Reduce Your workflow with Custom White Balance

Last week we posted a blog talking about 3 ways to cut your workflow time in half. One key area we talked about was finding bottle necks that slow down your editing. One of the BIGGEST time suckers in editing other than retouching, is adjusting exposure and color in all of your images. Today, we are going to help you reduce the amount of time you spend doing that by around 90%! How? Read on if you are ready to get your life back!


How the Camera Thinks


A question we get asked a lot is how do we get vibrant colors and consistency while shooting thousands of images during a shoot. The best way that we have found to get awesome color in our shots is to custom white balance our cameras. Digital cameras are designed to understand color and exposure the best when they are given a baseline to work off of, which is 18% grey. When you give 18% grey to your camera (correctly exposed) and “tell” the camera that you did so, the camera then can easily make all the other colors in that particular lighting scenario become much more true to reality. Your whites become true white, your red becomes red, and so forth.


Exposure Nailed

Because the camera works off of the 18% grey baseline for color and exposure, you can also grab your perfect exposure at the same time that you are getting your color! This is awesome because in one simple process (for most shooting in any live scenario), we can grab exposure and color in about 3 seconds or so IF we use a great system to get results!


There are many tools out there for getting a custom white balance and getting your exposure nailed. You can use a traditional grey card, you can use the Spyder Cube, and many others. We started using the Expo Disk back in 2007 and because it was designed to be used by one person in reverse of how most other grey cards are used, we found it easiest to use in fast shooting situations. We do not get paid by Expo Imaging to talk about their product (woudn’t that be nice?), but just love it so much and have had such amazing results for so many years, that we ALWAYS talk about it in our workshops and speaking gigs. You can use any grey card you prefer and ALL will get you the similar results.


The Benefit

You of course do not have to nail your color in-camera if you shoot raw because you can adjust it afterward. But, if you want to cut your workflow time down and NOT sit in post adjusting your color, changing it later because you are not sure if it is right, then tweaking it more, then this is one tool that will help speed things up a ton!! When we ran a full-time wedding business, our worflow for a 4,000 image wedding was 2.5 hours total, and custom white balance is a big reason that it was so fast.


How to Do It?

Glad you asked! We have a video series that we created (for free because we love them) for Expo Imaging that we are going to share with you! We will post a few more coming up INCLUDING how to get custom white balance when using on-camera flash with weird colored walls coming soon!




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