CONNECT 2015 Registration Opens Wednesday!

After two successful years of CONNECT retreat, it is time to launch registration for CONNECT 2015!!

If you are married and work with your spouse (or are considering it!), and want to getaway, learn from industry leaders and refresh, refocus, and RELAX then this is for you. This is for any married couple regardless of how long you have been married or how long or short you have been working together. NewsletterHeader 

Registration opens: Wednesday, (June 18th) 10:00am CST

Seating is Limited | Early bird rate expires Monday, June 30th


We will be the FIRST to admit that working with your spouse isn’t easy all of the time and neither is having a healthy marriage with that!

There are so many extra dynamics of working with your spouse and it brings up so many questions on how to run a highly successful business while having a highly successful marriage and family life at the same time.

As couples who work together, it is a necessity to have times to get away, refocus, and learn and grow from industry leading couples who have gone through the hard growing pains and have come out the other end a success. We want to provide this opportunity for us all to learn from each other and walk away encouraged, inspired and renewed.

This is what CONNECT is.


We are honored to have the following married teams bring their insight and wisdom.

Jeff & Julia Woods

We have the utmost respect for this couple. They have been in the industry for over 20 years and have awards and credits to their names that would take up our whole blog :) They know the ins and outs of marketing and selling, and their knowledge blows us away. However in the midst of their immense success, they have faced personal challenges as they have raised four kids and had to go through personal growth and trials to get to the freedom that they have today in their lives and marriage.


Michael & Katelyn James Alsop

Even though Michael and Katelyn have been working officially in the business together for a little under two years, Katelyn began her business back in college with immense success. We have loved watching the adjustment as Michael has been brought into the business, and how their business has continued to flourish and thrive with these two behind the helm working together. We have the utmost respect for the integrity and wisdom this couple has, and we are excited for them to come back this year.

Michael and Katelyn have also played a role in helping this retreat get off the ground, and we continue to utilize Michael’s mad administrative skills in ensuring that each retreat goes off without a hitch :)

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Nathan & Jenni Oates

We met this dynamic duo in 2007, and we have been a part of their journey as they went from from youth pastors to completely changing professions and becoming one of the top leaders in their industry, now speaking and sharing their own tools of success.  They have three amazing children on this side of heaven, and every time we interact with these two and their family, we walk away changed.  We are excited to bring Nathan & Jenni to CONNECT for you all to learn from the the battles they have fought for their family,  their marriage and redemption.



Us – Zach & Jody

After 8 years of marriage (with 7 of those years running a business together), AND now adding a kid to the mix we have gone through big ups and downs that a business and marriage can encounter. We want to share with you our hearts and how we have overcome the obstacles we have faced (and the ones we are currently working through), so we all can become better spouses, business partners and parents.


CONNECT gave our hearts new life, it changed the way we look at not only each other but everything and everyone and allowed us the opportunity to refocus our life into a life of loving and serving others in whichever way God leads us.”
– Jonathan & Becky Clark of WJ Clark Photography | Read their experience
We saw couples come to CONNECT broken and beat up, and leave molded and transformed.”
– Erica & Ryan Manthey of Pure 7 Studios | Read their experience
We were SO encouraged by the stories, authenticity + wisdom of those around us who had been married for 5, 10, 20+ years!! It really has given us an awesome foundation and perspective as we prepare for MARRIAGE + running a business together + all that comes along with
– Maison Gustke & Caleb Engel of Masion Meredith Photography | Read their experience
The truly game-changing moments came when we were forced to simply look each other in the eyes and work through those issues in our marriage that time and pain had buried deep and covered up…Our expectations were blown away, and we left CONNECT as changed people.”
– Nik & Dana Fiorito of Ilo Photo | Read their experience

We hope that you will join us this coming year at CONNECT!

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