Cows Never Win

80% of what we do day in and day out to become successful is business – and with 20% of our time we get to create art (shooting, editing etc). So this week, and a few time a month our business posts are dedicated to this all important area of our photog biz!


Today’s tip is entitled, “Don’t be a cow.”

Cows love the status quo, they love chewing their cud and keeping their heads down. They have no idea when they walk into the slaughter house what’s about to happen to them. That is the opposite of what you need to do to be a success in anything in life, including your photography business.

The alternative is to become a Rhino. Scott Alexander, in his book Rhinoceros Success, calls Rhino’s “large, focused, 6,000 pound charging machines that stop at nothing to get what they want!” They don’t stand for the status quo, they live in the wild and live free unlike their cow counterparts. So why do Rhino’s succeed and cows just get by? Because they are driven.


The Challenge

So our challenge today is, where is your drive? What is your focus? Where are you going? Do you even know?

If you don’t feel driven, don’t have direction and don’t know where you are going, here are three areas you can work on that could change that for you starting right now!


We become the product of three things: the people we associate with, the books we read, and the media we listen to. (Tweet this out HERE!


Want to become a Rhino (someone who is a huge success at everything they do, has lots of money for spending, giving and saving and always wins)? Spend time with Rhinos. Want to become a Cow (someone who hates a challenge, has zero drive, is lazy and wants to work the least amount possible just to get by)? Spend your time with Cows.

Want to be motivated, learn from the best, get pumped about how to win, be full of great ideas and answers for those that need help? Get in the HABIT of reading business books 30 minutes a day by the smartest, wealthiest game-changers on the planet (they are handing you the manual for success, all you have to do is take it!)! Want to know who won dancing with the stars, if Bella became the vampire she always wanted to be, have the latest celeb gossip and know every pop-culture media question that comes your way from all your Cow friends? Get in the HABIT of watching TV, and reading juicy novels. (Now are we saying that TV and novels are bad in and of themselves? Maybe maybe not. But ask any millionaire if he knows what the latest dish is with Kardashians, and he would think you were talking about a new satellite system he might want to invest in.)


Want to be fed with ideas of success and feel excited to go out and win in business everyday? Get a subscription to Entrepreneur Magazine and read all the latest articles by all the charging Rhinos. Want to be fed with knowledge that will get you nowhere in life, won’t help your family, friends or anyone else ever achieve success? Read US Weekly or any magazine sitting in that section on a regular basis.


My (Zach’s) old youth pastor used to say, “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” She knew that you would become like the ideas, people and things you surround yourself with. So, we challenge you today that if you have no direction, no drive, no plans and no idea how to get where you want to go in life, look at those three areas and take a personal inventory of what you do with the time you have. Then make some new habits that WILL change your life!