we want. Then, the attendees take over and start shooting!   Day 2: Light – We started off day 2 just like day one going over gear, lighting, composition and our system for setting up super fast off-camera lighting shots so we can shoot in any lighting conditions with zero guess work.   Then we headed out into the heat... Read More

Learn How We Made A Six-Figure Income in Our Business

You have seen us on creativeLIVE rocking wedding day portraits and day of logistics… You have seen us on PhotoVision at a real wedding… Now let’s talk about how to make money… :) You have been asking for it and it has finally come to fruition! We are proud to announce our business DVD – HARVEST. In this 3-part DVD we talk about the nuts and bolts of the things we have implemented and learned in our business over the last five years. We go deep into branding, positioning, marketing and give you practical tools and steps to implement the things we did to go from shooting our first wedding in 2007 for $500 to making a six-figure income one year later. [iframe: src=”” width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen] For more detailed information on the contents of each DVD and to view the extended teaser, visit and read the information in the product description in the shopping cart. You can purchase each part separately as a video download OR you can purchase the hard copy which includes the video downloads as well as MP3s of the audio, 3 bonus videos and Sponsor promotions. Shipping is free for any continental US resident! (DVD will begin shipping the 1st full week in June). PURCHASE NOW! Thanks to our fab... Read More

See You in Toronto this Weekened!

For all of you Northern folk (aka Canada :), we are going to be in your neck of the woods this weekend!!! We are pumped and honored to be speaking at Henry’s Exposure show!! When: Sunday, May 27th Where: Presentation area 4 For more information on what we will be speaking on at the Exposure show as well as the other speakers, visit the Speaker’s Page. See you all there!!... Read More

Workshop Registration in Progress!! Grab the last seats!

Registration is LIVE for our 2012 IN-CAMERA Spring Workshop Tour! REGISTER HERE! [iframe: src=”″ width=”600″ height=”338″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen] Newsletter Subscribers got first dibs on the seats for 24 hours, and now those not subscribed are able to sign up! Don’t miss the chance to have your photography forever changed! PHOENIX, AZ COMPLETED _______ NASHVILLE, TN COMPLETED _______ SEATTLE (Levenworth), WA COMPLETED _______ CHARLOTTE, NC COMPLETED _______ ATLANTA, GA COMPLETED _______ DESTIN, FL COMPLETED _______ NEW YORK, NY Shooting & Post – 3 seats remaining Light – SOLD OUT... Read More

A Christian Women’s Getaway… See you there :)

If you answer “yes” to the below four questions, then read on!! Are you a photographer? Are you a woman? Do you love Jesus? Would you love to get away with other Christian female photographers, be re-energized, encouraged and hear some amazing speakers for 3 days? If so, the below may be exactly what you need.   Pursuit 31 is a female Christian photographer’s group that started a little over a year ago by the amazing Karen Stott for women to come together and support each other (mainly via facebook)! Now there have been mini get-togethers/workshops but come this October will be the first Pursuit 31 conference! I (Jody) had the awesome privileged of being asked to speak at the conference (along with some other amazing women), and I am SO excited to be a part of this. Here are a few quick details: Dates: October 1st-4th, 2012 Where: Winshape Retreat Center in Mt. Berry Georgia Conference Website – Registration is OPEN! Don’t miss this chance. This may be EXACTLY what you need. Look forward to seeing you fine ladies there :) Here is a little video on one of the intimate get-togethers of the Pursuit 31 ladies… [iframe: src=”″ width=”800″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen]   Blessings, Jody    ... Read More

Washington State IN Camera Tour | Re-Cap

We have returned from our workshops, creativeLIVE event and speaking gigs that we did in Washington and are stoked to be home! We spent 6 days touring around Seattle and Leavenworth and had an awesome time making new friends and seeing old ones!   We are pumped to share with you images from both workshops and we have some links to some reviews from attendees for you to check out as well! Now to the Lighting workshop images! Our host studio owners had their daughter out shooting behind the scenes images, so we grabbed one of her! Cute! At the end of the day, we decided to do a two light set-up for the above two images. We showed the attendees just how easy it is to add a second light! Reviews: Lynette Smith Thanks Dennis for the feedback on my blog :) The workshop is amazing and worth it. Any skill level….any age. You will love it!” Angie Arms Renee Booe @kara_proehl Kathryn Sinn Dokter “Got home last night from my northwest advenuture. Walked in the door at 8:30, sat down at 9:00 to cull a HS Sr. shoot and was done by 9:30. My husband was watching and vistiting and said I was ruthless. He likes my new speed!!!!” Jessica Michelle “Put the skills I learned at the lighting workshop to good use at yesterday’s bridal session :D Thanks again a million times Zach ‘n Jody Gray!!” Tori Pintar “Thank you for another great day Zach and Jody!” Wiletta Quiet Storm McGhee “So glad I discovered Zach ‘n Jody Gray!”   There are soooo many more reviews,... Read More

IN-CAMERA: Light workshop Re-Cap!

We just had this workshop literally yesterday, and we are ready to put up all the images for the Nashville, in-camera tour stop that we had here at our home! It was an awesome day at this sold-out workshop hanging with new friends from all over the country! We had attendees come in from New York, Texas, Ohio, Alabama, Kentucky and more!   Check out the day!   We started and ended the day teaching the ins and outs of different lighting situations and how to deal with it, set it up fast and get killer results. We then headed out behind our house to start shooting! We shot all afternoon in some good, and not so good natural lighting conditions and showed how the flash can create beautiful images if you know exactly how to use it. We also showed the attendees how to shoot some killer panoramic shots and stitch them together with a few clicks of a button in post! Really cool! The attendees getting their learn on! Another couple of crazy pano shots that we did! We were lucky to have two models, Jason and Stephanie, who were an actual couple! We were able to demo how we shoot more than one person with the off-camera lighting. We headed out for the final location to do some multi-strobe shots and they turned out really cool. Check it! Here is a little behind the scenes of the set up and how it was done. There are 4 lights on this shot, the main to camera right, the kicker back to the left, then two 580EX Speedlights... Read More

Workshop Re-Cap | IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post

The Nashville stop of our in-camera tour is officially over and we had a blast at the sold-out workshop that took place at our home!! The weather was awesome and photos were better! Check it out!   We started off teaching about nailing your images in the camera with some class time in our living room! We also ended the day teaching how we do our 3 to 5 hour workflow and edit things at lighting speed!   Then we headed out to start shooting! Most of the shots you see were done in really bad lighting conditions (high-noon sun) where we had to make the lighting behave and look awesome for the shots. Here is a little behind the scenes of how the next shot was done in direct sunlight.   We are headed off to Seattle for this weekends workshops, and we can’t wait to see some of you there! Want to sign up? There are still a few spots left for Seattle and you can sign up by clicking... Read More

Live Chat Interview | Marriage, Business & Faith

Hey guys! We did a live chat with past clients and amazing photography duo Stephen and Scarlett a few days ago, and we are making it available here on the blog!   It is an hour long talk about faith, marriage and mixing that with your business with Q & A from the live crowd! We had over 450 people tune in when it went live which was amazing!! During the live chat, some people could not here Stephen and Scarlett for the first 7 minutes or so, but the audio is on this mix, so check out the beginning if you missed it last time around.   Stephen and Scarlett also started the Prosper Community which is a photographer community for Christian photographers, or those wondering more about what that means, so check it out HERE!   Enjoy!!   [iframe: frameBorder=”0″ height=”390″ scrolling=”no” src=””... Read More

Day2: Phoenix IN-CAMERA: Light Photography Workshop Recap!

We weren’t sure if IN-CAMERA: Light could top the first day, but we have to say, it was pretty great :) We loved meeting the new people who weren’t with us the first day and once again, had a blast! Once again, a huge thanks to Stacy & Joe Kokes for hosting us!!!!! We started off the morning with class time… Then after lunch, headed off to get our studio strobe lighting on! Once again, had gorgeous weather! We hear it’s really rare for Phoenix to have clouds and thanks to the storms the day before, we had white, puffy, awesome clouds!! We start off with us demonstrating how we do our lighting… All of the images you’ll see have no Photoshop done to them. The look that you see is achieved IN-CAMERA. Same set up but using the neutral density filter… fun stuff! And then we split off into 3 groups so everyone gets a chance to actually do their own lighting set up! Here is me (Jody) with one of the groups. (Thanks Stacy for the images!). Mike getting his metering on! :) (you can see in the above shot what the natural light looked like when we shot the below images of Stacy!… Oooh the power of one strobe!) A little behind-the-scenes fun :) Joe, below, in the same lighting setup using a different lighting ratio. Thanks Joe for rockin it out for us! More fab images! Here we have our fab assistant for the day, Wendy Roe being our human lightstand! :) Thanks for your help!!!!!! Attendee Matt, getting his shoot on! Near the end... Read More

Day 1: Phoenix IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post Photography Workshop Recap!

We just got back from our IN-CAMERA Phoenix workshop tour yesterday, and what a GREAT time we had! Here is a recap of the first tour day – the sold-out class of Shooting & Post which is our 5 hour workflow workshop. A HUGE thanks to hosts Stacy & Joe for not only working out all the details so we could actually bring our tour to Phoenix but for opening their home so we could have the tour at their place!! Each workshop day always begins with class time – teaching the concepts that we will later be putting into practice during the shoot time. (Thanks to Stacy and Joe for taking some of these photos for us!)   Time for a little hands-on practicing with exposure and color using the Expo Disc! After a lunch break, it’s time for the shooting portion!! We initially started as one big group right outside Joe & Stacy’s home because we actually had some sun (it had hailed only 2 hours before and rain was in the forecast for later!) and we wanted to take advantage of the light while we had it! So we got the adorable Joe & Stacy to pop in :) After lunch and at the ASU campus, we split up into two groups and tackled the tips and techniques for getting phenomenal images right IN-CAMERA. By this time we still had sun and we were able to shoot in a variety of natural light situations!! Love it! Thank God! These photos were all shot like this same color, exposure, lighting and contrast IN-CAMERA! So awesome :) Giving... Read More

We’re in Phoenix!! … a re-cap so far!

We arrived yesterday in Phoenix and we are so pumped to be here! This is the first stop of our workshop tour and it couldn’t have started off any better! After arriving in town )to beautiful weather!) we had dinner with amazing couple Stacey and Joe from Stacy Kokes Photography. Stacy and Joe are also acting as hosts for our Phoenix IN-CAMERA tour stop and have been SO amazing! Last night, Zach and I spoke at the Phoenix PUG and what a great turn out! A HUGE thanks to Scott Foust of Image Industry for hosting us and the group at his studio space and to Melissa Jill and Sara Nevels for organizing and helping with the event. Thanks to Scott and his iphone for the below image :) Thanks to Stacy and her iphone for the below image :) It was nice meeting so many of you and we look forward to hanging out more with some of you starting this weekend for the workshops! For those wondering, our first workshop day on Sunday – Shooting & Post – is completely sold out! There are two seats left for Light on Monday. Learn how to rock off-camera Lighting on-location and get those awesome and dramatic blue skies!! Find out more information and secure your seat HERE.  ... Read More

Come Meet us! Open & Free Speaking Events You Can Attend!

We are about to hit the road and start our 2012 IN-CAMERA workshop tour and are stoked! Not only are we coming to 8 cities but we are also doing 5 FREE & Open events in some of the cities we are visiting that YOU can come and attend!   At these events we are going to be sharing our 3 Steps To Cost Free Marketing. Each of these talks will be held at local photography groups in the below listed cites and are open to anyone and everyone! First up, is Phoenix THIS coming Thursday the 15th! Where: Image Industry Photography & Design Studio – 7034 E Indian School Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 When: March 15th from 6:30 – 9:30pm RSVP: PUG Facebook Event Page     Want to see what other cities we will be in with all the details? Click HERE to go straight to our workshops page and click on Free Evening Event to see all the info! Be sure to sign RSVP to make sure that you can get a spot!!   Other Free & Open events: Seattle, WA on 4/19 Atlanta, GA on 5/03 Destin, FL on 5/17 Vancouver, BC on 5/31 New York, New York on 6/14   We can’t wait to see you there!!... Read More

Returning to creativeLIVE | Post-Wedding Workflow

In January, tens of thousands of you tuned in to creativeLIVE to watch us as we took you through a wedding day… well guess what? We’re coming back!! Enroll for FREE to watch us LIVE! View the video to see what we’ll be covering about this time!   Save the date, April 20th!! We can’t wait to see you all again!!!!! Click below to enroll in the course!  ... Read More

Starbucks Trip Adventures | WPPI 2012 at Vegas

For the last five days we have been in Vegas at one of the biggest photography conventions – WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International). It was such a whirlwind but SO amazing! We met SO many of you and how fun was that?? A huge thanks to George, Arlene and Neeta with WPPI who helped make our speaking experience amazing here!!   Here is a little highlight of our time there, thanks to our lovely iphone photos :) Sunday morning at 9AM was our platform class to a packed out room! Thanks to David Molnar for this below photo! This was our view from the stage :) Then that afternoon we had our Sold-Out Get Engaged in Vegas workshop with some teaching and shoot. We started out in our in our hotel Suite. Then headed out to for some shooting time! Then that evening we had dinner with the amazing group from Showit including Jasmin Star and her hubby JD, David Jay, Promise and Brian Tangeman Kevin Sturm and hottie Toddy co-owner of Showit. :) Zach and I had five speaking and teaching slots with the Showit group and two of those things was Zach and Cory Phillips sharing their coffee knowledge :) This is Z in the lobby with his espresso maching getting ready to go in and set up. Yes, we transported our espresso machine in a pelican case.. ha ha Cory showing & demonstrating the science to the pour-over method. Us at the SanDisk booth hanging with the team, and behind is our image that was used for some promo! Us at the Expo Imaging booth... Read More

Preparing for WPPI and Where to Find Zach & Jody!

We are sooo stoked to be heading to Vegas for WPPI and Showit United this weekend and are stoked to see soooo many of you! WPPI and Showit UNITED are going to be amazing and whether this is your very first time coming, or your 20th, we know that this event can literally be crazy with all the things to do, see and experience. So, below is our full-schedule of where you can come and see and connect with us and we have also linked to Karen Stott’s awesome post on the WPPI Survival Guide! So below is where you can connect with us and hear different talks and things that we are going to be a part of! Sunday Morning the 19th at 9am – WPPI Platform Class! “Engaging with the Engaged”   This is a 2 hour talk on how we have built our business grassroots style with clients being our biggest source of referral! You can PRE-BOARD HERE to be sure that you can get in by clicking “ADD TO PLANNER!”. We have heard, but are not sure, that the pre-board for this this class may be full, so get in now if it isn’t! If you can’t pre-board, make sure that you show up for the class, then once all the pre-boarded peeps get in, if there is room left, you can then get in too! :) Be sure to check your schedule to know exactly where the class will be held. ________________________   Sunday from 2 to 6pm – Get Engaged in Vegas with Zach & Jody – Workshop (sold-out) For those of you... Read More

Workshop Registration Opens Tomorrow! | Save a Life

TOMORROW (Tuesday, Feb 7th) at noon Central time, registration opens for our 2012 IN-CAMERA Spring Workshop Tour! [iframe: src=”″ width=”600″ height=”338″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen]   Only those who are subscribed to our photography newsletter get to register FIRST. They have 24 hours before registration opens on Wednesday to the public. Make sure you’re signed up!   We are coming to: PHOENIX, AZ NASHVILLE, TN SEATTLE, WA CHARLOTTE, NC ATLANTA, GA DESTIN, FL VANCOUVER, CANADA NEW YORK, NY It’s great to learn and better your photography, hang out and meet new photographers, but what if we told you that by attending our workshops YOU could actually make a difference in someone else’s life?     For those of you who may not be aware, since 2011 we have partnered our workshops with Thirst Relief International.   Thirst Relief was started by a photographer, Jim Davis Hicks, who simply has a passion to help those that need help the most. Those who don’t have something as simple as clean water. One of the biggest causes of disease and death in third world countries, especially among children, is water-born illness. Children in these countries drink unclean water, get sick, and their fragile bodies can’t fight it off. Jim Davis realized that he could do something about this problem by bringing in sand filters that are easy to maintain by the locals and easy to use, and thus was born Thirst Relief. Every filter can last for up to 25 years and can help a community live longer lives by having clean water to drink, and they have now helped thousands around... Read More

2012 IN-CAMERA Photography Workshop Tour Dates Announced!!

You all have been asking for the next locations that we will be bringing our IN-CAMERA workshops and we are officially announcing our Spring IN-CAMERA Workshop Tour!! [iframe: src=”″ width=”600″ height=”338″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen] (video by Eugene + Heather) This past weekend we officially launched our spring 2012 IN-CAMERA workshop tour DATES on creativeLIVE. Check out the cities we are coming to!! PHOENIX, AZ NASHVILLE, TN SEATTLE, WA CHARLOTTE, NC ATLANTA, GA DESTIN, FL VANCOUVER, CANADA NEW YORK, NY   For dates and more info, visit   Registration Opens NEXT TUESDAY (Feb 7th) at 12noon CST to newsletter subscribers FIRST for 24 hours. >> >> Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter or you may miss out on purchasing your seat! << << We are looking forward to coming to your city!!      ... Read More