How to Create Stunning Black & White Images (Video)



Do you ever pull images into Lightroom or Photoshop and decide to make a black and white image of one of your shots, and when you do, it just seems to lack a little life and vibrance? When we first starting shooting, I would always feel like my black and white images lacked something, that little bit of extra POP that would make them come alive.

What I discovered was a simple technique that takes your images from just a regular black and white, to an image that really stands out. That trick is explained in this short, 7 minute video!



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  • ilo_photo

    Hey guys!
    Loved the video as always….Are the LR presets compatible with LR4?

    • Zach ‘n Jody Gray

      Sorry I missed this comment! Yes, they are compatable with LR4 or 5. Hope that helps!

  • Terry Laboeuf

    Just a great bit of info …thank you.

  • David Lynn Photography

    Thank you so much! We do all of our post-processing in Camera Raw instead of Lightroom; any ideas for creating the same beautiful B&W’s through Camera Raw? Thank you so much!

    • Zach ‘n Jody Gray

      I have never used camera raw, but I am sure the controls are there, but might just have different names. Is that the Canon software? I would recommend checking out LR if you have yet to use it as it is the #1 software for editing images and is incredibly powerful and fast. Hope that helps!